How to do something video

 let us intervene in the machinery of the dull.png


Dot effect 

For my project in nut 63, I need some visuals, I was thinking to have a comic book doted style look with inter colures.This effetc will be a over lay over the original image That I might take or use from the internet .


I found videos on how to created a dodged effect on Photoshop that  I could do to achieve the type of effect I want. I was thinking to make a adption of these voids in my own way.


I made some test before hand to get into the process, so when i’m doing the actual video I want stumble or haste on something when showing the view to achieving my outcome.

Using the method of dot work I showed in my  video, I created a smaller dot work cover. Then I went throw the process of experimented with colour an d reducing the number of dots in a certain way. This the final outcome I did using this method for unit 63. It’s was used as the main picture on my game.

Making this video also help me learning a new skill in Adobe Premier pro. How to speed up video along with vido alignment of music and volcals.

Animation unit 53

In one of the first units that I did I used alit of methords and process to making my animation. Such as Drawing characters and then digitising them so they can be animated or aligning the sound effect with the cones that the player collects in the full animation. I also improved my animation skills on character form, as the process I went throw of redoing the runnsing animation for the character three times. I also gave a try on achieve a technique, wher when the robot raws a arepeating flash hapens of the two characters in the scene. I the begging of the unit we did some seshons on animation in. One of the them I  learned to achieve a  better process of lips sync,which was in the  video.

Biassed the animation unit I also improved my skills in Adobe Premier pro, such as experimenting with effects like the flashing effect of scenes in the video. This something I nerve done and I think it works well.


Icon deadly sins

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 00.01.12.png

In this video I went throw the process of using the union, subtract and exclude tools in Graphic. I experimented wit shapes and freehand brush strokes using the three tools to get the right look for work. Going throw this process I got a unique type technique.

when I was doing thsi I was unsure what the shape will tern out but after messing with shapes and trying to move and caret deferent type of shapes to see what I can get I finally got some thing I liked and I think I managed to come out with a icon that is both a unawake style and fitting the purpose or my work.


Character drawings using pen tool.

In this video I’m using the pen tool to  crete body form and character shapes. And using the metered of the brush tool to create  addtional shapes for the character’s body and clothing.

I think that doing this way I managed to caret something from scratch, watch I changed and adapted to fit my purpose.

3D modelling of a building

I now how to use cinema 4D to to sculpt building. So this modelling was me just me experiencing.

In this time lapse video I carted a building on Cinema4D. I went troth the process of taking a shape and ten strchiong and editing using the inbuilt features.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 01.14.55.png

By using the inbuilt features I used a techie of 3D modeling that dulicates segments that ten can be setred moved and resized to crate a shape.  I also went trough the procces of getting the right physical sky, which effects the lighting on the buildinga and thire shadows. I also did slot of experimenting such as getting the right radise for the windows.

In all I came up with a lot more detailed model then I was expecting and alot more better as well.