this Is a scratch time that uses drag and drop code. One my team member created this file with the other, having knowledge on scratch, helped, I created the same files but did on my computer and created them in the same way but less advanced. I found the drag and drop functions very easy to work with but did have a issue on how search pre-set codes work, witch whyI did not like using scratch and I’m more use to writing full code.

I used code academy, I learned that I can Add and take away stokes sealy by calling No or just stroke. Lines have for verabls  but 2 of them are the position where it starts and the the other 2 end the position. I also learned taht I can add shapes by typing there name with there number variables and add images.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 00.04.32.png

I use Processing  to crete a radial spinning using the wallthrow. I understood the part with the potions and where the object would spun from but I don’t quite underestand how the code works, why it dose this exactly probably  becuse I new at this.


Pseudo code

var toothbrush;

var pickupbrush;

var putontoothpaste;

var moveupanddown;

var hand1;

var hand2;

var brush;

boolean toothbrush = true;

boolean toothbrush = false;

if toothbrush = (true)

function (toothbrush){

getingbrush (
hand1 x = – 40, y -20;

hand1 && brush x = +56. y + 20;


function (toothbrush){

getpast (
hand2 x = – 40, y 25;

function (moveupanddown) {

hand1 && brush (
loop {
hand1 x 0;
brush x – 10

hand1 x 0;
brush x + 10



else toothbrush (false) {
toothbrush = false;

I did for the code to brush teath. using the know I know and what learned form the lesson.


void setup() {

size (800, 900);

background (255, 0, 50);


fill (192, 200, 192);
ellipse (600, 450, 300, 600);
fill(255, 0, 50);

ellipse (580, 450, 270, 570);
fill(192, 192, 192);

rect(100, 100, 500, 700);

//curve bottom
ellipse (350, 800, 500, 100);

//curve top
ellipse (350, 100, 500, 100);

//curve liquid
fill(255, 40, 20);
ellipse (350, 100, 450, 80);


I created this code for drawing a cup in procuring. from what I learned from the other workshops. I tried to addd text font but even with help of my teamwork partner and the processing website.

using Processor and  Arduino the programming languages, me and my team partner created a code, that when a button is pressed down on the button something like a coloure would change. We got finally working after releasing that it wasn’t us but the equipment. the secret worked but only when the two wires where touching each other but when plugged in to the board with the button, it only red as being on. It wouldn’t turn off.


I used the tutorial to create a short 2d game but I made a mistake of not clicking the 2d setting on the beginning so the ground ids 3D where the character is hiting.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 18.01.31.png

I also changed the value of the characters speed and jumping abilities.


I wonted to  a project on something that didn’t involve a controlere tat uses buttons of joystick. So I  researched the type of interactive technolagy that uses aulternative methods  to the conventual. I went online and found these underneath.

Augmentative realty on phone basic

This link above showas how to crate a simple augmentative person using a printable code that you can place any where, and the see the image. You can be seen on your smartphone using a app.. This some thing i am think about doing for this unit.

This shows a bunch of example that I can do with augmentative reaalty on Flash. so I could do some thing like this. If I decide to do augmentative reality.

This show one of the ways augmentative reality could be used in  interactivity. Using the microphone to create animation that could be used as vocals in flash.

I founda another example of augmentative reality.


A simple version of angry bird

This uses the mouse but in a very basic way. Like angry birds you sling shots thing to making objects brake and crash, with is what this tutorial shows. I think I could do this but mess around with the settings ironed to to be different or something different entirely.

Unity source for augmentative reality

As I was researching for a the types of interactive technology, I found one Augmentative reality that works on Unity. I could use this as a starting point for my project.

Virtual realty


Virtual realty is a way for any one to view digital information on the go, By wearing a head set.The person can interact with it with a button on the side, such as the Google cardboard.

Face taking

This has a good use of face tracking to cantle a car in a game, even though it might take some time to get a handle of things.

Face rig


Face rig is a every clever and good use of face taking, in a bunch of models that are pre sets in the software you can buy on steam.

