This my first Attempt of hand drawing and using Photoshop to animate.

Know because this my first time and animating with Photoshop I did have a few problems with this; first I had to finned a way to keep the shapes in the same place as possible when animating with farm by frame. As you can see that went well.


I used a ruler to make the shape stay in the same place, but I decided to create a bunch of single frames for each piece of paper in my book and, I ended up using 11 pages, thus meant I had to spend quite a while when I was scanning them in to Photoshop

The second problem i faced was that the places of paper I used did not have grid lines, so I kept drawing lines again and again. Witch is some thing i do not recommend if you have limited time to do some thing like animation, I only had day to do this in college. Animation takes a very long time, especially if you are doing it by your self


if any of you try to do some thing like this try to draw in one page and used that unless you have the time to draw every frame.


This my second attempt on hand drawing and Photoshop animation and this time I kept it one piece of paper and abandoned the grid method.



When I was drawing the bird. The sketches sometimes changed size during its fly state but it was fine because i could change the size within Photoshop.

Beside for drawing over my sketches on Photoshop, which got really stressing for my hand, compiling the images into one area was a bit difficult until I realised that I could have any size as long as the canvas was big then I could then trim the canvas to the shapes size.


when I did this animation I didn’t thing that it would turn out like this, I expected it to be a lot more gitery and not so smooth.

I guess it just goes to show you that you can’t know how some thing would turn out unless you done it.

Team work for, storyboard 

Wen where tasked  to create a animatic story form a short story in teams. We picked the magic paintbrush which sound like good idea for an animation.

after reading the story. We cut out the unnecessary sections of the story and then dived the part into scenes that me and my partner draw by hand. I did half of the drawing and my partner did the same.

we fist decided on how the characters would look and the theme. we went with silhouette look and i came up with the young man character and my partner came up with the bad man character.


This part of the story board my team partner did


This is one I did

When i was drawing I could have had less sketchy out comes which would improve the story because the viewer would be apple to see what is happening better. like in the last panel below.Untitled-4

After we did our storyboards we compiled them into Photoshop and made our animatic. I handled the aliment proses and placement of the layers into frames, which after a few tries testing the time scale of the animatic to see what time frame would work the best . We added a last frame saying “The End” because we had the time.


I’ve animated before so I knew that it would take a long time to draw all the scenes in detail so what we did was we turned the characters in to silhouettes in order to keep the time duration show and the actions noticeable. we did have an aligning problem but we fixed that with changing the canvas size.

For a first attempt this is all right but I think that it needs colour and make the characters look more clearly, using Photoshop.


This was my walking cycle, using the had drawing technique n and then placing into Photoshop to animate. I had a problem because the head kept changing size but i thing it turned out fine and he stops to sudden which makes him look like he has a broken leg. so when I do this next time I have to make sure to have enough frames.

I have noticed that one of the frames has a white shoe which was left infilled by me

I sued this as a guide but because I have animated before I applied my knowledge to my drawings.


This walking cycle was done Photoshop using a stick tiger as a guide. it was day but because the frames where stick figures I  had to infer the bogy shapes, which k=mage the animation look un-proportionate.


This time I tried a jumping cycle for the same character that I did with the first walking cycle.

jump-cycle When I was drawing the frames for the character the head of the character changed in size, which i thought would make the animation look less seamless when compile in Photoshop but which some resizing I managed to handle my concern. however i didn’t count on the arms, which jump to one potion to the next but that motion of the arms. it looks like when people  flap his arms when jumping.

So it looks fine but still some improvements to be done

wallk cycle

This one was created on Flash, as you can see I know hoes to use flash pretty well but I still thing some the arm movements on the arm don’t look realistic but every thing else looks fine. I first termed every thing that could move using the classic tween into symbols but objects like the body or the front arm I kept as bitmap so that I could use shape tween because if thaws objects where symbols thy wouldn’t change so the a pat of an arm cloud go all the way to the neck.

however even with the twines the alignment wasn’t perfect at some points, which meant i had to a line each shape one by one to get the motion or the angle right. The shoe where a different case I fist tented them into symbols and then at the sections where his shoe needed to twist and change I broke up the symbol and then edited the ones that needed to change, all the one that didn’t i just left them alone.

