Work shops

This was a drawing of my shoe on the table using my dominant hand, which was my right hand. I had to draw my shoe without looking at the page, Just the shoe. As you can see that went well. It was really difficult trying not t look at my page because I’m use to looking ant my page and my subject.


This was my second attempt at drawing a shoe but this time we were told to swap our shoes with other people’s shoes around the class. With a different position but this time we had a little time to remember the shoe and then draw it from memory. For some reason I kept drawing the shoe wider than it was and I only had some the features of the shoe in my drawing like the tag and the lasers but not stitches that went both sides of the shoe.


This time I was drawing a shoe with my left hand and got to look at my page and the subject. apparently when you use your other had it uses the functions of your other side of the brain, the part that handles calculations and problem solving. so when I draw this, I was focusing more than I would do.FullSizeRender-3


This time we tried to draw some of our bags but without letting go of the pencil. So trying to get the lines to join and intersect was a bit difficult and I changed the shape of my bag a bit to wide. I was so focused on the bag that I went of the page and some of the dimensions like the strap, which changed because the hight of my drawing changed.



This drawing was also a shoe but we draw everything by holding the pencil in a fist. compared to th other drawings this one was the bets but it did have issues, like drawing the laces or the outlines of the shoe

Point to pint drawing

This time we where drawing using point to point drawing. The first thing we tried drawing using one point drawing.

  This was a copy of an image but I did’t have time to finish it so only one side is compleat.

Now in these two dawning we had to draw pictures in the college in point perspective without using rulers. So we hade make our own judgments on where the point(s) would be. The first one was the corridor outside the class and the second the staircase.

  And finally drone what we learned with one point and second point drawings knowledge that I learned. I hade to draw a building using two point drawing tequniec.

When I draw this my pencil was not shape enough, so some of the lines joint together when it got too close to the points and understanding how the position would look even with the points being there was a bit of a problem,. The clock tower is an example

  Today we draw objects named constuction dawing. We gathered on each ends of the table and draw the objects.

I tried using my pencile to mesure the distend and the angle of the objects but it didn’t really work for me. I draw a few ellipsis at a angle witch proved to be more of a difficult task then I tougher and on the angle of the speeder was drawn to high at the right corner, which make the speaker look strange so  I have to work on how to et the angles right whe I draw again.

This time we used char all and using it was a lot better than pencil. I could use the char calls very ale side as guide lines ane drawing the angles where alto easer then with the pencil. But still getting the right position was a bit difficult but this picture was a lot better than the first.

Negative and positive space. This was drawing i did of a few objects with turning the book amend using the techniques we lernedn the past workshop class.

With this one i did the ruler stared out having the right proportion but as I draw the other objects the images got a bit smaller and as you can see the portions didn’t mach up as they should have. Besides that i thing my hand drawing around negative space is fine.

Drawing human form


This week we did human forms. I used a website pixel love as my quid’s for the man forms. I started drawing the human form with clerics and rounded shapes to get the human shape and then I used lines with shapes to the get angles and motion points. I id 12 and above and at the last one I did is the first image with combination of lines, shapes and then added mass to the man from. as I created more OI got better at the human form and know I think that I can do it any where.

Drawing heads and hand

head drawing 



these are he’d movement of the person stat next to me a=and beside me. I draw the re head positions in a key format. the where to get an understanding of how a faces and heads would look.

Then we did free-flowing sketches two are from the examples on the slide show and the other two are one i came up with.

Finally, we did hand drawing where we first got line to show how the arm would look then create the outer shape that would look in a finished drawing. I did a few of thees and I’m pretty good at doing these.


my proposal is to create a concept art that has all the state of time, pats present and future, all at ones on included in the concept art. sShowing there pr two changes, dressed in the time period  where they are standing.


Concept art /characters


Jade Mere

this was created by Jade Mere, his concept of a mystical wolf from some sort of collateral patrons for authenticity as if it belongs to a tribe. this concept art’s colours are generic so that it fee;ls like it real even the pattern is red as if it’s been panted from natural pigments.

The lighting is dark with heavy shades and slight light for the petals leaves, which look like they flowing with the wolf’s movements as if the wolf just whet past some lies, so the current dragged along the leaves and he’s it looks like the wolf is absorbing them for energy of life.


Sandrol Rybak

This is a concept art that is a remake of the game Bioshock. this a game that has an automaton  that is named big day , in the game this thing goes around being destructive and dangers this concept art that is juxtaposition to the game. it all really  2

+happy and bright unlike the game’s of horror and darkness.

The painting is happy with bright colours for gases, prosperous butterflies naturally fly without working about danger. The robot look like it wont do any harm and has a peaceful outstrip. the name of the bottom right “EVOKER” this means that some type of feeling or emotion is exhibited.


