Task 1

Watch Dog


The website is where I got this image from

This image has a lot of drake areas with barely any light shining throw with in the mist of the building the main character is there also shaded in drakes with some light shine on him. He has a phone in one hand and a gun on the other; all of this could suggest that he’s a hit man; killing people throw the darkness. The game is all about doing things throw underground methods and so the scenery shows that aspect by engulfing the environment in darkness.

This game’s main feature is hacking that the main character, Aiden does with his phone, he’s secretive as there are cameras and technology to find him so he where’s a mask over his face and a had to further conceal himself


Big hero 6


This website is where I got this image from


This image is from the movie Big Hero 6. The image shows the six characters in the movie. As they are heroes, they are whirring their superhero suits. The colours for the suits are bright, non-threatening or   friendly, as this movie is aimed at children and family.

The text is on red backdrop, which is the same colour as one of the co-protagonist character.


Doctor who


This website is where I got this image from


This image shows the two well know characters of British inventions. As Doctor how has his iconic T.A.R.D.I.S.T, its toward the right where the Doctor is standing; while Sherlock Holmes is standing towards the left with a another iconic object, the red telephone box that was also used in the same way as a normal police box that the T.A.R.D.I.S.T is disguise.

The backdrop is grey with shade of darker tones for depth of objects or shadows.

The two characters are British, so the scenery is in the capital of the UK, London. The image comprises the two well know features of the series. The castles, London eye and Big Ben are from Sherlock Holmes and the gallifreyan language symbols from Doctor Who bur as the Doctor visits London a lot, the British scenery also refers to him as well.


Futurama interpretation


This website is where I got this image from


This image is a parody of Doctor Who in the Futurama series. The classic blue box is in the background with the street lamp, that looks like an old lamp form the 19th century.

The character in tis image, Fry is derides as the 10th’s Doctor, David Tennant’s cloths, this depicting a a seen where the Doctor was in a Christmas special with snow and along with that there was a creature that was also in the scene, named the old, which the red crab in the background (zoidberg) is being referred to as.

The entire image is based of the scene but the image is created in the style of the show Futurama.




This website is where I got this image from


The Bose log is created using the simplistic method. It’s bold sleek, tilted and filleted in a black colour. Lines attached to the B and E of the text, one on the bottom and one on the top. This style chose on the letters could be to inter prate sound going into one rare and out the other.




This website is where I got this image from


The beets log Like the Bose logo used the simplistic style. The lower case B is in the middle of the red circle, with an elite cut of the B letter on the left side of the circle.

The B letter could be interpreted as a ear phone that the company sells.


Let’s Fall in Love


This website is where I got this image from


This image’s foreground colour is red to signify love. There are plane weight texts with a hart stencil. The love is far bigger then the rest of the text, so the person would notice it more.

There’s a cesium or a crack between the hart shape and the text. Lines are dripping from the love text to interpret the FALLIN text and once the person has feline, the person can find love on the other side.


Game boy


This website is where I got this image from


The image has a game controller silhouette, it’s covered with weight texts that refers or are income with gaming references. The biggest text refers to one of the most know Nintendo games involving Mario and Donkey Kong.

The background is created in a way to reusable old paper, to give the concept of the image a vintage look.




This website is where I got this image from


Like the concept of the game controller, this used the same method but a silhouette of Homer Simpson.

The texts are organized by the character’s language, so that the most used or common words or phrases are bigger, while the least used words or phrases are smallness.


Marvel character


This website is where I got this image from


This image shows five well-known characters from the Marvel universe. The core aspect of the individual character is shown by either colour or action. Such as; Wolverine has his iconic yellow suite colour as the foreground and his sharp animal like mask. With his claws that are silver; Captain America like the others has his iconic blue colour, along with his shield. His face is shone with the A and wings, his mask in blended with the background colour. And the Hulk is known for his yelling and purple shorts, along with his black hair. All of these features are add in a backdrop of the Hulk’s iconic colour. Green.


Sound coffee


This website is where I got this image from


The image shows a person holding cup, the way this person is holding the cup looks like a hart. As this image is promoting a speaker the references tone in is displayed throw the coffee and this ad is treeing to surest that he people are calm and trying to relax the sit down drink something, which is why the ripple of the liquid is in a form of a speaker, as if the company is saying “you will relax with our speakers”.