Human Walk Cycle

I used this as a gude that was on the bottom of the page in flash. I first after creating all the objects of the character then placed them innards to the frames that the twines will go and then eddied the all the motions that need aligning.

I did this animation in just two days but her’s one that I did about a year ago and its a lot more time on this than I did with one above. I think I have a good handle on animation.


Bouncing ball

boumch ball

This a bouncing ball I did using Flash. I sued classic tween and tried to get the motion of the bonuses as realistic as possible.I tried and tried to get he first bounce to get right but it still looks perfected to me but I did my best to get the motion right.

Game that have art movements in them.


This game named monument valley uses the movement minimalism. its detailed in the sense of  many objects placed and optioned for the viewer but it has very limited colours, blue. what shade of blue depends on the angle of the object(s).


Remember me is a game set in the future. futurism as a movement is pretty much everywhere within this game. the artists who depleted and created ideas for this game invited advanced technology with the development of technological advancements, which is what the artists who gave rise the movement where truing to invention.


This is Just dance. tho game used the pop movement, with is colourful look and simplest colour ordering to differentiate the characters form background and symbols.


This named the child of light. is use the art movement Deco. as you can see the game’s visuals are realist but still keeps a stricture of cartoony rhythm with the object’s colour’s outlines having a different shade, such as the red hair or the building as a back drop.


Mind craft. this game has the art movement know as cubism, with this games use of cubes for character, land scales and in-game objects.

In this animation I used the expressions of joy, shook and anger. I what’d the animation to be in a comic style, which has panels to show emotion. I also did in this style because the self drawings I did where in a this type it was a bit differ to get the potions of farm the would go between the already drawn frames.

I have tried my hand at lip synching. in this animation I quickly created  a character and added simple colours and some simple shades in the head phones. I created shape using the image underneath. I got a sound bite and then placed label on the key frames where I would have to add a deferment mouth movement shape, I used the guide sheet to make my own type of moth shapes and as I went throw the time line noticed that I didn’t need to make a different shape for each key frame but use a lot of the same letter shapes I did for the first section of the sound bite.


Sketches  of people     

I did thees sketches really quick on the bus. it was quite hard because the bus kept moving and I only had a few seconds to capture the motion of the person. but even so I think they turned out fine.


After being briefed about the brief. I look at the brief and studied it my self. The brief asked for a target audience someone like a person how isn’t into to heavy realistic games and that are not massive know or the biggest title sellers. the brief suggested not  have games such as RPG which is role plaining game but the there suggestion was FPS. I don’t know what that is so my first stage would be to find out what that means.

I learnt that FPS means first person shooter from the person sitting across to me. this type of audiences appeals to me because I  play games that aren’t PRG or FPS.


zodiac_015 elex IMG_0656a Infinity_Blade_II

as you can see hates are heavily realistic and are games that work on the principle of progression with decisions and calculation of the players outcomes. there are games that are not  so realistic but they still have RPG type format.


FirstPersonShooter original 3-BattleField best-fps-games-iphone-ipad

This gamer type has very holding a gun and you go around shooting and firing throw maps. and Like RPG’s these tend to be heavily realistic.

When it comes to the project I have t stay away from type of animation forms that involve shooter and progression of the charioteer by making decisions that would affect the games in more than one way.

we were given 9 movements to choose from because I learnt about the movements in unit 5 I already know some others style use so from that I chose some that I liked and think that would make a good game style for animation.

I chose…


that_place___cubism_by_rehlyihmah-d33rt68 batman-cubism 946764-cubism 8

I looked up the movement because I like cubism. but to make an animation from it would take some time and be quite hard to achieve so I think as an idea it won’t work as well as it could with animation without it being a still image, for this reason I’m abandoning this as an idea for animation.


73cfd3c16e5f510854e3f6f12a22bd3a 10177_surrealist 640x456_1767_Forever_Bridge_2d_surrealism_bridge_concept_art_moon_fantasy_picture_image_digital_art 51b8f428528d359195

Surrealism dwells into the mind so I animation could ,make the animation have a lot of psychological meaning throw interaction with visuals.


