Unit 44 Website Design

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 12.57.10.png Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 12.56.04.png

Using Brackets I lerened how to add basic images and aI added a gif fill anded some text. I also aded a link to a youtube link in my webpage.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 17.48.38

I added five pages with some experimenting with text size. and I added a image to the background as wheel as a colour backdrop in Brackets.

I looked at te video on how to formate layout for my html  webpage using dives and containers inside of css.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 15.32.53.png

I coped and made sense of it. I got this result with the layout. but I didn’t like the bottom containeer because it didn’t fix it self to the webpage size no mater how big or small the browers tab maybe.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 15.32.12.png

Html page.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 15.32.33.png

I then using the preset pout document in the next challenge. I changed some e things like cooler and adda image. I also got ride of the borders and differentiated some text form others.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 17.17.22.png

 Code academy

I finished the HTML and CSS learning  tutorials on Code academy by getting a 100%.


Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 13.00.58.png


Apple wesite

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 22.15.28.png

Apple’s website has a lot of features that are need in this unit. It has a adaptive navigation bar that chages in a way so the text it don not take up the page inside it become a scrolldown button.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 22.15.38.png

And this isn’t required from this brief but I would like the feature of traditions of maybe test reacting or pictures being parelel to the usersuseresscrolling.


Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 13.31.14.png

This website [placement is ideal for how a potfolo would be placed. This some thing I would like to incorporate into my website

And this to is adaptbal so its changes to fit to the screen size.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 13.33.02.png

This website also has a very uniqu feature such as when your mouse is hovering on top of the navigation bar’s background changes to black and then the mouse is hovering on one of the links a bigger backdrop is seen.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 13.34.25.png

Further slide down.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 13.34.35.png



This a profile based website that allows people to showcase there work online.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 14.27.55.png

The websiutes is optimised for visaulaty of work and so the images are big and can be clearly seen the information along with othere need to know information like what the person’s job and how to contact them.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 14.27.55.png

And  this website is also adaptive. Along with image and text resizing to mach the viewers view.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 14.28.05.png


The showcase website has a lot of elements, the website has a lot of visuals and text along with icons for movie classifications. I was thinking maybe have a slider for catograsing work like that in this website.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 14.48.07.png

I found a very good and possibly useful feature that could be a good idea.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 14.55.07.png

on this website on  left hand side corner a somewah what navigation bar is placed witch is traded by the scroller and can bee seen has go up and down,

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 14.55.17.png

I what my best to look simplistic tepee style like that of this website no WIXs.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 15.16.19.png


Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 13.09.25.png

Youtube has category type placemnet in rose to be easily see and find the related video the the user ids trying to find. I’m, not sure if this what I would like it to be like on my  website. But it is a thought on catagorising my content.


Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 14.06.33.png

This website has very good visuals and and a animating text in the top left side of the webpage.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 14.06.52.png

And like other website it dose a good job of creating a layout of images that are stacked and placed coding to their size and simple to read text, but some to get mixed with in the backdrop of lighter colourings.Which some thing I have to keep an eye on when creating my website.


Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 14.15.35.png

This website has a very easy and simple styling type format. It has what is imported in colour and the thinks that are not kneaded or just can be seen without a bunch of extar content is simply point to pone side or jut in a cornner, which can still be seen but the user might not be interest in. Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 14.15.41.png

This is  like slip view style and could be a good feature to think about.




Section 1 

Working title:

My portfolio

What you will work towards producing: (Detailed description of your proposal)

I will be working toward creating a website baste portfolio that will hold my creative work that people and possible clients can see. I will be using HITMLE and CSS along with any other programing language that I might com across to build my website such as “Java”.

Section 2

Influences, starting points and contextual references:

I’m influenced by the websites, such as Bose or Apple. By there use of simplicity and functionality, they have both have adaptive visuals and text, which are exactly what I need inn my very own website. I will start by finding and learning from tutorial based videos, for building a website using HTML and CSS.

Early ideas research and sources:   (What are your sources for contextual and personal research?)

My early ideas will be generated for already existing website, portfolios and webpages that might include features or mechanics that give their websites a unique interactivity for the user. I also gain ideas for tutorials that might show me or help me achieve a certain features(s) or mechanic(s).

Section 3

Intended techniques, non digital and digital processes:

I intent on using HTML and CSS techniques to build my portfolio website. Such as the styling features that can be achieved within a CSS document or making the website adaptive. I will also go throw the process of paper prototyping and wireframing to get a better grasp on building a website.

Timescales: (Please insert weekly targets of what you intend to work on from the beginning to the end of the project)11/05/16 – 30/05/16

Start and finish research into alertly existing websites. Learn methods and techniques from tutorials with in videos or on webpages.

31/05/16 – 06/06/16

Start coming up with ideas for the website’s style, placement of content and features to make the website more user-friendly. Also draw sketch’s and simple illustrations on the layout of my website that may or may not change.

07/06/16 – 18/06/16

Start and finish creating the website’s pages, deciding form the ideas I had on building the website’s visuals in the way I rather decided or changed during some point. Start and finish all the necessary coding for the HTML and CSS sides and achieve a adaptive website.

19/006/16 – 21/06/16

Start and finish unit 44 evolution

Section 4

Proposed methods of evaluation: (How will you evaluate your project?)

I will use my own work for the evaluation, starting form the research to the final outcome that will be on my blog. I will also use some students as a way for feedback and along with the results from the paper prototype(s) and wirerframe(s). Alongside this my own input on the work will also go into the evaluating stage.