Junk food


This website is where I got this image from


The concept of this image is that what you eat will contain trash and bad bacteria, which is why there’s a burger as a sigh of junk food most people would eat. The trash shows generic type of objects that you might put in your mouth, like pen you might chow or put a cup on your mouth. So this image sowing that if you would use the product they are selling your mouth would be a lot cleaner.

The slogan “What will your mouth go through today” underneath the Bottle, it’s using a rhetorical equation that your math will constantly be fall of junk unless you us e there product.


Food in space


This website is where I got this image from


This Ad is letting know the viewer that food now can be made in space. The creator has chosen a grey backdrop as to reusable a frying pan or space in in some form. As a well know breakfast food is a egg, the creator has taken a egg form and model it in a way to resemble a space astronauts and the yoke to represented by his helmet but still keeping a elite shine to let the viewer know that is a egg.

The text “Food is now prospered in space” uses the same coloring pattern as the space egg, so it would mach. The prospered is yellow and bold, so the viewer would notice the text and to make a like once again to the astronauts egg.




This website is where I got this image from


The image advertising he move pixels. as Pac-man is well know and iconic character to the video gaming industry, he’s in the image let the viewer know this move is about games.

Pac-man is a very old game but in the image he looks like he has a higher resolution, so to give the old version’s look he’s created from boxes to resemble pixels.

As the movie is about video games coming to life and destroying the city, We see  Pac-man eating a part ion of the city .


Pirates of the Caribbean


This website is where I got this image from


The text Pirates of the Caribbean is tinted in a rusty type metal to reusable a sword’s marital as pirates used them. The yes sits on a scroll like map, with an old texture added in.

The main protagonist is Jack sparrow; the image shows the clothing’s on his head on a skull. So the viewer would know what kind of movie it is and whom it will involve. The skull refers to the danger and destructive nature of pirates or as theses moves are know to have magical aspects, the skull could also be there to show that.

The Skull is behind two torches, the torches are used to the them of finding treasure and the pirates would use them to light the darkness , such as a cave;  the torches create a cross to keep in them of priest and treasure, as X marks the spot.

The backdrop is a texture of a wall; it looks damp, like it’s handled water exposure. This still keeping the theme of priest on the see and finding trashier.


007 Skyfall


This website is where I got this image from


This mage has the silhouette of the British character James bond, with is isle clothing style of a British starter suite, which has the formal and class look of a black blazer with tie and white undershirt, suing negative space to create a image shape. The aspects of the image’s feature are all imbedded inside the shape, to show the aspect of that character in a psychological way.

The movies of this series have been know to include killing and danger, as you go towards the bottom of the image the image changes to resemble blood and a gas explosion. To further shoe James bond use of spy method, he’s holding a gun. To trolley show he has a licensees to kill.

The text “SKYFALL” is created in the same ay as the image above expiate in the inside of the text has a smoky and unclear type look, to match the images above.


Batman begins


This website is where I got this image from


This image is compiled in the same concept as the image above. The silhouette of Batman is such an Icon that the only thing is need to show is the shape f the chractar, the bat wings and the sharp, pointy eyes.

As the Dark knight is know to be in the darkness and shadows. A section of a city or town is inside the batman shape, with hardly any colour except for a red cross, the tex on the bottom left and the white text(BATMAN BEGINS ) in the mid buttom of the shape

The seanery is is in grey scale with suburban buildings, a angel statue, dark clouds that look like a storm is bruing, lighting slashing the the page where the moon is, blimps, birds flying away from he storm and light beams in  the night sky, as if they are looking for some one.




 This website is where I got this image from


The seanery is creayed in the noir style, shades of of grey are used to distingwish layers of moon, flakes of snow, slight showing of clouds , grounds, trees and wildlife life. The image is depicting two things; the winter season and the tragic killing of Babi’s mother. The enter image ids put to gather in order to get they feel ing of sadness

This image is an combination of elements to create a n image relating to the Disney movie Bambi. The image is structured gourmand the silhouette stag. A simple shade of grey for his nose and white sheshess for his eyes. The creater has made the stag’s head to reusable a brig, between one ear to the other. It’s antlers are also crete to resemble tree branches. And finaly Bambi as child and his mother on top of the stages head. who might be Bambi has an adult.

The text “bambi” uses a brach type typography, to further think of trees  or forist. A thin layer in black is centre in the letters, to give the elution of a cut. The is filled in white in order for it to be noticed.


Peter pan


 This website is where I got this image from


This like the image above is compiled in a way to imbed fetters of the Disney movie Peter Pan. The image uses he silhouette style  to refer to the images. Using black as the main fill colour and using white or light gradients for extenuating features.