This concept art does not have a name on the page.

this concept art has a very good use of pixels and two colour shading for each are or object to created a piece of work gained the feel of mystery. there a slight use of advanced technology to give the suggestion of it being somewhat in the future. the text look like its been manufactured so it can be read by any one but not used in the day in age.

I got the image for the website FuchyouConceptart.


these are  character references for all three-time period

Burberry-Prorsum-for-men-collection-spring-summer-clothing-images-2 romain-kremer-ss11-homotography-3 images-2 gents_clothing_inspired_by_ass full-217 Hot-2014-Spring-new-casual-men-shirts-long-sleeved-fashion-multicolor-stitching-slim-fit-turn-down Jack_Sparrow_In_Pirates_of_the_Caribbean-_At_World's_End 135525684 af9dd-balenciagafw11complete c9df18bf85029b8d4e596415c2bfc485 casual-elegance-from-digel-for-spring-summer-2011-12 images-3 Unknown images Early_version_on_Connor_Kenways_outfit 12166777_1411715842.9601_emu3Ys_n Noel_DLC_Ezio New-Fashion-Mens-Korean-Slim-Fit-font-b-Blazers-b-font-Casaco-Masculino-font-b-Blazer images-4 new-men-shirt-fashion-2014-brand-casual-shirt images-1

these are references to all three-time period of howe the characters might be dressed. some of these I might take and change to fit my needs.



These are references for the  section that has the past on my connect art.

IMG_0589.jpg IMG_0588.jpg

acb_sp_s_27_puttingtheborgiatoweronfire 5ac5edcd4dd1697a81dadebdd654e162 $factory_02.jpgb5fccc2f-28fc-4fc8-970c-29ea798c539aLarge Torre dei borgia Unknown 1412330746531_wps_4_A_section_of_Covent_Garde Unknown-2 images Unknown-1



These image are for how the buildings I would like to look. broken old not renovated or developed as it is set in the past. the location i was thinking was Rome or some thing around it. With drake and foggy clouds with very minimal light.

castle regresses


maxresdefault medieval-castle images awesome-medieval-castle-desktop-background-hd-wallpaper-pictures-free Unknownmedieval-fantasy-castle-desktop-background-wallpaper-pictures



these references are for the case that I might include in my backup of my scenery.


modern-architecture-10 five-of-the-greatest-modern-buildings-in-the--L-4jT9Tv  images 6674588099_d413bc2542_b185514559_7155f342cb_zIMG_0590.jpgIMG_0597.jpg




For the modern section of my scenery has built buildings, nearly reformed and not broken they look new. the where has cleared up and its brighter with more sunlight and blue sky.


These are references for the section that has the future on my connect art.

sunrise-future-city-free-desktop-wallpaper-1920x1080 futuristic-city-wallpaper-hd 6ea854d43cfe676cd0319c1052745aac 65dd1a2db90b0a4b7c2d6b8847b4d5bb 5 sky-city-1 Sea-Orbiter-1024x576

And finally these are references for how the buildings might look in my futuristic section for my concept art.



Theses are references for designs /////that /i will do for my swords 

Schiavona-Morges 100_swords__61_80_by_lucienvox-d4m6c5z Ljosalfar_Sword_of_Light_Foam_Elven_Sword_zps602fd2a4 33vccbm.jpg BasketHiltedSword_2.jpgddb8d1fa-ac34-4cf9-85cf-d8dc8f518696Large Unknown Espadaacero UCL10022 Unknown SBK_SirLancelot LOTR-02[1] black-prince-sword Art-of-swords phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg destiny-exotic-swords 0087_sonic_and_the_black_knight great-sword-desktop-background-wallpaper-pictures-free-download

Research on how to achieve things in photoshop.

These are research for clouds and sun effects I am thing to do with in my concept art.

This vidio has a section where it shoes how to add lighting over flow and a way to add lights on top of objects, witch is a good way to give my concept art good l look environment.

As I was finding a tutoral on creating grass I also found a way to create mountains in the distance. I was thinking of adding mountains but didn’t know to go about it. I know that I could take a picture(s) of crass and I was thinking to make it look like its a texture in a green back drop but with this tutorial I  could  combine what I learned in this video and a texture of grass.

This video show me how to create a rock texture that I was thinking to add to the section where the buildings are crumbling.

Ideas Generation

My idea is to have a city that has a futuristic element like floating in the sky, the city having a medieval castle but with a futuristic theme  but with a magical elements added in. the characters and the backdrop are modern, so the characters whirring modern cloths and the scenery isn’t heavily futuristic suburbia.



