I need to find existing product that already existest and see eight they do and how they are create d and made fun for the player.

Google maps with Pokemon challenge

Google maps relreasaed a game involving there app with maps and Pokemon. People thought this was a April fules joke but on the google maps app on mart phones, there was an interactive game where you can catch digital Pokemon while you rome and explore the fisical world. This game was fun and incorage people to moe and go about the city or town.

This app used GPS tracking to make and create a fun  playable  experinces for any one around the world.



This an app that get you to run to placed markerpoints that you smart phone will display. the player has full control over the distances that the markers will be placed. This app uses GPS to take a person’s location for it to work. The main apple for this app is   to move and get people to be active while achieving goes in a fun atmesfer.

GPS Tycoon Game


The rules are quite simple. Once you log in to the game (what’s amazing you don’t need to do it via Facebook;) you’ll see Google Map with your location. The map has been divided into a grid of around 400×400 meters. Once your position is fixed on a grid cell you can buy it (you get $100 as a starting package). The land you own generates money, which you can reinvest in buying a new land, improving it or protecting your land from other players who may want to claim your territory. More cash and money you have the better. To buy land you need to physically be in a location (or your phone needs to think that you are at the location), so it means that in order to win you should buy a land wherever you go.

This app basically uses maps and GPS in a buy and sell type game format.



This app uses maps with GPS tracking as a game. I tested the app to see what kind of game it is. Besides  it being a bit hard to understand, it has  allot of features in a spy them, where you can drop or find location markers along with  items and  information. There is a team based element. Where you can hack opponents for information and and items, you cans use the items to attack the opposite team and do other things. You can find things that other players have dropped and use for your slef.

The games elements are hard too understand but it has a alot of fun and playable features that I will keep under consideration for my own game.


Parallel Kingdom MMO


This app is a very open world type game using the real life world maps asa basis of an digtal world, where you can take territories, go to war, build establishments  and more.

The features using maps to maker teratoties and build digital constructs sound very intersting and I i could apply something like this into my own project.





ActionBound is an app/ website, that allows people to play oudoor games that you crete your self. You create an account online then using the wbiste you set out a bunch of ares and location people can go, find information or learn wile you move about.

The app is free to download and handles all the game play, using some the features like compans or map view to find location that some might have placed or as set up to find. there are other features in the  the game that can be used like point systems, rewords, adding time limits to get the player to answer questions quickly and if they don’t you can have a point reducing system. There also quizzes that people can ad to the game and even more . At the  there is a way to share the game, gather fead back evaluate the players experiences.


The app is fully controllable for the creator in the limitation of how the company has allowed the public to use there product. The game works of rood, indoors, by teams or them selves and can be read in many languages.

legal and ethical consternates

Copy right

Copy right is a governmental law that protects an intellectual’s property. This law makes shure that if  some one else copies, steals or even uses your copy right material without consent, they are held responsible for braking law and can be in a potenshal lawsuit or worst depending on the issue.

The copy right contract will differ form the regain of conty to county. Each will have an expectable use of your product or metral and how the public uses it.

This Copy right page only refers to the law in the UK

Legal and Ethical issues for building an app

Entity Formation

This where if have a business, moist people e will create an LLC or C-Corp. This allows you to keep your investments and assets or belongings to your self  if in any case of nay potenshale sooing or loosing your company over an issue that some people many find regardless or unnecessary when thinking about. This also make sure that the  people how are suing your product  are awere  and have acepted what they are expecting from you and what you are expecting of them.


Confidentiality is where private information will be safe and not given out when creating there project along side other companies. To insure that this dose not happen the created would get their partner(s) to signing an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) . This might go both ways when collaborating or working for other company on a project.

Intellectual Property Ownership/protection

Intellectual Property Ownership or IP is where a comapny  creates a segment within there contract, specifies that any or all content used and crate fore there product is own by the company not the createre(s). This includes the product’s development, marketing, and selling process.

The IP can also help protect you’re product’s features and USP (unique selling point) agents other rival competitors. By instating. TM (Trademarks), which handles protecting your  app’s or company’s name(s) or logo(s). copyright, which handles all your content for the product and patents which while protct new processes or inventions that you have developed or created.

protecting your intellectual property

Terms of Use

Terms of use is a way clearly spieling what  your product dose , what the user can do with the product, what they can’t do with product, what while happen if rheas terms are broken, and what you as the crated of the product is hold accountable for. The termas of use legal agrement will automatically be instead when using  your product.