The image is separated into two sections, each referring to the sneery location in the movie. The left has silhouettes of captan hook’s pirate ship and Peter, as his famously know to leap into the air and fly away from cap capten hook’s ship. The backdrops coloured in red , to earthier refer to the red of captain hook’s colouring or the sun set during when Peter exapted the ship.  The right section has some buildings, a crestnc moon and white shades for stars. and finaly a grey type graident to reusable the night sky. The right section is dipctating the city of London and as we the viewer only see London at night in the movie, the right section is put together to refer in that fashion.

In middle of the page a shape is dipctating a different thing for each side of the image. The centre circle creates a eye on the left,that has lines to shows the eye rills at the same time it simlasly blended into the    the right sides clock face and both sections are separated by the clod hands. The left side is creating a half side of the crocodile, which ate captain hook’s hand. Some of the crocodile’s scales around the center peace of the eye and some scales towords the bottom left. The right has the iconic Big Ben.

The text is crete in a way to reseble fine metal along with a graidnt filling a silver colouring. The text is a refiners to the metal swords used  by captain hook’s crow  and him, along with Peter at one time.




 This website is where I got this image from


This an advert for coca-cola. The band is know for its class bottles and the iconic red, as such the ad shows a shape of an red bttle with the logo blending with the negative space. Its raped around the bottle where the banner would normally would go.

The “open happinessTM” is red to mach the companies brand. it suggesting that if you open there brands bottle and drink cocacola you will be happy and not sad when you taist cocacola.




subverting advertising research

Task 2

Subverting advertising is where advertising is used to make political or ned be issues that are ion the world or may be developing.

I found a lot of examples of subverting:



dont_buy_crapdrpepperenjoycapitalismhellhonesty-or-art-2I'm Lovin Shitrebrand_bp_petrol_disasterShift_Delete_KNike_Crime_1tesco_lie



These pictures are reasurch into how I would like to have my bulking in the forest.



I intend to create a subverting on the issues of manufacturing in the world. Claiming lives of wild life, sea creatures and the human race in danger in certain cornners of the world, due to the manufacturers not creating more recyclable or sustainable materials.

I intend to create a an poster outlining the issues of manufacturing efedcting the word’s eco life. I was thinking to maybe have no text just visuals. Maybe illustrate examples like trees of plants to represent life. The effects of manufacturing examples in form of circuitboards or maybe tech peaces, to. I was thing to create the poster in a technology type way, with circuit lines or with greens and blue, people would associate with the colours of technology parts

Created a 3D model suing Cinema 4D


This my finals peas, it a simple model stage that photographers or studios use in there backdrops.

I crated this using Cinema 4d from scratch. I created three different tree models and then  placed them to simulator a symulate of a  Forrest, however I dint have as powewreful computer as needed and so there only some trees. I also created a a building to place but like before I” didn’t have a powerful enough computer and so again I could only add one may building model.

I used these video tutorals to help me create my trees in the image above.


I aso used theses images as references.


I didn’t like this artwork so I set out on creta another desighn butI still kept the concept of having a building with plant life.

This time I create another building. From scratch. Still using Cinema4D to crate the 3D modles and then starred creating a tree root, sort of spiralling around the building with batches and leaves.

I aded geral colouring of white  to the building.

I tried to add texture to make the tree branchs realistic but I didn’t like the style sand decided on having sold colouring with inbuilt effects. Like bump to give the branches a slight wood effect.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 11.15.42.png

To make the leavs and branches I used the tutorial videos above on YouTube.I adapted the simulated hair tag  mothered to chage hair strands to look like leaves, then I add my own demotions to the simulations to get custom looking leaves and modled the beaches to look like some what realistic type tree branches as well.