Italian-Futurism-Guggenheim-03 futurism Futurism_Exhibition_Overview_vidstill_1 futurism_meccanica_benedetta_speeding_motorboat

For this movement the main style used is speed. the way they show something having very quickly advancing and developing was the main idea behind futurism. so form that I could have a bunch features like rapid lines to show the object or character going fast or having an after image of something to show the motion of an object in my animation.


minimalism-in-logos-1minimalism 6935313-minimalism-batman-citydinosaur_men_running_minimalism_ultra_3840x2160_hd-wallpaper-51455

with minim I could do animation that have charioteer that have the most simplistic colours and icons to represent them and for back drops i could have them a bit more detailed to make them stand out. I could play around with then viewers way of thought, incorporating some surrealism.

Pop Art

pop_chaplin_by_colorium-d643gsw  323138c8b7b0fac0568a2329c1e09039Pop-Art

Know Pop Art has colourful and realistic people’s thoughts and meaning to it. so I could make animation that has colourful characters and animation them like the animation in the 1960s names the yellow submarine but keep out the insane random.


Sonic-Riders-Zero-Gravity-Stage-1-Background 9m589p58l1s1vswrskrymghq1

This gem is Sonic Zero Gravity

599510531 457406135_preview_remember_me_2

Remember Me

mv1 Monument-Valley-Gear-Patrol-Lead-Full-

Monument Valley



sonicrush_inline_1190066307 waterpalace_shot1

Sonic Rush

I love the concept of futurism, Sonic riders Zero Gravity and Remember Me has futurism both incorporated within them. I like the futurist themes and the high-tech that is suggested. Monument Valley’s style of colouring is something that I would like to develop with futurism them. both this game and Sonic Rush hasn’t got high quality graphics but besides that the viewer can still tell whats is going on and who the characters are, and Mario and Sonic Rush both have unique way for a platformer game. These features are some thing I want within my animated game.

Animation techniques

There are four animation techniques, they are…

Drawn animation

This technique uses hand drawn images as frames for characters and scenery. every movement and changes are drawn for each frame and then compiled into one sped scene(s).

Cut-out animation

Cut-out animation uses shape from materials that have been cut-out such as paper, in order to create characters, objects and scenery. then by taking pictures for each change and then sped up systematically to show the scene(s).

The last one has given me a heads up on if I rely on flash too much. The motion would look too concrete and not has I would like it to be.

Model animation or stop motion animation

Model animation or stop motion animation is where models that are created anything that can change in form like clay or wire. then the  puppets are staged and the process of frame by frame takes place to create the scene(s).

Computer animation or computer generated imagery (CGI)

computer animation is where computers are used to animate characters and scenes all generated by technology. 2D animations relies on frame to frame where ever thing is drawn but is helped by computers to animate. 3D animation uses models that are sculpted in 3 detentions and then rendered and animated using computers.Drawing can still be used to help n the devilment stages of the animation process

I’m fairly good at using Flash, so that is what I will use however I might to research on how to animated something in a certain way but again I have used Flash for a very long time and so I could come up with a solution my self but I might need to look up the effect. so animation like these are something I would like to incorporate in my animation.

This the website I reasserted from this website.


I wanted to find animations that I would use in my own animation, so I want online to find some examples of animation motion as guides  that I would like to use. these are some that I found that I liked.


sonic_cd_animation_sprite_hd_by_luckettx AbareTosanomi tumblr_n0u2vtdmbZ1r6sk6wo1_250ironman tumblr_nqtsq1i5lV1spb33go1_250tumblr_mdta50e8IX1rlbw7io1_500

I want my animations to be smooth likes these but keep the rapid motion to my animation like in the futurism movement.

7090495b82b81d9ccea0b572bda61531.jpg 38b11fc0ab81acc5ee81008842aa3d10.jpg 00c619bd1938be3f7c910872c16fd107 HelpfulThickGopher

And effects likes these in my animation, which are smooth and flowing so the view can a good sense motion and believe it’s real.