The term of use uselessly is instead when your product handles interaction betwean others , such as friends or people, other companies or ither products.

Privacy Policy

privacy police is placed when your product is collecting personal data from the user. The personally identifiable information or PII is used in a law conttract that states what type of information will be gathered, such s emails or home addresses . PII also instates that the userre knows how your product or you will use the information. This is especially important if children would be using the product.

This hwere I got the information from


Section 1 

Working title

Bristol secret

Walk throw Bristol

Find in Bristol 

Target Market 

My target audiences are: tourists, professionals who work in interactive design in the city, students, teachers and others in education.

What you will work towards producing: (Detailed description of your proposal)

I will work towards crate a game that can be played by one or more players set around the theme of playable city in the boundary of Bristol city center, near the harbor side. Using either digital or fiscal resources, such as apps or maps. Setting out challenges, questions or any other means of gathering information to solve or to find objectives that the player can use to get to the goal.


Section 2

What are the design problems you will face

The design problems I will face are how the game will work with interaction of the player interns of the game’s features, to make sure that the player will have the right information so the game can progress in a naturally within the boundary of the map are have been given. I will also face coding issues if it is involved to building a way to make the game.

Early ideas research and sources:   (What are your sources for contextual and personal research?) 

My idea research will come from alley existing products such as ActionBound, or ingress and test these apps to see how they work and how I can use that for my own game. I will also research the different ways of achieving projects task, such as looking at GPS in phone, Geo-gashing or looking at maps and coordinates to search and find coals to get to the objective(s).


Section 3

Intended techniques, non digital and digital processes:

I intend on using both fiscal metals and distal techniques such as maps and compass to be used in digital software like actionBound as a way to make the game progress with questions and find goals to finish the game in playable city style.

Timescales: (Please insert weekly targets of what you intend to work on from the beginning to the end of the project)

22/03/16 – 27/03/16

Start and finish research into the ways of achieving in how to make a playable game in the city. Start and finish proposal and star coming up with some ideas.

11/04/16 – 19/04/16

Finish idea generation and test and develop the idea I have come up with. Test the paper prototype and the game.


Fix any issues or problems that may come up when tested my city game.

21/04/16 – 25/04/16

Finish the project, start and finish evaluation. Present project to group.


Section 4

Proposed methods of evaluation: (How will you evaluate your project?)

I will use my own work for the evaluation, starting form the research to the final outcome that will be on my blog. I will also use some students as a way for feedback and along with the results from the paper prototype(s) and tests of the game. Alongside this my own input on the work will also go into the evaluating stage.

Ideas Generation

I could use flash to create a custom app that doesn’t use GPS but rather directional based gameplay. Where The player will get a bunch of questions  to find look and hunt for the answers by using thier own intellect. but if I do use flash I can only use android phones to test and build the app on as this platform is free where IOS is not.

I could abandon any digital use and create old style maps and make a treasure hunting type game.

Making the game based on somthing like finding thresher on the theam on pirates have left behind buried treasure that people can find.

After testing ActionBound, when all of us where seeing what we could use. I thought that we could uses ActionBound to set the location and the puzzles for the player, then using some of the built in features like the compass. So the player would be forced to use their intelligence to solve the puzzles. I could create a old fashend map within the area of the location(s) pf the game and get historical apms that are from the era to be used in the map.

 Game storyline/backstory 

I was think as blackbird the the most fames piret know and as he is know to be from Bristol, why not make  a game where then play find =s and hunts close and only hints left there by chances to find some fresher left hind by Blackbird.

So using the old time map that the player will use along with questions on ActionBound. the player will think, have to be restful hand figurer things out using the old map and the currents maps we have today. progress and finish the hunt.

I might use this theam of blackBired in my game or I might changer the story butt keep the treasure find elect with old and new maps.

Game elements

the element that I will be using in this game are GPS location, maps, built in features on ActionBound like: videos, custom images, scanning QR codes or images and music if I have time to make some music to be used in the game.

Game play ideas

These idea ar only a references and a structure to the game rather then the game’s story or the game’s progressive state or even if these elements will be included in my game.