I also tried to see what the leaves might look like if the where a faded pink colour but I didn’t like it so I kept the green.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 19.51.23.png

For the buildiing colours and metral I didn’t know quite how to get a realistic type look for some of them. Such as the glass on  the balkony windows/doors.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 23.07.24.png

I found this video on YouTube to help me create a metrical for the windows/glass.I did slightly change some the settings to mach what I was hoping for.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 00.46.17.png

I finally added another set of colour(orange) to certain parts of the building to give it a style.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 02.39.26.png

After rendering again and again to see what the models look like with the orange added in different places. I changed and tweaked the models colouring and textures to get it the way I like.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 18.11.44.png

I also went into the settings to see what the rendering options of Global illmnation for the  hall model will look like and which is the bet to use for my render.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 02.39.38.png

Seeing for m all the renders I found that using Quast-Monte Carlo(QMC) along with Iradiache is the best out come.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 03.09.49.png

I thought that on the front side looked a bit too plane so I added another tree brach with leaves. Then I renderd out the final image from Cinema 4D.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 00.56.48.png

In the software there was a preset cloud generator, I turned it on and preveiewd the image to see wat it looks like but the style of the clouds didn’t really mach up with style of the building and the tree. I  didm like it so I un-chedt the preset and kept the organale blue sky. Because the settings needs lights and adding a phyisical sky is easier then setting up custom lighting. So I’m going top go into Photoshop and and replace the backdrop drop latter on.

unit 4 building.png

After rendering out the full image with the changes made. I the when into photoshop and using the magic eraser and the eraser tools. I removed the backdrop of the image and then placed another backdrop that more mach the style I was going with.

unit 4 building cuto out

I tried to see what it look like with a image in the back of a sky but I didn’t like the way they looked, so I crated a custom gradient of blues and got PNG clouds to place in the back of the building and tree image.

Build and tree spiraling around

I then into Photoshop added a sky background and somer clouds. I used this video to learn how to get a faded back drop of the sky.


I then got a PNG hand image, in holding out pose.


I ten compiled all of the image and created thsi image.

Final outcome

unit 4 building

This my final product. symbolising that modern development can live in harmony with nature. It also shows that people are the ones how have the ability to change or effect the environment.


For the unit 4 task 2 we where asked to create a peace of sub advertising of our own. Dealing with one issue that we feel that should be looked at and reviewed by others as harmful or dangers in the world and action should be taken to either prevent or stop said issue.

After researching into some older existing subverting to get a better grass and ideas on what subject to do about for task two. I had a hard time on figuring out what to do the subverting on. I was thinking to do it on junk food being related McDonalds fatty food. But there where already a lot of subverting around McDonalds and.  As time progressed I changed my mind on which issue I  wanted to do on and I finally decided on doing about the environment, persifcaly how people are abusing there resources in the world.

The first thing I did was go online and find references and images on the subject, trying to find anything related to something I hated but there where hardly anything in terms on how I wanted my subverting to look and that I can us has references. so I had to improvise and find images separately that both relate to buildings and the wild life.

After searching the interims for buildings with plant life related or are just good references interims of design. I stared to come up with a concept for my idea and set out on creating the idea on Cinema4D.

Then I went into Cinema 4D to start modelling the assists using the tutorials I found on YouTube. I created one tree using the videos by the hair tag but I did change some thing to maker it look more they way I wanted. I created a second tree to give my image some diversity and reused a building model I created a while back. I then got a premade set, with a blue colour that I changed from the assets folder of the software. I then multiplied the trees to make a simulated forest but because my computer is not as powerful as needed I could only get a limited amour of trees into the set, which is why the image only as some trees. I then finished it off with some 3D text that I placed in order in which it should be. The starting point is on the top and the last on the bottom.

After compiling every thing and rendered it out I didn’t like. I could have changed it by adding more trees ben though it would have made the software crash but it would have rendered out the image. I diced to create another design commonest, I still kept the idea of having a building and natural life.

I started form scratch and recreated a building with windows a balcony and a modern design style. I then started to great the nature aspect of the idea. I thought of crate a tree root that spire led around the building. I then proceeded by creating a set of tree branches with leaves placed around the tree toot. After spending some time on getting the tree branch models all looking the way I wanted I the n added texture.

I spent about a day and a half on the colouring and the aesthetics of my building, the tree root, with the branches and the leaves. To get the right type of style I kept changing and tweaking until I finally got it right. I then whet into the setting to get the right rendering settings.

I rendered the full image and then went into Photoshop to remove the backdrop. I used magic eraser and the eraser tools so I can add the sky image in the back. However I didn’t like the image I found online to use as the backdrop so I crated my own backdrop and placed some PNG clouds to make the screen more believable.

I then got a PNG image of a hand. I the combined the images by placing and anlage the hand image in front of the other images. I then reduced the size of the building and the cloud images and using a video I found on YouTube, showing me how to fade out a certain areas of an image. I faded a raided fade of the sky background from the middle of the page and outwards.

I think this was very successful because I managed to model and render out a unique style that I wanted and compered to the first 3D model it a lot better.