This type of styles are few that I found online that I liked. from theses I might further develop my ideas.

Sound research

I what my animation to be set in the future I what coming that sound futuristic but sound retro but at the same time majestic so the listener can get in to the animation, it feel like it fits into animation and not out of it. although this tonight my change I would still like my own music to be as good as some  of the following music types having their own style.

I like this game’s soundtrack, this game set in the future so it’s soundtrack is a good starting point.

These sound tracks from Steven Universe have a lot retro type them but uses futuristic bases and as flow to flow rhythm that sound amazing.

These game’s music are  fast past and has a lot of futuristic elements with electronic beats and electric keyboards and more. this some allies to me and I would be included in my animation, many to move to another section of scenes, shift to another level maybe.

Sound effects 

I can’t know what  sound effect I will use but these sound effects are smooth I want. The fire sound effect is for a special move I’m thinking of but changed.

I need to find website that would have free sound effects I can use without copyright issues. I found…


But I think that I will be making my own on Garageband.

Sound effects for robot,enemies/boss

I could use some the sound effects in my animation for the robots

Character clothing designs references  

Black-Eyed-Peas-sported-futuristic-costumes-while-performing large Unknown 816444fe929df2e4de5f865e167dc2c6 18953810_1434944278.1941_UdYREB_nimg-thing-1img-thingRemember_Me_Concept_Art_Female_High_Research_GJ-02


These are some references for my characters.

scenery design references 

mwmyuqvurvftt3vqizkf futuristic_town_by_amm23frankenstein_lab_by_giodesigns-d64tc3w Retro-Futuristic-Fantasy-Cityscape-_artinterurban Remember_Me_Concept_Art_H30_Room_GJ-01gaming-remember-me-concept-art-4 dry_parismremember-me-pc-1370246955-135cities_street_futuristic_city_christophorus_pi_hatchenson_1280x800_68195

These images are references to my scenery.


DC-and-Marvel-Characters-as-Robots Sport_Robots_1 marvel-and-dc-superheroes-redesigned-as-robots-preview lphfnqpr6deflyfy7x1m shutterstock_83042278 armored_mewtwo_by_livinlovindude_by_cyrustarber-d92yccr robot_thing_by_morriperkele 1600x1200_6565__Jake_Tripod_robot_character_3d_sci_fi_robot_character_spider_droid_electronic_bot_tripod_mechanism_picture_image nao-robot inspiration-3d-robots-44 54cf502d8b9e0b21b5440d2943e74b23 bumble-bee ai-and-robotics-3252

Sonic_The_Hedgehog_(2006)_-_Boss_-_Egg_Cerberus Sonic_The_Hedgehog_(2006)_-_Enemy_-_3 Egg_Gunner_Profile_v2 615px-Sonic_06_cannon_01 Egg_stinger_01 Egg_launcher06

Theses are references to for robot enemies.