Firstly get the player to see a message that is on ActionBound, which sound a bit kriptic, using that and the modern map the play will find an old map that some one has left some where.

Using the map you need to solve the puzzle on ActionBound. This where the play while needs to verify that they have the old map by using the scan feature.

Using GPS to go to a location, then answering Citroen questions using the custom old map along with modern map on your phone.


created an account on ActionBound to use as the general hub of the game. I created some starter element that In will develop but for know just to see how well it will wok.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 14.13.25.png

I whanted to see what was the difrens between a stage tab and find spot tab on the option that it gives you. After testing more then once to see what comes up but it actually shows nothing the only thing that shows up on the phone screen is that the place to enter your name and then last page of the feed back section. So I don’t really understand the point on having a location set for a stage.

Maybe it is there to separate the different sections on the game when moving from one location to the next. I don’t think I will bee using this though.

I added a bunch of stages and then in them I added some missions. I tested the game and I got a list off stages on my phone screen, showing what it looks like and what stages do, this is something that I might not do but it good to know the feature.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 15.23.38.png


locations and the enverment that I plan or might use/pictures.

I whet to the location I am playing on using as the game’s stages . I took done pictures of the elments I could base my questions on and use as guides to progress the game.


As I was crate the prototype for the game I was thinking to add stages but these stages have  different type of game play. Such as one stage requires you to use the custom map while the other could be used only by riddles and clues to find berings and progress in the game.

I was thinking to have ciphers in my game, such as Caesar ciphers or Atbash cipher or to make it more harder on the player, I could use the A1Z26 cipher. I could do this so the game would have a difficulty element and not to make it one sided type game that just a simple location based game and then answer questions once the player is there.

Layout of the the game

I made a simple base format on how the question layout could go. I was originally was going to add some questions with some hints to the net quit on and add only about three or four questions. With many a chifre into the mix.

but know I’m going to have one chifre that player will have the option to solve  to game a big hint for the next challenge, the player will only have a limited time to solve the ciphers


This the prototype game on actionBound.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 21.56.05

I first started with a caesar cipher to use in the game, I addd a time limit of 10 minutes and add only two attempts. Like I wanted, when the player solves the cipher they will get the name of the location where the next challenge is.


Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 21.56.13

the first location will be the challenge. By using the information from the Website ‘know your place’ I got a section of a map of Bristol for  Millennium Square from this website’s data base. The player will have to use the old map to find the location in the modern day. This  could include using modern maps alongside the section of the old map to find the location.


Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 21.56.20

Then I added info that could  help the player progress with the challenges using the free internet at Millennium Square.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 21.56.29

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 21.56.36

Then I adde some riddles that the player will get to answer. These questions our related to the area’s buildings and objects.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 21.56.44

Then the second location that the player will be asked to find, I add a birds eye view of the location as a hint.

Then I created a simple short survey of two questions. “Did you like this game” and “What could be improved”. As this only a prototype and thee difficulty in the questions I only had a small gameplay, so the game dosent feel so long and boring.

Prototype test


After someone tested the game the answered the survey questions. He told me not to have the cipher or to make the hints more easier because I had to give him a lot of hints. On top of that there is the issue of the timer for the cipher going back to it’s original time limit even though there are only two etempts of answering correctly. I’m not really bothered by the timer going back but I could add more etmpts of answring the quiet ion. On top of that I made a slight error in spelling that I missed out and will change.

I think I will add some more questions only because right know it feels to short and a bit tedious to go throw at this point.

I also noticed that the old map image i have with a mark and a highlighted are in the first location finder. is slight incorrect to where the player has to go. The mark is in the wrong position.

Ideas Development

After some one testing the game I added a info box in the beginning, so the player would know what type of game this is.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 16.42.10.png

As this game is a riddle and puzzle type game I includee this into the info box, along with what will happen when pressing next.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 16.42.19.png

I still hade the cipher but added a bunch of hints when the play gets the answers wrong but only three times. I added an image to help and a begging sentence to clarify a bit more on what it is they have to do.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 16.42.27.png

Looking back at he old map I edited by adding a blue ring and a mark, the potion of the location on where the play had to go was slightly wrong so I changed that and slightly also changed the potion of the longitude and latitude of the spot to find.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 16.44.57.png

I only changed the image on the solar tree.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 20.42.23.png