Theres hand gestures that can be used in order to control devises





There are aalotlot of interactive type devices and software that I can think about to using in my project. I could include certain features into my project so there forms of interactivity could be incuded in my project.

Motion tracking using devise.


This device along with or without it’s developer mount can use motion tracking on a computer with objects. The controler can move the screen with there fingers.

Devices taut use tilting slog with buttons that can be touched or pressed.


The Wii Remote can be used as a car string weal or car games such as Mario cart.


Phone based can be used in a verity of ways then tilting for one side to another, they can alsoalsobebe  use n may interactive features witch could include touch sensitivity or using your on breth to blow on the screen to active wind phisics inside the app.


This the playstation control ere which uses buttons and joy sticks for functionality but it alls can be tilted to be used in a game or application, slog with a touch pad that can earthier help or be used in a game.

Eye tarring for games


This allows a PC game to be controlled by your eyes on a screen. This allows gameplay for the player to be much easer. Although the controls are keyboard based but this technical interface for traking is is an innovation, so the play wouldn’t have to fiddle earned with keys while running or climbing.

I could do some thong like this but in a deferent way for the viewer or the player.


This video show what you could do with augmentative realty. Using the tracking method for his finger , he made a game where a character tell you do some thing and if you do it, a  gameplay is created with augmentative realty.


Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 15.20.20

From the video I found with augmentative reality on flash, I down lowed the tool kit and gave it a try. I was surprised how simple and easy it is. At this point it still a starting point so I might change my way of thought and move on to a another way of creating an interactivity type project.




Section 1


Working title:


Can you bee this

Augment you mind

Target Market

The target market for my project is anyone who enjoys playing games that challenge and interact with the player besides using a controller. My project aloes targets those who have a basic understanding on a computer (Those how know how to open a program) and with a camera either attached or built-in. 

What you will work towards producing: (Detailed description of your proposal)

I will work towards creating a augmentative reality type game that will interact with the player using one or more tracking cards with a pattern on them, which uses a camera to project a object on a screen. I will also create patterns for the tracking cards.

Section 2

What are the design problems you will face

The problems I with face are: the coding aspects of how to get augmentative reality to work on Unity 5, getting a secondary camera to work if the built in camera is to limited for the presentation, getting more then one augmentative model to be displayed on multiple cards and finding if I need to have an pattern generator for Unity.

Early ideas research and sources:   (What are your sources for contextual and personal research?) 

My ideas started from YouTube, where I saw demos and examples of augmentative realty used on flash, seeing a video show augmentative reality game with senses that where used to interact with the game throw taping. I found a source that I used to test augmentative realty on flash.

My research stared on YouTube, finding videos that can help explain and show me how to create augmentative realty and use coding to do it.

Section 3

Intended techniques, non digital and digital processes:

I intend on using Unity 5 to create an augmentative reality type game, using cards that will have printed patterns on them. I will also use Cinma4d to create models that will be used in my project. I also intend on using software to create the patterns for he cards, such as Photoshop, iDraw or illustrator.

Timescales: (Please insert weekly targets of what you intend to work on from the beginning to the end of the project)

Second week 12/01/16 – 17/01/16

Research about the way can use augmentative reality and how I can use the method to create a game or an integrative feature. Fined other ways to achieve augmentative realty on other software.

Third week 19/01/16 – 29/01/16

Test and solve any problems and issues that have with my augmentative realty, create some basic models to be used in my project and test the project on a view peole to see what they think and how I can improve my project.

Third/Fourth week 30/01/16 – 02/02/16

Finish the project however it is and Start and finish evaluation. Present project to group.

Section 4

Proposed methods of evaluation: (How will you evaluate your project?)

I will use my own work for the evaluation, starting form the research to the final outcome that will be on my blog. I will also use some students as a way for feedback and along with the results from the paper prototype(s) and wirerframe(s). Alongside this my own input on the work will also go into the evaluating stage.