Section 1 Working title:·      Wave·      Shock·      Flow·      Jet stream·      Phoenix rebirthWhat you will work towards producing: (Detailed description of your proposal)I will work towards creating an animation that shows a game playing in the futuristic, using the movement futurism so there to be lines to show something going fast or a sort of after image to show the motion or to show something going slow. I will have one or two character(s) one male and one female, one will be controlled and the other following him/her and helping in some way. I will have my characters going though two or three stages with one fast past mode, to show off one of the game’s aspect; which involves fast thinking and keeps the player on him or heir feet. In all, there will be two gameplay sections. As the characters go throw the level they will pick up collectables when there not fighting opponent(s).
Section 2Influences, starting points and contextual references:I’m influenced by games such as monument valleys with is cleverer use of gameplay and sonic use of high-speed attributes and a Remember ME’s use of futuristic visuals. My stating point will possibly be scene designs; so go online and find image of futuristic buildings city’s and locations, then I will possibly move on to character designs and might come up with some futuristic clothing or go online and see what other people have done.Early ideas research and sources:   (What are your sources for contextual and personal research?)These pictures are some I found that I like for their style, line the gears for legs or the blue lights. However when it coms to the animation I might need to research on how to do a style like flames or waves as pictures or videos if I can find them.Some examples 
Section 3Intended techniques, non digital and digital processes:My intent is to use the digital technique using Flash but using the storyboard as a guide when it comes to scene changes or how the character(s) might look when they have a different viewpoint.Timescales: (Please insert weekly targets of what you intend to work on from the beginning to the end of the project)1th and 2th weeks, finish research, start and finish a basic lines and stick figured storyboard,3th weak Start on character and scenery deign with development ideas then chose the characters, scenery and enemies(s) to use in my animation.4th week spend a couple of days creating sounds effects and music.5th week start animating all the scenes, with basic motions; draw any further movements for characters if it would be to hard to create in Flash or if it doesn’t look as if there’s any movement.6th week finished animation and refined any thing that I might not like in the animation and then produce the animation into a quick time move.
Section 4Proposed methods of evaluation: (How will you evaluate your project?)Throw out the point I start thinking about anything to do with deign I will star evaluating. I will either evaluate using online feedback such as Facebook, Twitter, other people around college or the group, in from of few questions and my own input will go into one the fooling, the blog will also have some element of explanations on my approach to some thing, like character devilment, that I ill add to my evaluation.

Ideas Generation


storybord 1-1 storybord 2-1

In this storyboard it show the characters fighting twice against the boss and enemies but I think there would be enough time space in the animation, so I’m getting rid of that section from the animation.

The game’s  short back story

The year is 2046, the company named phoenix, created robots that were supposed to help keep the defence against the law breakers in the city of San Francisco but some gained a glitch in their system and know they are in a state of danger towards the public, as they deem everyone as criminals. The government with the help of phoenix created a group who are there to stop the robots or fix, they are named the phoenix’s rebirth. Two members were sent to find a rogue robot and the player goes throw the last level finding the robot.

These are ideas I generated for characters, the enemy and weapons/abilities for the avatars.


idead genration boy 1idead genration bot 2  idead genration boy 3jpg


idead genration girl 3idead genration girl 1 idead genration girl 2

These are some male and female designs that I draw. Each drawing has different character looks and clothing but the most in portent part is the cloths because I will choose one of the character, then place the different styles of clothing on to one character, to see which one would be the best.

I got as many character references, both male and female. coming up the male character designs was more challenging than the female character, mostly how they will look with the clothing. it was very helpful to have references in coming with a futuristic style.

The character’s weapons

idead genration-4

These are weapon drawings, I draw two for each character,these will generate at will, on the character’s arms. these might change in the development stages.


idead genration robot 1 idead genration robot 2 idead genration robot 3 idead genration robot 4

These are the drawing for the boss. One of these will be my boos character but could change, Having the images for robot references was very helpful in creating ideas for the boss drawings.

As I was coming up with drawings. I went throw a devilment stage at this point alone because my drawings began refining the boss character the more I draw for the  boss designs



Sound effect/Music

These musics and sound effect are some that I created on Garageband all except for the robot firing which I found on YouTube. it’s also the example I found that is in the research section.

Raw effect

My voice recording.

Test and demos for my animation

A loading and a shelled for my characters. I created a demos for my animation.

This an idea for the cone or collectible in my animation

this a  test and a demo version of the Boos roaring. this uses the futurism technique with lines and i tried to get the are chafe to show of it powerful raw.

Ideas Development



I changed my idea for the story because think it would have been too long.  I kept the falling  scene and explained would will happen a bit more. I kept the boos fight and a small puzzle and added where the collectables will be collected. created the storyboard in a way so that the game starts from a saved point as it is the last level the game ends when the boss ids defeated.

I’m taking out first section of the storyboard the title seen and the falling stage because i didn’t think i will have time to animation the scenes and it might be tool long any way. so I think I will keep the puzzle stage and the boss stage.

With the time I have remaining I have to get rid of the second character, the girl, from the animation and I didn’t think I will have time for adding the fight sequence with the robot, so I was thinking to have the boy character meet the robot and then end the animation with a logo of the game “Phenix’s Rebirth”. Like a demo version of a game. I also thought, as it is loading in the beginning scene, why not have a tip or a reminder on what the play can do in the game.