I added image to the next quetion and slitty change a letter for AT to @ to give a better clue to the answer.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 16.45.22

So I add animate to this box, and changed the quetion slightly so it would be a bit easier to solve.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 16.45.32.png

I added a extra question to make the game a bit more longer.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 16.46.01.png

Like the fist stage there was a cipher in the begging I did the same and created aanother cipher but using anthoer mothered. This time I didn’t explain what they have to do rather gave them the cipher and the method in a slime letter and number based image. The the mentored is A1Z26 cipher.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 16.46.09.png

Like the fist spot finding, I sued the old map of Bristol to get the section of the are to go to but this time didn’t add a coloured marker.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 16.46.16.png

I thought of adding a end box that jus says that the game is over and to answer a fiew survey questions.

I extra question to the survey section just to get a better knowledge on how to improve the game.


Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 16.54.39.png


these are the statistics of the game. I could get the footage for the last section of the game because of my phone not having enough storage space.

I tested my new game that I changed and got a lot of feed back. I need to make the ciphers more clear and and need to look at some of the questions agin. I had to give quite a few hints in this test so I might have to make the questions a bit easer to solve.

Produce Outcome

I made the changes by slightly editting the some of the text and added some more images in the blank spaces of the boxs. I took into considration on the feedback I got and changed my game acordng to the feedback, at the same time keeping my game’s makanics of riddle and pazzel based challenges.

Play test

Promo video

Final Evaluation

We where asked to create a outdoor type gamer that can be played using a mobile phone. Using software or any other type of method that would help us in build our game that others can play. We where also asked to think about implementing features that could help develop and further the engagement of the game for the player.

After reading the brief The first thing I did was go online and started researching about the type of games that can be played using a mobile phone while outside, I found a bunch of game that had a RPG type features along with how the real e work and the digital world interacts. I also came up with they ways I would like to make this game, along with what I could use to build my game. When we where in teams in the beginning, we already found a software and free app we could use to build our games named ActionBound. As I had limited time and already had the means to build my game I decided to use ActionBound.

I then proceeded to looking up the legal and eathical constraints i might have wen building my app. As actionBound is a company with there own legal and terms of use are alredy structured. So as thesis game is open world based the locations and every thing can be used along as the game isn’t in  private propaty or if I dint have permission from the owner(s). I also looked up the copyrights and Privacy Policy.

I then, decided to think about the gameplay such as if I should add a story based game or make it a tresher hunting type game. I came up with a bunch of ideas and concepts that I could develop to use with in my game. I along thought of the game’s elements such as puzzles ridles and ciphers, which I developed with the final gameplay. But at the end I decided to keep it simple and rather it being indept story wit locations and maybe history of Bristol I hen with a type game that would challenge the play while they move and see the locations of Bristol with in the boundary limit.

I first preceded to  figure out where my game will take place, along with the  interaction through the surrounding’s elects such as statues, building structures or aesthetics and test  ActinBound to see what it can do and what it can’t. After visiting some of the ares that I what my game to be held I crated a game structure that I can follow. In the firtd panel There would be a challenge and a chances to get a big hint for the next equation in the form of a chifer and then the play will have to go to a certain location to proceded and get the next set of questions. and the same thing repose foe the second location. Bust I decided to end my game after find the second  location because I thought it would be too long and after figuring out chippers, riddle type quetions and using image and maps to find locations. I then thought it would be a good idea to add a survey, which the program provided already.

I then started to do some tests after creating some questions and custom images for the game. Because of of ActionsBound already existing as a full fledged app and bound generator, I could prototype and test the game at the same time. I tested my game a few times, with each one helping me improve my game such as making the questions more understandable, give a bit more clarity on what they have to do on ciphers. Form thoughs tests I developed may game.

I think this was half succeful because even though I finally ededup with the game having all the final fishuals I wanted, improving the questions to make and be a bit easer for the player and get the play test done. the there could have bee some improvements still done to it to make the is game a lot better.

If I had the time I would make the images I got from the internet be in line with the theme I was going for. Make the game a bit more longer as sugested by the feedback I got from the survey I did and at every test people still had a bit of a difficulty in the first cipher even though every time my game was tested it got less and less difficult to figure rout what thy had to do. So maybe I could have use a different image, so the play can get a better understanding  of the question and I could give a bit more information on what they are faced with.