Ideas Generation

Ideas Development

Idea for webpage layout.

I was thinking have this type of layout. this only the website few but she the website will be viewed on a phone divise, there wount be much of a change. I was thinking to have a logo on the top tight side of the page or my name. a image of me or what ever I what on the middle so people can identife me with that image. and may be a  on the left  a comment what this website is. then some where in the midle some tabs to derect the user of my work. links to  images, videos, contacts and maybe homepage. then between the top half which might have a background image while bottom will hold the selected tab’s content.

I found this websit on tips on how to care a good website.

7 Rules To Creating A Professional Portfolio Site

I there peso she did this prototype liked the idea and thought it was simple, easy to understand and use.


I did a scone test of my paper prototype. I got feed back on my way of laying  out my art and media work. I was suggested that if I keep all my work in one place at once it will take a long time to load, so I should add sublinks to pages and add slide shows for those links. So I will keep that in mode when eddying or changing the website layout.



I didd my wireframe and got good feed bak the it was a good idea to age a home button to go back, the person also likesd the simple layout of the phone view of my website.


I thought of have a main page that as a slide show of my work or a different image would be shown every time. Then have three different type of image links to different pages. I’m still planning so it might change.


I stated building my website on brackets. I first created the main d=features of the website, the dicription of the webpage and the links to other pages to acsses my artwork. i crete tables that hold the content.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 20.42.13.png

I know need to find a way to centre the linking table and move the dicription table towords the right.

After looking back at code acadomy I found that using divs ids a lot better then tables.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 22.10.13.png


I found this webpage going in depth of how to use div more. I’m tying to use this to make my text move to the place I need it to be.


After trying to figure out how to move the div to the right liking up online and trying deferent things. I finally figured out tat using the float tag to move the div was the way.

I restated creating my website from scratch Because I thought of a way to formatting ever thing a lot better  then I was paling to do. Using the youtube link in the layout page within Moodle.


using the video I fret this set up of the main page.

I managed to move the text the right side of the page and fix the responsive side of my objects by changing the px to vw , help i got from some in the classroom.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 16.30.23.png

But The text that I managed to fit into box is not in line with the bottom (dashed div) wen it gets small enough the text goes over. I was told to add makings to =try and fix it by trial and erro but it still goes over it slightly so I thought of adding padding to se what happens.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 16.27.05.png

I works slightly but not perfectly. I though many if I get rid of the makings and keep only the padding than I might get some better resposive text.

I Add a icon image to the top left, this just there for s while until I can get the visuals done.

I create a custom icon for this website and replaced the image of the icon. I also gave the icon a link to the Home page of my website to make it more like a acute website and because e this is a good feature to have when or if people are using your websiye.

I stared retained the content blue box to hold an image, I also gave it a like but it dosnt yet go any where because I Havant crete the image page yet. I had we a little bit of trouble tying to get the same demotions of the text align with the  green box and after a while and some help I got the code working the way I whetted by adding a single line of text ing on to the CSS document.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 14.24.11.png

I aso had to mess around with the width to get the right size on the screen.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 21.44.40.png

Using thsi video blow I created a nave bar under neth my blue line above the box.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 21.44.26.png

I thought back to some website I researched about, I saw that the Apple website when it got smaller the mani  content of the head banner holding the nag bar and log don change size but moves to the earthier left or right. Is probly a good way to build a website so wen the person is on the webpage it automaticaly format without the hasle of coding and trinning to fix the issues of screen sizes of phones. but I think I want to have two different type of formats. one for site and then when it gets smaller the webpage formats to the phone sizes.

To move my content with out is change size but rather moves t the left or right I use em instead of vw.

I then adapted to the reset of the  code and stared fiishing the nag bar.

SO I stared from scratch and I used another youtube video to create a  second drop down menu but some thing happens I don’t like the drop down menu and  I can’t seem to fix it so I found another video which is a lot better at explaining the content along with having a drop down menu with animation. I deeded my cod e and stated writing up the cod form thsi video.

I use the vdeo above to make my nag bar but when I created ed the drop down menu the menu axe brine my image. sate truing to fix it I though of re startting again and combing the video above with this video  this video to create my own new nag bar.

After watching both vies I handle a good handle on how to use the CSS to lay things out suing padding and matins along with the  text alignment.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 03.09.58.png

I crete the nave bar with two drop don menus with slight effect.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 03.09.40

To get my padding, font size and mating aligmment for both the mani text and the drop down text. I added borders to see the obegest sapping and hight so I can better align and size the nave and drop down menu.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 16.55.05

I created the drop down menu but it seem to be having some glitches where if you hover over the white space it shows the drop down boxes but I don’t what I only what the boxes to be shown after you hover over over the main nave bar but that docent happen. I don’t have time to fix it, however I found this video to fix that problem.

I found that having a drop down is a bit useless so I drooped and kept the man bar.

I moved on by creating a slide show of some of  my work. I found this simple video on creating a slide show, by going through the steps.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 23.21.00

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 23.17.41

I stared creating my images page. I first goy=t my images and placed them into my page there flies size was too late  and made the webpage too slow. condensed them using photoshop and but I had o do that a couple of of times to get it rift because there all different size and using the actions on photoshop did really give me a good result. plus wen the images are alighted horizontally not vertically thy dint mach up to the equal sizes, which is something i dint what.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 03.25.17.png

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 03.25.45.png

So using a software called iDraw I created smalere and equally sized thumbnails so that the web page down’ t take so long to load.