I also thought of  adding a gage that shoes the cones being collected with a simple number display.

The game’s  short back story

The year is 2046, the company named phoenix, created robots that were supposed to help keep the defence against the law breakers in the city of San Francisco but some gained a glitch in their system and know they are in a state of danger towards the public, as they deem everyone as criminals. The government with the help of phoenix created a group who are there to stop the robots or fix, they are named the phoenix’s rebirth. Two members were sent to find a rogue robot but with their being a recent earthquake some ares of the city’s roads and streets are closed off, this situation forces the player to find an alternative route to finding the automaton.

Character designs


Design boy

I took the best idea I liked of the character design and created two styles for the character. I changed a lot I the male character. I made him toiler and changed his shoe style and some of his jacket alone with the pattern on his trousers and made the head smaller. I also changed the B 2’s shoe style to something that looks more better.


Design girl

With the female character I did the same thing as I did with the Male character. I chose the style that i liked and created two avatars, I made her  toiler, smoothed some the edges. I combined some of the her jack fetters to create one style and changed the style of the shoes to something better when I was creating her characters.

The character’s weapons

Design weapons

I created the weapons to the my original style but changed the handles slightly for the  W B 1 and 2 but I had an idea to chafe the handle’s style to soothing different, which why there is four more wend styles. I tried to keep the characters them colours so it stays with the style I have created.


Design robot Boos

I only liked the last Boss character design, so I only used that one as a design. I made it toiler and smoothed the edges of its body and legs straitened the its’ form a bit so it looks like a robot. the pattern on his arm was an accident that I stumbled on when I removed the lines when I had filled in the colour into the boxes that the lines created.



I developed the scenery by first making the orbs for the lamps more brighter for feed back i got from the tutor and then added some polices type restrictions to make it seem more realistic for my abandoned scenery.

Sound effect/Music

I slightly changed it by adding another loop that will play for the solving part of the stage with in the animation.

I was thinking instead of having sold effects for the robot or the characters, why not have music that adds to the background music. So as it fires a loped music player that blends with the backgrounds music, to make it seem more interactional with the viewer and save on time finding or creating sound effects. some thing like in this video game below.

The raw effect

I created a raw sound effect using my own voice then I changed it in Audacity by messing around with the tempo. speed, base boost, the pitch, amplify and adding an echo. then to fade it out, I went to Garageband edited further by adding and missing around with the filters and added a better fade than the one Audacity offered.

The Audacity version.

My result

This the references I used for my raw.

Test and demos for my animation

I changed the colouring and slightly edited the logo because it looks better and the loading logo blended in with scenery too much so i charged it to some thing that will stand out. The shelled looked to solid, so i made the colouring more faded as if it some that was created by energy not by some thing like bricks.

I tested the loading logo and the shield with characters and the scenery the loading log looks good but the shield looks too solid it needs to look more holographic, so I lower the alpha down been more to get the holographic effect.

I changed the lines to be more pointer at the ends and made the rowing look more intensified.

I still think that the raw wasn’t enough, so I changed the size of the wave and added a loop into the waves symbol so it looks like it’s chaining as it moves and made the lines longer and faded it little more.

I created a running cycle on flash and showed it to some people arena the class. they said it looks good and like the sawing of the character, but the character looks like he’s scathing, form

From that feedback I went back and changed the legs motion in order to make it look more like he’s running and not like he’s scatting. This the result below and I think low it looks like he’s running.

I still thought it wasn’t good enough, so I further developed the boy’s running cycle by changing some the potions of the legs and made the legs look like there moving instead of them being in the same potions.

I used this image as a guide for my running cycle in flash.


As i kept watching the anmaition of the running cycle it still looked like it wasn’t running more of jogging, so Changed the arm’s length to extend a bit further when moving to the right and made a slight change to the front arm’s upper side as its going to the right, so it doesn’t look so big. And know it’s more of a running cycle.