Ideas Generation

I really liked the concept of using augmentative reality as my project I already tested has how it would be like.

I could crete an virtual realty scene, which could be viewed throw a phone or a computer camera.

I’m thinking to use augmentative reality. Where two members have to work together in order to win. Along with one player, who is the enemy. The enemy’s job will to fire flaming ball at the player to stop them. This is a multi player type based game.

I creaded four symbols with card board underneath them, I quickly cut them out to made basic pop up  images. along with the four cards. I drew three pictures to represent the QR codes, one for game map, enemy and player. and one for info box.

I created a simple paper prototype that three people used to  test how it would work. I got a lot of feed back. From the feedback, that using this type of method of interface , it very useful and veer mobil. This game showed that it’s a team/ multi player type game I came up with but I was thing to making it a puzzle game but silt keeping the it a team game.

Ideas Development

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 15.14.51.png

I created a wire-framing on flash, its show how it would look ,ore or less when the augmentative realty for my final project idea. I used flash’s code to create a drag and drop cards, which interact with coputer monitor, using code all on flash.

I did two tests on two mebers in class. Like the concept on my paper prototype, they like then same thing wen I created a bit more interactive version on flash. They liked the idea and I got feed back on making the markers more noticeable by either having the name of the function on the card or an image. And Even though I had a info card in my paper prototype, I forgot to add that to my wireframe. According to my feed back it would still be a good thing to include a info card.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 00.46.02

I was thinking to use flash as the  main softwhere to create my augmentative reality, as I know how to animate in flash and have a n basic understanding on how to use code in flash. I tried to see if I could get the augmentative realty to work with multi makers and use it how I wanted to. I managed to find a ways to use different markers and find a project that show muliti marker tracking, the only problem is that getting a 3D model to work in flash is difficult to acheve in flash, I did find examples but understafing the code is still difficult and I couldn’t find something to know how to use 3D models and thier data  that flash use to trace the model.


As i was truing to find something to help me in flash I stumbled onto this video.

This video shows me how to code augmentative realty and sung this I and the some code I learnt during the workshops for create a game to combine and crete a augmentative realty game .

Game idea

I was thinking, The game idea I have come up with is a bit limited to what could be possible with camera train. I always wanted my augmentative realty game to be a multi type game that anyone and every one can play by just looking at the screen instead of holding a card or the marker.

So I thought of a  game that would be a puzzle type game with riddles and challenges to progress to the next stage or in this case the next marker, which could be placed around the class room or find.


Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 13.56.47.png

I got it working by the source that was attached the video in unity.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 14.18.02.png

And As you can see I have control over what object that I can show.

These are test I did without using the video to help but only using the kit that I downloaded.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 16.15.36.png

Using the video that I found, which showed how to get a secondary camera to operate at the end by adding a line of code in the script file. Using that, I tried to get a secondary camera to work. I plugged it using the USB and it automatically became the device’s camera. But unfortunately I couldn’t get the camera to track and then display the 3D object on screen.

Even so, the built in camera works. so I will have to use that for now.

Marker design

At this point I left trying to get a secondary camera to work and moved on to creating and tracking my own marker.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 17.08.50.png


With the tests I did on flash, I know there needs to be a pattern but what I didn’t know is do I need a pattern or not for Unity, I looked up on a website to see if i need to have a certain way to crate pattern or need a generator for it to work, but according to this I need have the marker at a certain length and then any image can go in to the box. The website did talk about patterns and there was a link underneath the section on marker design, which I expected to be a pattern generator  but it dint work and so I moved on.


I created my own little marker really quickly in photoShop.

I tried to use the marker without having a pattern, to see if it would work without one. But the program sot-of crashed. Where the camera just didn’t turn on.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 17.46.38.png

I figured  I need to generate a pattern file, but unfortunatly the recommended webpage wasn’t working, so I when online and I found the page ,where the toolkit can be downloaded and it recommended a online genrator.