 I placed  them the images in a div with  there own separate divs. One to hold the are that the dv can be place and the others to place each dive images alighted and placed in the right format.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 14.39.36.png

i spent some time getting the alignment of the images just right. And with some help from a student in the classroom, I managed tom add some transtioning .

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 14.38.27.png

I then found this video to add light boxes to images, which something I really liked. So following the video I went online to d=find the link but found a bterter type of light box. I used the instructions on the website, I downloaded the example foloder with the scripts, which I used to =to build my light box and know I got some light boxs for my images.

Produce Outcome

Final Evaluation


Unit 63 Interactive Media Design


I need to find existing product that already existest and see eight they do and how they are create d and made fun for the player.

Google maps with Pokemon challenge

Google maps relreasaed a game involving there app with maps and Pokemon. People thought this was a April fules joke but on the google maps app on mart phones, there was an interactive game where you can catch digital Pokemon while you rome and explore the fisical world. This game was fun and incorage people to moe and go about the city or town.

This app used GPS tracking to make and create a fun  playable  experinces for any one around the world.



This an app that get you to run to placed markerpoints that you smart phone will display. the player has full control over the distances that the markers will be placed. This app uses GPS to take a person’s location for it to work. The main apple for this app is   to move and get people to be active while achieving goes in a fun atmesfer.

GPS Tycoon Game


The rules are quite simple. Once you log in to the game (what’s amazing you don’t need to do it via Facebook;) you’ll see Google Map with your location. The map has been divided into a grid of around 400×400 meters. Once your position is fixed on a grid cell you can buy it (you get $100 as a starting package). The land you own generates money, which you can reinvest in buying a new land, improving it or protecting your land from other players who may want to claim your territory. More cash and money you have the better. To buy land you need to physically be in a location (or your phone needs to think that you are at the location), so it means that in order to win you should buy a land wherever you go.

This app basically uses maps and GPS in a buy and sell type game format.



This app uses maps with GPS tracking as a game. I tested the app to see what kind of game it is. Besides  it being a bit hard to understand, it has  allot of features in a spy them, where you can drop or find location markers along with  items and  information. There is a team based element. Where you can hack opponents for information and and items, you cans use the items to attack the opposite team and do other things. You can find things that other players have dropped and use for your slef.

The games elements are hard too understand but it has a alot of fun and playable features that I will keep under consideration for my own game.


Parallel Kingdom MMO


This app is a very open world type game using the real life world maps asa basis of an digtal world, where you can take territories, go to war, build establishments  and more.

The features using maps to maker teratoties and build digital constructs sound very intersting and I i could apply something like this into my own project.





ActionBound is an app/ website, that allows people to play oudoor games that you crete your self. You create an account online then using the wbiste you set out a bunch of ares and location people can go, find information or learn wile you move about.

The app is free to download and handles all the game play, using some the features like compans or map view to find location that some might have placed or as set up to find. there are other features in the  the game that can be used like point systems, rewords, adding time limits to get the player to answer questions quickly and if they don’t you can have a point reducing system. There also quizzes that people can ad to the game and even more . At the  there is a way to share the game, gather fead back evaluate the players experiences.


The app is fully controllable for the creator in the limitation of how the company has allowed the public to use there product. The game works of rood, indoors, by teams or them selves and can be read in many languages.

legal and ethical consternates

Copy right

Copy right is a governmental law that protects an intellectual’s property. This law makes shure that if  some one else copies, steals or even uses your copy right material without consent, they are held responsible for braking law and can be in a potenshal lawsuit or worst depending on the issue.

The copy right contract will differ form the regain of conty to county. Each will have an expectable use of your product or metral and how the public uses it.

This Copy right page only refers to the law in the UK

Legal and Ethical issues for building an app

Entity Formation

This where if have a business, moist people e will create an LLC or C-Corp. This allows you to keep your investments and assets or belongings to your self  if in any case of nay potenshale sooing or loosing your company over an issue that some people many find regardless or unnecessary when thinking about. This also make sure that the  people how are suing your product  are awere  and have acepted what they are expecting from you and what you are expecting of them.


Confidentiality is where private information will be safe and not given out when creating there project along side other companies. To insure that this dose not happen the created would get their partner(s) to signing an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) . This might go both ways when collaborating or working for other company on a project.

Intellectual Property Ownership/protection

Intellectual Property Ownership or IP is where a comapny  creates a segment within there contract, specifies that any or all content used and crate fore there product is own by the company not the createre(s). This includes the product’s development, marketing, and selling process.

The IP can also help protect you’re product’s features and USP (unique selling point) agents other rival competitors. By instating. TM (Trademarks), which handles protecting your  app’s or company’s name(s) or logo(s). copyright, which handles all your content for the product and patents which while protct new processes or inventions that you have developed or created.

protecting your intellectual property

Terms of Use

Terms of use is a way clearly spieling what  your product dose , what the user can do with the product, what they can’t do with product, what while happen if rheas terms are broken, and what you as the crated of the product is hold accountable for. The termas of use legal agrement will automatically be instead when using  your product.

The term of use uselessly is instead when your product handles interaction betwean others , such as friends or people, other companies or ither products.

Privacy Policy

privacy police is placed when your product is collecting personal data from the user. The personally identifiable information or PII is used in a law conttract that states what type of information will be gathered, such s emails or home addresses . PII also instates that the userre knows how your product or you will use the information. This is especially important if children would be using the product.