I came up with these designs using one the equines I learned to draw character forms. I drew Lines to form the bodies and then with circles for the head shapes. I finally drew the characters’ outer strokes but I didn’t like the way the looked.


Then with one the references I gathered in my mind map, I based one of my character on him and this time I used free hand, which was better to then using lines and shapes to create my characters. This way I found the type of style I wanted for the characters in my concept art.

Environment city


I used one point perspective to daw out the changing city that will be in the background. Then with Photoshop I went over the environment drawing with the brush tool for the outlines of the buildings and structures.

city outline.png



These are the designs fro the three swords. The first one is more elegant and decretive, its new so threes no crakes or chips on it. The second is in the present day, so it’s a artefact type objects, with some cracks and some scratch marks on the handle, the last one is in the future, its been there for a long time, as such there’s vines grown around the sword, along with cracks on the base of the sword and handle. Each sward is different to correspond with the characters’ and the time eras that that are placed.

Ideas Development

As I was looking and finding references for scenery I thought of having the city being a time from the past, so quite Victorian style for the city and  all the other elements stay the same.

I was thinking for my concept art of having three stage of time: past, present and the future. so three characters that are standing in form of one locations that has a changing backdrop. the left set in the past, the middle has the present and the future is on the right. The characters are dressed to match the area they are standing in. example below.


This thought I had fro the concept art.


I was thinking to have swords for each area of time zone. each one plunged into the grand glowing with three different colours.



IMG_0601I didn’t like the way the shoes looked for him so I changed them to look more smaller, so it look more proportion to the  body.

The changes


When I was drawing this chrcter I wanted him to look like he’s tom a old city, with no professions. as such a character like that what be nervous and not sure about anything, that is what I imagined this charter to be like.

Present day


this chracter was based on  a defence I found from the internet, but I added my own features and look. I imagined this character to out of the dark ages but still not satisfied with the curent era.



this character as he is in the future, life has stabled and he’s happy. I jacket that I daw was a interpretation of an image I found while looking for images for my mood bard.

From that I created these drawings, which used the style, for the past, present and future avatars.

As I drawing my present day character, instead of having the characters standing, which was my organelle thought of to posing tem, I thought of having them beaning cut off a littler more then half when posing then, in front of them the three swords will be placed.

Environment city

I used theses tow pictures I found on the Internet, form what I had learned on Photoshop is that if you some time s have more then one picture you get different results. To get a crumbling texture, I changed he values of the opacity a few times and then finally stopped to getting the right effect I wanted. I used this mothered for other structures with different picture(s). few are

Theses were used to greed the texture for he first left builldings.


I did have to do some trial and errors to see if the pictures would mix or not.

These are some I used to tested some of the texture looks.

As I moved on to the other buildings I lowered the crumbling effect’s opacity t show the change between past and present.

When I needed to crewe a way from old to new buillding effect. I thought for a wile and came up with a idea to sue a linner gradent to fade the texture that was inderneth the linner gradent layer.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 19.43.40.png

Then I lowered the opacity for the first colour and had the other colour as the same ands the orange gradient. and then erased the left section of the gradient, so it can be seen better.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 20.04.51.png


Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 19.57.43.png

For the modern buildings I added the effect satin, I did have to mess around with some the values but I did end up with the effects I wanted for the buildings.

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 17.33.07.pngScreen Shot 2015-12-05 at 21.39.38.png

After painting the city using the brush tool, I didn’t what any outline foe my artworks. So it came to the cracks that where with the outlines, I simply draw the crakes again and then lowered the opacity of the layer they where in. to get this effect.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 02.05.26.png

the picture below shows the faded lines for the cracks.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 02.38.27.png

Then to make the crumbling and some the other buildings look a bit more realistic I add simple shades of black by lowering he opacity at certain areas. I got this result.


Using the verso I found with grass, I followed it with and creed my own vertion that sits my concept art.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 14.35.17.png

I used a bunch f layers for the mountains, with slight green to the bottom. I turned down the opasty for the brush and then added layers of different brown colours to get the effect above.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 18.01.42.png

I used the video I found to crete the clouds. Form then I creed my own set of clods with three layers, the back  handling the cry and the rest to handle the wight. Then I add a inner glow to set up the sun that I will be ading using the radial blur, between the top and mid layer.


Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 18.07.53.png


Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 18.14.34.pngThen I moved the four layers above everything because I wanted the sun light to be in front of the city so I moved the layers.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 18.33.45.png

I painted the the three swords in Photoshop. then added shade to them, using the method I used when shading the buildings.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 20.31.42.png

The shade

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 20.56.58.png

I did like the way the clouds looked so I added a new layer, filled in the back and then inlarged the clouds. to get this below.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 21.05.02.png

I didnt likre the way the city looked so flat with one side shade, because my interns is to the left side be dark and old with the rift side been new and bright. So what I did was go into the fades layer, then added a linear garden throughout the effect channel.