If I had more time and a more powerful computer I would render the image out more detailed and work on the texturing even more. Because my computer couldn’t handle the processing power of the software and would have taken too long, in both modelling and rendering.

Task 3

Reach about the seven deadly sins.

the seven deadly are are the  negative aspect of of people. The attributes and aspects that we are built upon being yearend down  by great, lust, pride, wrath, gluttony, sloth and envy.



There are modern way of looking at the the the sins

7 Deadly Sins.jpg


From Wiki

The seven deadly sins, also known as the capital vices or cardinal sins, is a Western grouping and classification of vices.[1] This grouping emerged in the fourth century AD and was used for Christian ethical education and for confession. Though the sins have fluctuated over time, the currently recognized list includes pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth. There is a parallel tradition of seven virtues.

The seven deadly sins are called “capital” because they are the origins of other vices. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, a mortal or deadly sin is believed to destroy the life of grace and charity within a person.




A emotional state where a person is too proud, acting upon there own judgements. Thinking they are always right and fearing to loos others respect.


An action where a person will constantly gather and collect objects, sometimes  regardless of there reasoning, value or meaning of owning sed item. These people could be considers as the term “hoarders”


lust is when a person is heavily tempted of sensual desire. This considered as the deadlist sin of all in may cultures, religion and in certain ares of society.


An emotion that a person will feel to wanting or achieving something that some one else will have. This emotion can cause or even drive a person do things that they might never think of ever. It is also be known as jealousy.


This a concept where a person will consume large amounsts of food and drink to a unnecesory point. This also could refer to owing or wanting wealth. In some religions and ethical starers this considered as sin or another form of greed.


Wrath or more comanly know as anger is an emotion that can be triggered or be unleashed due to a response to a certain situation. Anger as know to be a negative response in society. however this emotion is structured in order to protect, defend or shelter ones self or another from harm.


This where person is acting or behaing in a lazy manner both fiscally and emotionally.


From Wik

The seven deadly sins in their current form are not found in the Bible, however there are biblical antecedents. One such antecedent is found in the Book of Proverbs 6:16-19. Among the verses traditionally associated with King Solomon, it states that the Lord specifically regards “six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him”, namely.

  1. A proud(vain) look
  2. A lying tongue
  3. Hands that shed innocent blood
  4. A heart that deviseth wicked acts
  5. Feet that be swift in running to mischief
  6. A false witness that speaketh lies
  7. He that soweth discord among brethren



Im thinking to add the sin’s log or symbols in the backdrop of my designs. or  create my own.



I’m thinking to crete the seven deadly sins in a one way. A way that most people would over look. As the newer generation acknowledge more and more of life’s deeper meaning, involved with morality and what is justifiable within this world. I’m thinking to crete a  set of poster based deigns that would apple to the younger generation and let them be where of the world then what is is just seen as good and bad.

I wrote down the things that when a person thinks of the seven deadly sins they think of the most oversee and straight forwored of the aspects of those sins, such as pride is when a person is to fully of them selves.

These points are what might comes to the mide when ypu think of the seven dedly sins, as well as what the sin’s characteristics may be.


  •  Power
  • Work
  • Arrogant
  • Ownership of an object
  • bold eegale
  • life style
  • Yellow
  • Gold


  • Money
  • Green
  • possessions
  • selfish
  • hoarding


  • Pink
  • sexualaty
  • Wiman
  • Harts  and arrows symbols
  • Bright red


  • Gelassy
  • Wanting  objects or characteristics
  • Self conscious
  • Green


  • Greed
  • Hunger
  • selfish
  • Whanting more
  • Green


  • Anger
  • Revenge
  • Male
  • Red
  • Dark colours


  • Laziness
  • sleeping
  • Clouds
  • Not caring
  • Light blue

these sins can also be considered to have a deeper meaning interms of how they got the sins.


Those that have work hard have gained pride but too much of it.


The person might not have had anything in the beginning and now they are intent on getting every thing they want. Even more then they need to.


The person who have the lust sin could be that the person didm get any attention in the past and felt realy self-conches of there body and after time they gained the sin of lust.


The person might be self conches and so the person might be envious of others or what they might be like, even the other person’s life style.


The person might have gluttony as a sisn because the person could not have food in the past.


those who might have wrath could be there as a protecter and they would do anything.


those that are sloths might not like to get involved into situations and  as such don’t like confrontation so they become the sloth.