This hwere I got the information from


Section 1 

Working title

Bristol secret

Walk throw Bristol

Find in Bristol 

Target Market 

My target audiences are: tourists, professionals who work in interactive design in the city, students, teachers and others in education.

What you will work towards producing: (Detailed description of your proposal)

I will work towards crate a game that can be played by one or more players set around the theme of playable city in the boundary of Bristol city center, near the harbor side. Using either digital or fiscal resources, such as apps or maps. Setting out challenges, questions or any other means of gathering information to solve or to find objectives that the player can use to get to the goal.


Section 2

What are the design problems you will face

The design problems I will face are how the game will work with interaction of the player interns of the game’s features, to make sure that the player will have the right information so the game can progress in a naturally within the boundary of the map are have been given. I will also face coding issues if it is involved to building a way to make the game.

Early ideas research and sources:   (What are your sources for contextual and personal research?) 

My idea research will come from alley existing products such as ActionBound, or ingress and test these apps to see how they work and how I can use that for my own game. I will also research the different ways of achieving projects task, such as looking at GPS in phone, Geo-gashing or looking at maps and coordinates to search and find coals to get to the objective(s).


Section 3

Intended techniques, non digital and digital processes:

I intend on using both fiscal metals and distal techniques such as maps and compass to be used in digital software like actionBound as a way to make the game progress with questions and find goals to finish the game in playable city style.

Timescales: (Please insert weekly targets of what you intend to work on from the beginning to the end of the project)

22/03/16 – 27/03/16

Start and finish research into the ways of achieving in how to make a playable game in the city. Start and finish proposal and star coming up with some ideas.

11/04/16 – 19/04/16

Finish idea generation and test and develop the idea I have come up with. Test the paper prototype and the game.


Fix any issues or problems that may come up when tested my city game.

21/04/16 – 25/04/16

Finish the project, start and finish evaluation. Present project to group.


Section 4

Proposed methods of evaluation: (How will you evaluate your project?)

I will use my own work for the evaluation, starting form the research to the final outcome that will be on my blog. I will also use some students as a way for feedback and along with the results from the paper prototype(s) and tests of the game. Alongside this my own input on the work will also go into the evaluating stage.

Ideas Generation

I could use flash to create a custom app that doesn’t use GPS but rather directional based gameplay. Where The player will get a bunch of questions  to find look and hunt for the answers by using thier own intellect. but if I do use flash I can only use android phones to test and build the app on as this platform is free where IOS is not.

I could abandon any digital use and create old style maps and make a treasure hunting type game.

Making the game based on somthing like finding thresher on the theam on pirates have left behind buried treasure that people can find.

After testing ActionBound, when all of us where seeing what we could use. I thought that we could uses ActionBound to set the location and the puzzles for the player, then using some of the built in features like the compass. So the player would be forced to use their intelligence to solve the puzzles. I could create a old fashend map within the area of the location(s) pf the game and get historical apms that are from the era to be used in the map.

 Game storyline/backstory 

I was think as blackbird the the most fames piret know and as he is know to be from Bristol, why not make  a game where then play find =s and hunts close and only hints left there by chances to find some fresher left hind by Blackbird.

So using the old time map that the player will use along with questions on ActionBound. the player will think, have to be restful hand figurer things out using the old map and the currents maps we have today. progress and finish the hunt.

I might use this theam of blackBired in my game or I might changer the story butt keep the treasure find elect with old and new maps.

Game elements

the element that I will be using in this game are GPS location, maps, built in features on ActionBound like: videos, custom images, scanning QR codes or images and music if I have time to make some music to be used in the game.

Game play ideas

These idea ar only a references and a structure to the game rather then the game’s story or the game’s progressive state or even if these elements will be included in my game.

Firstly get the player to see a message that is on ActionBound, which sound a bit kriptic, using that and the modern map the play will find an old map that some one has left some where.

Using the map you need to solve the puzzle on ActionBound. This where the play while needs to verify that they have the old map by using the scan feature.

Using GPS to go to a location, then answering Citroen questions using the custom old map along with modern map on your phone.


created an account on ActionBound to use as the general hub of the game. I created some starter element that In will develop but for know just to see how well it will wok.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 14.13.25.png

I whanted to see what was the difrens between a stage tab and find spot tab on the option that it gives you. After testing more then once to see what comes up but it actually shows nothing the only thing that shows up on the phone screen is that the place to enter your name and then last page of the feed back section. So I don’t really understand the point on having a location set for a stage.

Maybe it is there to separate the different sections on the game when moving from one location to the next. I don’t think I will bee using this though.

I added a bunch of stages and then in them I added some missions. I tested the game and I got a list off stages on my phone screen, showing what it looks like and what stages do, this is something that I might not do but it good to know the feature.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 15.23.38.png


locations and the enverment that I plan or might use/pictures.

I whet to the location I am playing on using as the game’s stages . I took done pictures of the elments I could base my questions on and use as guides to progress the game.


As I was crate the prototype for the game I was thinking to add stages but these stages have  different type of game play. Such as one stage requires you to use the custom map while the other could be used only by riddles and clues to find berings and progress in the game.

I was thinking to have ciphers in my game, such as Caesar ciphers or Atbash cipher or to make it more harder on the player, I could use the A1Z26 cipher. I could do this so the game would have a difficulty element and not to make it one sided type game that just a simple location based game and then answer questions once the player is there.