Using this website, I created my own pattern file. I used it to create my own pattern. But it did the same thing, showing a blue screen. So I looked around the project to find the issue and then I finally look ed at the example marker, Hiro, in the project. I saw there was a box ticked in the advanced settings, but in my custom marker the settings where different. So I mirrored the settings from the example marker to my own.

Now, I finally got it working and know  how to create a pattern file and a custom marker that can be placed into Unity and how to rig it, so it would work.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 14.01.29.png

know I got my own custom marker to work, as the main marker. I aimed to get two markers to work.

Secondary marker tracking

I tried to mess around with the code by coping the lines of code that yalke about the marker names, the plane that the object will be seen on and the object. I tried and tried to see if I could get two markers at the same time, but after some time I just can’t seem to get it to work.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 15.25.59

Every time I tried to get the program to run it dint even turn on and it kept coming up with a text field about fix in the code.

I thought as Unity uses drag and drop system. I could created a copy of the script, using the already Hiro marker as the tracker, when the secondry card is held up, and duplicated the objects in the hierarchy.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 16.29.15.png











The program didn’t even run before but now I got the camera working. But I still can’t get the second marker to be traced and desplay the object.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 15.53.42.png

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 15.55.50.png

After some time messing withe code or seeing if the marker setinhg are correct. I spent a while tring  to figure out why it doesn’t work. I thought of looking at the camera in Hierarchy and I saw that the script was added to the camera. So I realised that I need to add the copied script into the the camera.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 16.11.30.png

Now that I got two working, I can get my idea of a puzzle type game working the way I fully whited, with multy cards.

Secondary amera

I looked at the video again and realised why the secondary camera did not work. The code has a camera setup, that has the resolution and frame per second stats. This allows the builtin or secondary cameras to work. I need to know resolution and FPS in order for the second camera to work.

I went online to see if I can find the info I need about the camera. I found this on Amazon and tried the resolution info.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 13.28.53.png

It worked, I got the carom to track the pattern but it feels glitchy, like it’s moving slowly.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 13.37.10.png

So I thought it might have somthing to do with the frames per rate. It’s currently set to 15, so I changed it to 30 fps. and it looks a lot better. Now that I got a secconary carer to work I can use that to show my project from a higher stand point, then the computer’s builtin camera.


So, now that I know how to get a secondary camera and get more then one marker to work. I can start getting the models and gathering the aspects of my idea to be added in the project.

I need some models to be used in my augmentative realty. So for my prpjetc I got a bunch of free 3D models for c4d, from the website underneath the image.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 01.00.10.png


A while back I was thinking to have a bunch of models, with some animation and a ridle which leed one maker to another and after all the puzzle are solved the last maker is combined, when filled backwards from all the cards n the came exempt the info card.

So I got eight models, some linked some just related to media.

Now I need to create the markers for each 3D modle and three extra; one for the info card, one for the extra model I need so the giant marker can be formed, which I will create and the finale  marker, which will be  3 times larger as  a regular marker. The one that will be seen when all of the other markers are turned orund and put into place.

Marker template.png

I quickly created a template for the markers and from there I created the 10 marker icons and one I changed to keep the theme.


This one I changed to match the style, it’s the building marker I created really juicily in the beging.










These are the designs of the fore the markers.

I wil create the final marker, once I have these working.

And I created these markers into patterns, using the online pattern generator.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 13.28.03.png

I copied all the the  files and changed the markrer name in the two scripts match the new markers I just created, added the marker patterns to the project. But when I tested it it kept show a red cube in front of the camera and it only tracked a single object at a time now.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 16.54.51.png

I couldn’t understand what was wrong, so I restored the object before I addd any of my custom markers. But now iti’tss not even turning on. So I think i’ll abandon the hall project and star from scratch.

I got it working with my own markers but, I’ve noticed that if the marker is at a certain distances the markers  track each other. I thing it has something to do with my markers being too detailed. So I probably will have to change the ones that are too deataled so it will work normally.

But before I change the designs, there is a feature that I could try on the online pattern generator. which allows the pattern be save in a higher resolution.


Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 22.11.24.png

My own computer

I tried to use my computer camera but I had the same problem of changing the resolution figures on the code. I went online to find the camera resolution because I can’t seem to find a the information on my computer.

I went online, found the computer information for my model. A section in the subheading  “Display” on apple’s website.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 13.43.54

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 12.44.40.png

I changed the resolution on the code. I tested it but didn’t work.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 13.15.11.png

I tryed the other resolution sizes but they didn’t work either. I saw that there was a graphics and Video section, which has another reslution size, I tried it. but again it didn’t work either.

I kept thinking why it doesn’t work then I realised why it might be,  the online generator didm’t work the first time I Imported my image, the  button that says “generate pattern” was not working.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 17.15.25.png

Now I know why it didn’t work, the image was too big. So to bypass this, at the time  I used the camera to great the pattern. Which for Unity isn’t a issue, the pattern would still work fine but in the code, theres a line which as to state the dimensions of the marker.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 20.25.44.png

Unfortunately, I alredy printed the marker in a smaller size to the marker I was using in Unity. I used the online generator again to create the right size marker, and I went through all the resolution sizes I found again to see if it would work.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 17.16.49.png

I still can’t get my computer’s camera to track the marker(s). All I can do is create the project without testing and use only use the knowledge I know. I can only test it when I get the chance on the Macs in collage or if I get another camera.

Card re-design

I re-wred the website I found, which explained the markers and patterns. It suggested that if the markers has a coloured pattern inside the box, it will work a lot better, So wen I’m recreating the markers I will make shure to include colour so it track the card a lot better.

I first Isolated the markers that kept tracking even though it weren’t assigned in a script. All of the markers except for these four markers underneath.

But even so I will change or adapt the icons to my liking. So that the new designs would work a lot better wen being traced by the camera, becuse of there marker’s more simplistic, with colour. So  wen I’m testing the markers, there would be a better chanses of working.

So, I know I can use colour in my markers. I wanted a custom image, I quicly whet on cinma 4D to create a marker image. Using cubes and rotating them to form an object, that I combined to create the pattern image for the diffrent marker. I also intend to use this 3D model as the object, that will be displayed when then the  different marker pattern is held up.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 16.09.44.pngScreen Shot 2016-02-05 at 17.15.47.pngUntitled 1.png

Untitled .png

I did a bunch of renders, by eddinting the texture model I added to the object, to get the effect of glass and then at last I found the right one to sue as the icon in the marker.

Spending some time, I re-created the markers and changed some. I added colour to the markers and created a style. As you can see underneath.











Using the online generator, I created the pattern files once again and this time using the feature to create higher reslution markers. create the pattern files in 64 by 64 marker segments.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 21.01.04.png

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 20.56.57.png


I did this for all the markers, crating them  in the highest marker segments available, 64 by 64. But i noticed that the image in the preview box showed the image black and white. This might be just how they would show the image in the prevew or it could be that this is how the image will be used so the markers also have to be black and white when printed out, having colour would be useless and no point, except for maby the tone and shades of the icon images, being used to help track the markers. The markers could still work with colour when printed out. At this point I can only speculate until I use the Mac’s at college.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 23.37.37.png

My camera

I got a secondary camera, that I can use insted of my computer’s builtin camera. I first plugged in my secondary camrea to my computer, it didn’t work, because I thought the camera would automatically turn on like on the college Macs. I’m geeing they are setup so they will respond  to other devices automatically.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 19.31.21.png

I checked back to the  video, I found for this project. Like in the video, the person’s computer also need to add a section of code in order for a secondary camera to work on his notebook. I added the code on the scripts and as I needed  the relution size of the secondary ccamera I used on college, I thought I might need it on order for it to work.