Produce Outcome


Final Evaluation

For my proposal I was aiming to create an animation that looks like a person playing a plat-former game, set in the future using the futurism movement. From the research I did, to find styles for both the scenery and the characters, I generated and created futuristic elements for these sections, using and relying on the images I found on the Internet. I took the futuristic elements such as the used of lines, bright lights and the sleek visuals to create in my own style.

As the futurism movement included elements to show off the fast developing world I thought of ideas that would be in the future such as street lamps with energy orbs, buildings built in new forms and styles, neon signs and objects that would be hi tech like the floating restrictors. The characters use of lines and circuit boards patterns to show there clothing is interlined with circuitry. There’s a use of repeating an image to show something going fast in futurism, I adapted that use of the technique to show a shockwave of the robot and the male character.

My male character in the animation has a running cycle and jumping cycle and an idle state when he’s not moving. These are all states I imagined when I was just starting to think about my animation. As it says in my proposal I wanted the character to collect collectibles/cones as he’s interacting with the environment, which is exactly what I achieved during the section before the boss confront the male character.

From my original idea I wanted two characters but ended up with one, to have two or three stages of one level of the game, which would have included a falling section, a solving or puzzle section and a boss battle, these were cut out because of the limited time we had and the restriction of the amnion being under a minute.

When I was staring something such as, the robot’s raw, the shield of the male and sounds or music, I either created one idea and then developed the ideas as I whet or created several designs of examples and from then refine them to the point I like there visuals. When I was generating Ideas for the boss/robot, instead of generating ideas that had the boss having different looks and different aspects I had a hard time on generating ideas, this is where the research I did as image references helped to generate ideas, which is why when I was drawing ideas for the boss each drawing was a development to the earlier drawing I did. I created a the raw for the robot and tested what it would looks like, after refining the raw, I thought I had gotten the effect perfect but when I compelled it with in the animation the wave looked to slow and lacked the repeating actions of a shock way so I edited it to make it look more like a shockwave.

The running cycle of the male character I created on flash looked like he was skating according to feedback I resaved from some of the members of the class. Looking at it I agreed and developed the character’s running cycle three times; the first, I improved the legs so they don’t look like there running not scatting, then I went back to it to changer the potions so it looks like his legs are moving left and right not staying in one place and the finale changed the arm’s potions so they extend more so it doesn’t look like he’s jogging.

I did not create sketches for the scenery because it would have taken more time to do then I had, which is why I did the design on flash, this meant I could use layers to branch out any changes I had when I had thought of something else quickly without effecting other designs of the averment add colour to see the visuals right on the screen than imagining them and create straight lines with ease.

When I was creating the characters, the boss, the environed and the weapons, I created more than I one in a different style and colouring to see how they would look. I got feedback from a few people how generally said the visuals look good the y like the style one suggested that “maybe a little bit of texture” to he characters I took that under consideration I thought of adding shadow but with the limited time I had left I did not have time to add shadow to the characters. When I was digitising my characters for the male and female, I developed them on the computer because I did not like the way they looked on paper to the screen.

I managed my time by setting goals to finish or to start something involving the project, some times I over exceeded the time I gave my self, such as the scenery design but I managed to cache up the time by do something faster but this did mean I had to cut out things form my story.


I showed the animation to some people and got feedback. ”Through your use of colouring and shapes, you have managed to create very specific atmosphere” I agree with this statement and because I spent a quite some time o the style and colouring. I didn’t like the way the male character moved but a comment that the motion looks like a style movement that fits the style format of my animation.

When We showed in the classroom the comments I got where “It look god”, Like the motion of the gamer, the animation looks like it’s a demo for a game, which is exactly I aimed to do when I ran out of time to do other scenes

If I had more time in I would like to add shadow to the characters, improve the running cycle of the male and improve the logo and backdrop of the animation at the end.

I need to improve my running cycles because the motion does not look as realistic as I would like to have, improve my skills at drawing so that when it comes to digitising the work, I don’t need to make too many changes on the computer and save time.

In conclusion I stayed to the proposal I originally had come up with, spent a lot of time on the visuals and how every thing interacts with each other and I have to improve the way I animate my characters