Layout of the the game

I made a simple base format on how the question layout could go. I was originally was going to add some questions with some hints to the net quit on and add only about three or four questions. With many a chifre into the mix.

but know I’m going to have one chifre that player will have the option to solve  to game a big hint for the next challenge, the player will only have a limited time to solve the ciphers


This the prototype game on actionBound.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 21.56.05

I first started with a caesar cipher to use in the game, I addd a time limit of 10 minutes and add only two attempts. Like I wanted, when the player solves the cipher they will get the name of the location where the next challenge is.


Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 21.56.13

the first location will be the challenge. By using the information from the Website ‘know your place’ I got a section of a map of Bristol for  Millennium Square from this website’s data base. The player will have to use the old map to find the location in the modern day. This  could include using modern maps alongside the section of the old map to find the location.


Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 21.56.20

Then I added info that could  help the player progress with the challenges using the free internet at Millennium Square.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 21.56.29

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 21.56.36

Then I adde some riddles that the player will get to answer. These questions our related to the area’s buildings and objects.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 21.56.44

Then the second location that the player will be asked to find, I add a birds eye view of the location as a hint.

Then I created a simple short survey of two questions. “Did you like this game” and “What could be improved”. As this only a prototype and thee difficulty in the questions I only had a small gameplay, so the game dosent feel so long and boring.

Prototype test


After someone tested the game the answered the survey questions. He told me not to have the cipher or to make the hints more easier because I had to give him a lot of hints. On top of that there is the issue of the timer for the cipher going back to it’s original time limit even though there are only two etempts of answering correctly. I’m not really bothered by the timer going back but I could add more etmpts of answring the quiet ion. On top of that I made a slight error in spelling that I missed out and will change.

I think I will add some more questions only because right know it feels to short and a bit tedious to go throw at this point.

I also noticed that the old map image i have with a mark and a highlighted are in the first location finder. is slight incorrect to where the player has to go. The mark is in the wrong position.

Ideas Development

After some one testing the game I added a info box in the beginning, so the player would know what type of game this is.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 16.42.10.png

As this game is a riddle and puzzle type game I includee this into the info box, along with what will happen when pressing next.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 16.42.19.png

I still hade the cipher but added a bunch of hints when the play gets the answers wrong but only three times. I added an image to help and a begging sentence to clarify a bit more on what it is they have to do.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 16.42.27.png

Looking back at he old map I edited by adding a blue ring and a mark, the potion of the location on where the play had to go was slightly wrong so I changed that and slightly also changed the potion of the longitude and latitude of the spot to find.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 16.44.57.png

I only changed the image on the solar tree.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 20.42.23.png

I added image to the next quetion and slitty change a letter for AT to @ to give a better clue to the answer.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 16.45.22

So I add animate to this box, and changed the quetion slightly so it would be a bit easier to solve.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 16.45.32.png

I added a extra question to make the game a bit more longer.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 16.46.01.png

Like the fist stage there was a cipher in the begging I did the same and created aanother cipher but using anthoer mothered. This time I didn’t explain what they have to do rather gave them the cipher and the method in a slime letter and number based image. The the mentored is A1Z26 cipher.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 16.46.09.png

Like the fist spot finding, I sued the old map of Bristol to get the section of the are to go to but this time didn’t add a coloured marker.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 16.46.16.png

I thought of adding a end box that jus says that the game is over and to answer a fiew survey questions.

I extra question to the survey section just to get a better knowledge on how to improve the game.


Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 16.54.39.png


these are the statistics of the game. I could get the footage for the last section of the game because of my phone not having enough storage space.

I tested my new game that I changed and got a lot of feed back. I need to make the ciphers more clear and and need to look at some of the questions agin. I had to give quite a few hints in this test so I might have to make the questions a bit easer to solve.

Produce Outcome

I made the changes by slightly editting the some of the text and added some more images in the blank spaces of the boxs. I took into considration on the feedback I got and changed my game acordng to the feedback, at the same time keeping my game’s makanics of riddle and pazzel based challenges.

Play test

Promo video

Final Evaluation

We where asked to create a outdoor type gamer that can be played using a mobile phone. Using software or any other type of method that would help us in build our game that others can play. We where also asked to think about implementing features that could help develop and further the engagement of the game for the player.

After reading the brief The first thing I did was go online and started researching about the type of games that can be played using a mobile phone while outside, I found a bunch of game that had a RPG type features along with how the real e work and the digital world interacts. I also came up with they ways I would like to make this game, along with what I could use to build my game. When we where in teams in the beginning, we already found a software and free app we could use to build our games named ActionBound. As I had limited time and already had the means to build my game I decided to use ActionBound.

I then proceeded to looking up the legal and eathical constraints i might have wen building my app. As actionBound is a company with there own legal and terms of use are alredy structured. So as thesis game is open world based the locations and every thing can be used along as the game isn’t in  private propaty or if I dint have permission from the owner(s). I also looked up the copyrights and Privacy Policy.

I then, decided to think about the gameplay such as if I should add a story based game or make it a tresher hunting type game. I came up with a bunch of ideas and concepts that I could develop to use with in my game. I along thought of the game’s elements such as puzzles ridles and ciphers, which I developed with the final gameplay. But at the end I decided to keep it simple and rather it being indept story wit locations and maybe history of Bristol I hen with a type game that would challenge the play while they move and see the locations of Bristol with in the boundary limit.