So I  got the resolution and fps of my secondary camera and changed the resolution on the scripts.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 19.33.42.png

using the old marker, Hiro. I tested the camera but unfortunately it didn’t work either.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 19.40.47.png]

It might have some thing to do with my version of Unity. I have the free version installed on my personal computer, while the college has the full version. So I might have blocked features which are preventing me on using augmentative realty. It could also be that I need to know by computer’s resolution and fps in order for augmentative reality to work on my computer. because on the video, the person never imports the resolution and fps of the secondary camera he has into the script file, he stays with his computer’s resolution and fps. This could mean that I do need to know my computer’s resolution and fps after all, having just the secondary camera and it’s resolution and fps wont work on my computer.

Project creation

So I got my new markers and patterns, loaded into the resources folder in my project and made shore the Read/Write Enable box was ticked for each marker image in the settings.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 20.14.06.png

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 20.26.09.png

Then using cinmea 4D I extracted the models I gathered and made sure to add these ridles or puzzle below to each on ,so the player would go throw each one, eventually leading to the final marker.



“This is our planet, on a and all. The point will come when the planet  will change. Robots will be sent, to help clean the trash and life will grow once gain”



” I float and hover, with defence capabilities, I sore through the skies with no fear (nothing is true, everything is permuted).”



“This can shine and be made of mettle, with a handle bathed in green. Pixelated it may be but still can fend of the enemies.”



“Petrol ignites as the air is deceased of its puraty. Lights speed across the windows as the peddle leans down, I truly know how to move ”



“I can change my size. I can capture and release with press of a button. A red cote on one side and the white  on the other. What am I.”



“A structure  that is built, from the ground up. Some times one more floors that it may have, expectable in suburban life.”



“This may look like me but more expectable if in foreign and exotic lands. With trees, pools and beaches with clear and crisp water.”



“Im nothing alike, very deferent for the others.”



“Some times to look forword you have to look backwards.”

Th finale card

Even though I don’t know if the other markers will work or not, I will Include the finals marker and I can only test this once i get back to college.


This is what i came up with really quickly. At this point it is the same size as  a regular marker, because the online generator wont work other wise. But I will change the dimensions, when i’m printing it out. I alredy know that even though the marker will be printed out bigger it will still work. Because I already tested it when I was making sore that I had full control over what object I canshow, in the beginning of my project.

I created the pattern file for this, made shore to have the segments in 64 by 64 and placed it into the resources folder, along with the marker. I made shore to tick the box for Read/written Enabled in the settings underneath the advanced setup.



This will explain what to do

“Hold up the markers to get augmentative realty to work and start the game.”

The first card is the earth.

Know I need to transfer the models into unity. First I need to add the text ridels and then I need to create duplicates of the plane and nulls in the hi hierarchy, along with the scripts. And match the markers’ name and the eD model holders’ name in the scripts as well.

The models

The last model, for the last marker. I dodnt have time to get a model or create one to symblies a wing model. So I simply crested a win text felled, as you can see underneath.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 22.34.00.png

I put the models into the folder named models, which I created to hold all the 3D models.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 22.44.58.png

I created duplicates of the objects in the hierarchy and also remanned and layered them to match the game’s progression, the the scripts in the assets folder and then added the scripts into the camera. As I learned in the begging whn I was doing my tsest and figuring out the issues of my project.

I finished all the coding aspects I need to do in Unity, And know the only thing is left is to test it out and see  if it works or not.

I tested it to see if the markers will work. I dose, so now I know the colour dose not mater, it will will work if i

Produce Outcome


This my project I only got one marker to work using my own markrt and a model I found with some test I added.

Final Evaluation

For unit 57 we were asked to create a human interaction between, physical objects, such as a keyboard, interacting within the digital space.

After researching in the many different forms of human interaction, which included what type of project I would like to do for this unit and want I found interesting.

I found augmentative reality very interesting, so I thought of going along with this. I also found a lot of videos online, which showed what could be done with augmentative realty. Fro this I got more inspired to make a game like augmentative realty, which can be played by more then one person. As I was researching I did find something example some AR. The first was on Adobe Flash. There was a video with a link that had a prebuilt package and examples of the AR program, which I could have used but with Flash’s expensive use of coding, which I could not do in the time we hade to do this project. However using flash did give me a slight peek at augmentative realty. After looking online and trying to see of I could get my own custom symbols, inside of Flash’s library or models, which can be imported into the code to work. I found another video on augmentative realty that uses Unity. Because Unity hade a drag and drop system for functionality it was a lot easer to use, in terms of placing my own 3D models or custom models as the object to be viewed when a marker is being tracked by a devices’ camera.