I intent to create and design a set of character drawings with ideas themed on the “seven sins”. I will create custom aesthetics with a style for the characters. Implementing the seven sins attributes  into my own design such as colouring or symbol representation. Then following throw with the  selecting sin I haver been give to final production.

Ides for art work

Icon design test ONE















I created a set of icon based for the Seven Sins.


I dod some drawings to get body form for the characters but I think I’m going to get imagEs and then using the computer to draw around  the body form and then make them look lime way I whatnot them to.

Images for body from/mode of the charters.

I wanted to try some body form art fro the seven deadly sins. I when online to find some images to refer to or how I what them to sorta look.



















Character form designs: test TWO

I try a different set of design for the seven sins. in a different format. By having the same colours of the

New seven sins Icon: test THREE





I changed the design and the coloring of the greed icon because of feedback. The icon is a hand that’s collecting stuff.

In this video, I did a timelaps of the icon greed. In this video I didnt realy know how the image was going to turn out. Instead I tried to go throw the process of trill and error to finally come up with a design of a hand.





I also changed  the Envy design slightly to something like a crystal as a lot of people are envious of others to having this type of mineral.







I adapted the  icons to have a set of textures, to see what they would look like.

New icon designs: test FOUR









I slightly charged the envy icon deign by adapting the crystal like design  to make a form of a tree and then aded a sanke going up the tree. I did this becasue in some imgage reftrenses I found, people refer snacks to envy  and I chose a tree being placed within the design as a refuel to a tree snake, which is another suggestion of the green in envy as some tree snakes are green.







I changed the icon designs one more time by swapping the liner gradients to a sold color.

Icon and body form: test ONE

I took the icons and the body form to combine them by cutting the outline shape on top off the icons.




I used my original design for the Wrath icon and kept the solid colour state but I changed the colour to a dark blue.



We where asked to designs a form of artworks surrounding the theme of the seven deadly sins. Then we had to create a finished pea of work involving only one of the sins that was assigned to us. We were tilted to create then designs in a non-stereotypical way, such as staying way from demon or angels as a concept.

I first went online to find information to help me understand the metaphorical and symbolical meaning of the seven deadly sins. I found images that best described the sins interims my ideas for the sin’s designs and not using stereotypical views of what. I then went online to find definitions of the sins to get a better grasp on what the sins are about and help me come up with a concept that bets describes them by using imagery. I found a paragraph on Wikipedia explain a goral outline of the sins, which helped slightly but to trolley understand the sins, I thought that it would be good to have definitions fro each one.

I then stared writing up custom short definitions of the seven sins, using some information I read online. How ever for some of the sins I allergy had a good general sense on what the sins is about, such as Wrath but didn’t really know best describe it with words at first but I did finish the definitions in a way that I can understand. At this point I thought of creating symbols as an idea concept and found some symbols for the seven deadly sins.

I thought it would also be good references to me if I created bolt points for each sin’s key aspects. But as we life the sins people get may be because of some cause that have the sins. I thought of this way after watching an Anima “The seven deadly sins” by Netflix; I created a second set of descriptions that talking about why the person might have gotten the sin. I then wrote up the proposal and started creating the artwork.

I created the first set of test artworks in the form of Icons. I crated them using imagery representation in a painted brush style, such as a confidant eye for pride or a hart for lust. Wen I was creating these icons I used the research to help with coming up with concepts for the icons However I had some difficulty in coming up with design ideas for the greed and envy sins. After some more tests with adding texture to the icons and further developing of the icons I got the two sins looks more like the way I wanted and I improved the other design slightly as well

I also created a set of character designs for the seven sins to see a different type of artwork style. I even combined the two sets of designs, the icon and the characters to see what they would look like if they where together. I did this by cutting out the character shapes into the icons. But I didn’t really like that and some of the combinations didn’t rely work so well by the shape not being able to seen to well or the characters hides too much of the icon so the hall design becomes undistinguishable.

I decided that going with the icon designs, as my artwork is better then the character as the final outcome of the sins. I reverted the icons from having texture and changed the colouring to solid instead of limner gradients. My finale artwork was based on the wrath icon so changed the colour to a dark blue sold instead of a limner gradient and then exported and put it on the post.

I think this was successful project to do because I think I created a good set of ides surrounding the seven deadly sins and finalising the sin I was given to do. This task also helped me to improve my illustration and design skills for other task in the future.

If I had more time to improve on this project I would try to make the icons look more of a graphic style, a bit more realistic and work on the colouring a bit more.