I first preceded to  figure out where my game will take place, along with the  interaction through the surrounding’s elects such as statues, building structures or aesthetics and test  ActinBound to see what it can do and what it can’t. After visiting some of the ares that I what my game to be held I crated a game structure that I can follow. In the firtd panel There would be a challenge and a chances to get a big hint for the next equation in the form of a chifer and then the play will have to go to a certain location to proceded and get the next set of questions. and the same thing repose foe the second location. Bust I decided to end my game after find the second  location because I thought it would be too long and after figuring out chippers, riddle type quetions and using image and maps to find locations. I then thought it would be a good idea to add a survey, which the program provided already.

I then started to do some tests after creating some questions and custom images for the game. Because of of ActionsBound already existing as a full fledged app and bound generator, I could prototype and test the game at the same time. I tested my game a few times, with each one helping me improve my game such as making the questions more understandable, give a bit more clarity on what they have to do on ciphers. Form thoughs tests I developed may game.

I think this was half succeful because even though I finally ededup with the game having all the final fishuals I wanted, improving the questions to make and be a bit easer for the player and get the play test done. the there could have bee some improvements still done to it to make the is game a lot better.

If I had the time I would make the images I got from the internet be in line with the theme I was going for. Make the game a bit more longer as sugested by the feedback I got from the survey I did and at every test people still had a bit of a difficulty in the first cipher even though every time my game was tested it got less and less difficult to figure rout what thy had to do. So maybe I could have use a different image, so the play can get a better understanding  of the question and I could give a bit more information on what they are faced with.

Unit 02 Materials, Techniques and Processes

How to do something video

 let us intervene in the machinery of the dull.png


Dot effect 

For my project in nut 63, I need some visuals, I was thinking to have a comic book doted style look with inter colures.This effetc will be a over lay over the original image That I might take or use from the internet .


I found videos on how to created a dodged effect on Photoshop that  I could do to achieve the type of effect I want. I was thinking to make a adption of these voids in my own way.


I made some test before hand to get into the process, so when i’m doing the actual video I want stumble or haste on something when showing the view to achieving my outcome.

Using the method of dot work I showed in my  video, I created a smaller dot work cover. Then I went throw the process of experimented with colour an d reducing the number of dots in a certain way. This the final outcome I did using this method for unit 63. It’s was used as the main picture on my game.

Making this video also help me learning a new skill in Adobe Premier pro. How to speed up video along with vido alignment of music and volcals.

Animation unit 53

In one of the first units that I did I used alit of methords and process to making my animation. Such as Drawing characters and then digitising them so they can be animated or aligning the sound effect with the cones that the player collects in the full animation. I also improved my animation skills on character form, as the process I went throw of redoing the runnsing animation for the character three times. I also gave a try on achieve a technique, wher when the robot raws a arepeating flash hapens of the two characters in the scene. I the begging of the unit we did some seshons on animation in. One of the them I  learned to achieve a  better process of lips sync,which was in the  video.

Biassed the animation unit I also improved my skills in Adobe Premier pro, such as experimenting with effects like the flashing effect of scenes in the video. This something I nerve done and I think it works well.


Icon deadly sins

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 00.01.12.png

In this video I went throw the process of using the union, subtract and exclude tools in Graphic. I experimented wit shapes and freehand brush strokes using the three tools to get the right look for work. Going throw this process I got a unique type technique.

when I was doing thsi I was unsure what the shape will tern out but after messing with shapes and trying to move and caret deferent type of shapes to see what I can get I finally got some thing I liked and I think I managed to come out with a icon that is both a unawake style and fitting the purpose or my work.


Character drawings using pen tool.

In this video I’m using the pen tool to  crete body form and character shapes. And using the metered of the brush tool to create  addtional shapes for the character’s body and clothing.

I think that doing this way I managed to caret something from scratch, watch I changed and adapted to fit my purpose.

3D modelling of a building

I now how to use cinema 4D to to sculpt building. So this modelling was me just me experiencing.

In this time lapse video I carted a building on Cinema4D. I went troth the process of taking a shape and ten strchiong and editing using the inbuilt features.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 01.14.55.png

By using the inbuilt features I used a techie of 3D modeling that dulicates segments that ten can be setred moved and resized to crate a shape.  I also went trough the procces of getting the right physical sky, which effects the lighting on the buildinga and thire shadows. I also did slot of experimenting such as getting the right radise for the windows.

In all I came up with a lot more detailed model then I was expecting and alot more better as well.



Unit 04 Communication through Art and Design

Task 1

Watch Dog


The website is where I got this image from

This image has a lot of drake areas with barely any light shining throw with in the mist of the building the main character is there also shaded in drakes with some light shine on him. He has a phone in one hand and a gun on the other; all of this could suggest that he’s a hit man; killing people throw the darkness. The game is all about doing things throw underground methods and so the scenery shows that aspect by engulfing the environment in darkness.

This game’s main feature is hacking that the main character, Aiden does with his phone, he’s secretive as there are cameras and technology to find him so he where’s a mask over his face and a had to further conceal himself


Big hero 6


This website is where I got this image from


This image is from the movie Big Hero 6. The image shows the six characters in the movie. As they are heroes, they are whirring their superhero suits. The colours for the suits are bright, non-threatening or   friendly, as this movie is aimed at children and family.

The text is on red backdrop, which is the same colour as one of the co-protagonist character.