Before I got get started on my project I first did a paper prototype with three people, going through my early idea for the AR functionality and game mechanics. I asked three people, at the same time to test my prototype. The idea went well the testers; they liked it and it and said, “It has a lot of potential”. Then I proceeded to make a wireframe using Flash. I Used symbols and some preset coding In Flash, with some extra added lines of code to create a basic working of how the AR would work. This time I did the test with only two people, individually. Just like the paper prototype, the people, who tested my wireframing, they liked it and with a better understanding of what I mean to do, because of the wireframe’s animation and interaction.

After getting the paper prototype and wireframe tested. I began thinking of what else could I do with AR, I thought of developing my idea to fit a wider scale of people to play the game then just three a time. So I thought creating a puzzle/riddle time game, so this way more people can be involved and interact with the game. So I got stared by testing the AR on Unity.

I stared by testing out the basics. The 3D model replacement, so I know I how to change a model when the time comes to ad my own models foe the project. Then I moved on to adding and creating my own tracking markers to the project. I found a lot of help online on how to create a marker. But after creating my marker I landed into my first problem, I saw in the example marker image in the project I downloaded using the video I found on YouTube. There was a box ticked in the advanced setup but in my marker image it wasn’t. At first I thought it was because I needed a pattern but only recently I realized I didn’t need one, unless if the AR was being used for the web. After I ticked the box I got my marker to be tracked by the camera and display a simple 3D box model.

Next I proceeded to get a secondary marker to work. I first went online to find a way but couldn’t find one except for demos. I did find a way eventually inside the example project that I downloaded, but when I did I already found a way myself. By coping the objects in the hierarchy and the scripts. I made shore that the code was changed so it would work and track the other object. But when I tested it didn’t work, it look me a while but I figured out why it didn’t work, I need to add the new script into the camera objects in the hierarchy, just like the other one.

I also tried to a secondary camera to work but before testing to see if I could get a secondary marker to work. But unfortunately after trying and trying I could nit get it to work in the beginning, so I move on. After I some time thinking I realized how to fix the problem, I needed to know the camera’s resolution and frame per second rate. I looked online for the information and once I found it I putting the resolution and fps into the script and got it working. But I did have a problem with my own computer’s camera to work and still have that problem. I tried and tried to get it work. I know how it could be solved but in order to do that I need to know my computer’s camera resolution, which I could not find anywhere even on Apple’s website. I spent the majority of the time trying to get a secondary camera to work not just in the begging but also through the end of this unit; compared to the other issue I faced during this project.

Now That I got the test working to point where it could be viewed. I created a bunch of markersand got models to go with them. Using the metered to get more then one marker to work at the same time, I created to match the number of models to the scripts and objects in the hierarchy. Expecting it to work I founds myself getting a bunch of problems: The program crashing a number of times, the markers would not or dint work the way I thought they would; such as instead of each marker tracking it’s own object they would track the same object one at a time, getting the models to be positioned right so it can be seen and getting a 3D model in front of the screen for some od reason. Some these problems I haven’t g fully solved yet because of how much time I had to do this unit.

I think this unit was only about half successful. I managed to only fix miner problems I was faced with. I still can’t get my own costume markers to work fully; they only track one marker at a time and only one 3D model now. I needed more time to fully go throw these issue I faced which made the presentation be delayed and not to the stander I was expecting it to be.

If I hade more time I would go through the issues I have, trey to see if I could get my markers to work better with darker and brighter shades of colour, get my models to bee seen perfectly without it being upside down or too lager to be seen on the screen and fix the issue with why my custom markers don’t track more then one at a time.