I didn’t  fiddle with the settings

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 02.43.59.png

the result.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 02.44.05

With characters I did the same thing as the other objects. I draw on top with colours I liked then with shade s of black and tines of different colours for the skin. At the end I got this.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 02.47.13.png

to keep the old and new, far and light. I quikly the rectangle tool and above the grass and cty I add a linear gradient with defult colours butt for the white I lower the opacity down to zero.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 03.07.06.png

Then finally lowered the layer’s opacty so the the hole thing can be seen.

Wen looking at the  image wit the swords, the looked like they blended into the background. so I created a new layer and added light to certain ares. Know the swords look like theres have natural lighting and art just fixed on the page.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 15.27.45.png

I added shadow to the characters, with a bunch of shaded back and darker tones of the skin colour. and finally I got this.


I did Like the way the character whereing the  purple jacket looked with the shadows so I turned down the opacity and know I got it looking like I wanted.


Produce Outcome

Time A3.jpg

Final Evaluation

For this unit, visual recording. We where asked to great a concept art work that flowed an idea such as a story or a game. Using the methods and technics we learned during the workshops, which we had to use within our drawings for the artworks that would be compiled into one concept art.

My idea for the concept art was to have a story that would show the change of time all at once, so I did a concept art that showed a transition for the three time frames with three characters, there objects and a city showing the transition of time as well. Originally I came up wit the idea to have the characters and environment to be modern and staying the present time line where a chunk of a city set in the Victor era, from the past but have futuristic technology, like it floating in the sky, with some magic elements like a stream or a river attached to one side of a ground coming from the floating city then going outwards to another. I kept the time idea and developed it to the idea I have known because I thought it would a better idea.

I first did some drawings of characters by tiring to use one of the technic named Postural Analysis that used lines to structure the human form then draw around it to create a drawing. This method was not right form me, so when I did a character drawing based on a image I found on the internet using freehand drawing, I found both my style for the characters and the method to draw them, which turned out much bettor then using lines for body forms.

To draw out my city I used the one point perspective method, I built up my city using a ruler to map out the lines of perspective. Because the city had to look like the it was being built from the ground and up, to coralline with my idea, I draw the left side being in crumbles and having broken buildings as it was set in the past, as I moved across the page I draw the buildings more stable and looking new then ended with some what futuristic type structures. The pictures I found for my mood board and as references and photographs where very helpful to imagine and incorporate some aspects into may city drawings.

I also draw out three swords each one having it’s own look and fitting the current time era that they are assigned to on the image. They also followed the time scale with the left being new and crisp, the mid a bit broken and a bit of where and tare and the right having been there for a long time, it’s cracked, chipped, deformed from its original form and vines are already growing around it as if the ground as already claimed it. I found a bunch of images of swords, these where when I was painting my swords, because I didn’t now how swords looked with mettle shines and also some what coming up with ideas for the swords’ styles.

Wen I sued Photoshop, I already new how to do certain thing like adding shows, shades of tones, mixing textures with colour(s) and how to sue the filter effect in layers, which include: inner and outer; glows, shadows, adding overlay for sold colours and gradients, I used the best of my knowledge to create my digital artwork, I did go online to fund tutorials and videos that helped make my concept art becomes a lot better then it would have been if I dint research about how to get lighting or creating realistic grass.

Before I transferred the scans of the drawings for the character and objects I went over them with black pen so they can be seen clearly in Photoshop. The city was the only one that I didn’t go over in pen because I whet over it on Photoshop so I can traces around the lines allot better then with an image in the back. I found a way to create a custom brush for clouds that was much more customisable then adding the cloud render in Photoshop, And I wanted light between the clouds braking out and I found a way in a video that showed to adding lighting to an logo.


When I creed the grass in Photoshop I wanted the effect of old and new, In order to keep the old and rundown look, with the juxtaposition of new and bright to match the theme I thought of created a rectangle covering the page then adding a limner gardened with one of the section having the opacity set to zero. This improved my scenery from looking like a flat surface.

I think my art was sacksful in adding all the elements required of the brief and all the drawings I wanted in my concept art without cutting or reducing the artwork because of time restrictions, however the digital image I ended up with was not how I imaged it, I wanted it a bit more realistic looking but due to the time reaming I had to get it to a finish standard but even so I still like the my artworks I did in Photoshop.

If I had more time I would improve the character’s shadows and lightings. Try to improve the grass; making it look deader and decade for the left side of the page, which holds the time frame of the past. And try to make the swords look more metallic.