Doctor who


This website is where I got this image from


This image shows the two well know characters of British inventions. As Doctor how has his iconic T.A.R.D.I.S.T, its toward the right where the Doctor is standing; while Sherlock Holmes is standing towards the left with a another iconic object, the red telephone box that was also used in the same way as a normal police box that the T.A.R.D.I.S.T is disguise.

The backdrop is grey with shade of darker tones for depth of objects or shadows.

The two characters are British, so the scenery is in the capital of the UK, London. The image comprises the two well know features of the series. The castles, London eye and Big Ben are from Sherlock Holmes and the gallifreyan language symbols from Doctor Who bur as the Doctor visits London a lot, the British scenery also refers to him as well.


Futurama interpretation


This website is where I got this image from


This image is a parody of Doctor Who in the Futurama series. The classic blue box is in the background with the street lamp, that looks like an old lamp form the 19th century.

The character in tis image, Fry is derides as the 10th’s Doctor, David Tennant’s cloths, this depicting a a seen where the Doctor was in a Christmas special with snow and along with that there was a creature that was also in the scene, named the old, which the red crab in the background (zoidberg) is being referred to as.

The entire image is based of the scene but the image is created in the style of the show Futurama.




This website is where I got this image from


The Bose log is created using the simplistic method. It’s bold sleek, tilted and filleted in a black colour. Lines attached to the B and E of the text, one on the bottom and one on the top. This style chose on the letters could be to inter prate sound going into one rare and out the other.




This website is where I got this image from


The beets log Like the Bose logo used the simplistic style. The lower case B is in the middle of the red circle, with an elite cut of the B letter on the left side of the circle.

The B letter could be interpreted as a ear phone that the company sells.


Let’s Fall in Love


This website is where I got this image from


This image’s foreground colour is red to signify love. There are plane weight texts with a hart stencil. The love is far bigger then the rest of the text, so the person would notice it more.

There’s a cesium or a crack between the hart shape and the text. Lines are dripping from the love text to interpret the FALLIN text and once the person has feline, the person can find love on the other side.


Game boy


This website is where I got this image from


The image has a game controller silhouette, it’s covered with weight texts that refers or are income with gaming references. The biggest text refers to one of the most know Nintendo games involving Mario and Donkey Kong.

The background is created in a way to reusable old paper, to give the concept of the image a vintage look.




This website is where I got this image from


Like the concept of the game controller, this used the same method but a silhouette of Homer Simpson.

The texts are organized by the character’s language, so that the most used or common words or phrases are bigger, while the least used words or phrases are smallness.


Marvel character


This website is where I got this image from


This image shows five well-known characters from the Marvel universe. The core aspect of the individual character is shown by either colour or action. Such as; Wolverine has his iconic yellow suite colour as the foreground and his sharp animal like mask. With his claws that are silver; Captain America like the others has his iconic blue colour, along with his shield. His face is shone with the A and wings, his mask in blended with the background colour. And the Hulk is known for his yelling and purple shorts, along with his black hair. All of these features are add in a backdrop of the Hulk’s iconic colour. Green.


Sound coffee


This website is where I got this image from


The image shows a person holding cup, the way this person is holding the cup looks like a hart. As this image is promoting a speaker the references tone in is displayed throw the coffee and this ad is treeing to surest that he people are calm and trying to relax the sit down drink something, which is why the ripple of the liquid is in a form of a speaker, as if the company is saying “you will relax with our speakers”.


Junk food


This website is where I got this image from


The concept of this image is that what you eat will contain trash and bad bacteria, which is why there’s a burger as a sigh of junk food most people would eat. The trash shows generic type of objects that you might put in your mouth, like pen you might chow or put a cup on your mouth. So this image sowing that if you would use the product they are selling your mouth would be a lot cleaner.

The slogan “What will your mouth go through today” underneath the Bottle, it’s using a rhetorical equation that your math will constantly be fall of junk unless you us e there product.


Food in space


This website is where I got this image from


This Ad is letting know the viewer that food now can be made in space. The creator has chosen a grey backdrop as to reusable a frying pan or space in in some form. As a well know breakfast food is a egg, the creator has taken a egg form and model it in a way to resemble a space astronauts and the yoke to represented by his helmet but still keeping a elite shine to let the viewer know that is a egg.

The text “Food is now prospered in space” uses the same coloring pattern as the space egg, so it would mach. The prospered is yellow and bold, so the viewer would notice the text and to make a like once again to the astronauts egg.




This website is where I got this image from


The image advertising he move pixels. as Pac-man is well know and iconic character to the video gaming industry, he’s in the image let the viewer know this move is about games.

Pac-man is a very old game but in the image he looks like he has a higher resolution, so to give the old version’s look he’s created from boxes to resemble pixels.

As the movie is about video games coming to life and destroying the city, We see  Pac-man eating a part ion of the city .


Pirates of the Caribbean


This website is where I got this image from


The text Pirates of the Caribbean is tinted in a rusty type metal to reusable a sword’s marital as pirates used them. The yes sits on a scroll like map, with an old texture added in.

The main protagonist is Jack sparrow; the image shows the clothing’s on his head on a skull. So the viewer would know what kind of movie it is and whom it will involve. The skull refers to the danger and destructive nature of pirates or as theses moves are know to have magical aspects, the skull could also be there to show that.

The Skull is behind two torches, the torches are used to the them of finding treasure and the pirates would use them to light the darkness , such as a cave;  the torches create a cross to keep in them of priest and treasure, as X marks the spot.

The backdrop is a texture of a wall; it looks damp, like it’s handled water exposure. This still keeping the theme of priest on the see and finding trashier.


007 Skyfall


This website is where I got this image from


This mage has the silhouette of the British character James bond, with is isle clothing style of a British starter suite, which has the formal and class look of a black blazer with tie and white undershirt, suing negative space to create a image shape. The aspects of the image’s feature are all imbedded inside the shape, to show the aspect of that character in a psychological way.

The movies of this series have been know to include killing and danger, as you go towards the bottom of the image the image changes to resemble blood and a gas explosion. To further shoe James bond use of spy method, he’s holding a gun. To trolley show he has a licensees to kill.

The text “SKYFALL” is created in the same ay as the image above expiate in the inside of the text has a smoky and unclear type look, to match the images above.


Batman begins


This website is where I got this image from


This image is compiled in the same concept as the image above. The silhouette of Batman is such an Icon that the only thing is need to show is the shape f the chractar, the bat wings and the sharp, pointy eyes.

As the Dark knight is know to be in the darkness and shadows. A section of a city or town is inside the batman shape, with hardly any colour except for a red cross, the tex on the bottom left and the white text(BATMAN BEGINS ) in the mid buttom of the shape

The seanery is is in grey scale with suburban buildings, a angel statue, dark clouds that look like a storm is bruing, lighting slashing the the page where the moon is, blimps, birds flying away from he storm and light beams in  the night sky, as if they are looking for some one.




 This website is where I got this image from


The seanery is creayed in the noir style, shades of of grey are used to distingwish layers of moon, flakes of snow, slight showing of clouds , grounds, trees and wildlife life. The image is depicting two things; the winter season and the tragic killing of Babi’s mother. The enter image ids put to gather in order to get they feel ing of sadness

This image is an combination of elements to create a n image relating to the Disney movie Bambi. The image is structured gourmand the silhouette stag. A simple shade of grey for his nose and white sheshess for his eyes. The creater has made the stag’s head to reusable a brig, between one ear to the other. It’s antlers are also crete to resemble tree branches. And finaly Bambi as child and his mother on top of the stages head. who might be Bambi has an adult.

The text “bambi” uses a brach type typography, to further think of trees  or forist. A thin layer in black is centre in the letters, to give the elution of a cut. The is filled in white in order for it to be noticed.


Peter pan


 This website is where I got this image from


This like the image above is compiled in a way to imbed fetters of the Disney movie Peter Pan. The image uses he silhouette style  to refer to the images. Using black as the main fill colour and using white or light gradients for extenuating features.

The image is separated into two sections, each referring to the sneery location in the movie. The left has silhouettes of captan hook’s pirate ship and Peter, as his famously know to leap into the air and fly away from cap capten hook’s ship. The backdrops coloured in red , to earthier refer to the red of captain hook’s colouring or the sun set during when Peter exapted the ship.  The right section has some buildings, a crestnc moon and white shades for stars. and finaly a grey type graident to reusable the night sky. The right section is dipctating the city of London and as we the viewer only see London at night in the movie, the right section is put together to refer in that fashion.

In middle of the page a shape is dipctating a different thing for each side of the image. The centre circle creates a eye on the left,that has lines to shows the eye rills at the same time it simlasly blended into the    the right sides clock face and both sections are separated by the clod hands. The left side is creating a half side of the crocodile, which ate captain hook’s hand. Some of the crocodile’s scales around the center peace of the eye and some scales towords the bottom left. The right has the iconic Big Ben.

The text is crete in a way to reseble fine metal along with a graidnt filling a silver colouring. The text is a refiners to the metal swords used  by captain hook’s crow  and him, along with Peter at one time.




 This website is where I got this image from


This an advert for coca-cola. The band is know for its class bottles and the iconic red, as such the ad shows a shape of an red bttle with the logo blending with the negative space. Its raped around the bottle where the banner would normally would go.

The “open happinessTM” is red to mach the companies brand. it suggesting that if you open there brands bottle and drink cocacola you will be happy and not sad when you taist cocacola.




subverting advertising research

Task 2

Subverting advertising is where advertising is used to make political or ned be issues that are ion the world or may be developing.

I found a lot of examples of subverting:



dont_buy_crapdrpepperenjoycapitalismhellhonesty-or-art-2I'm Lovin Shitrebrand_bp_petrol_disasterShift_Delete_KNike_Crime_1tesco_lie



These pictures are reasurch into how I would like to have my bulking in the forest.



I intend to create a subverting on the issues of manufacturing in the world. Claiming lives of wild life, sea creatures and the human race in danger in certain cornners of the world, due to the manufacturers not creating more recyclable or sustainable materials.

I intend to create a an poster outlining the issues of manufacturing efedcting the word’s eco life. I was thinking to maybe have no text just visuals. Maybe illustrate examples like trees of plants to represent life. The effects of manufacturing examples in form of circuitboards or maybe tech peaces, to. I was thing to create the poster in a technology type way, with circuit lines or with greens and blue, people would associate with the colours of technology parts

Created a 3D model suing Cinema 4D


This my finals peas, it a simple model stage that photographers or studios use in there backdrops.

I crated this using Cinema 4d from scratch. I created three different tree models and then  placed them to simulator a symulate of a  Forrest, however I dint have as powewreful computer as needed and so there only some trees. I also created a a building to place but like before I” didn’t have a powerful enough computer and so again I could only add one may building model.

I used these video tutorals to help me create my trees in the image above.


I aso used theses images as references.


I didn’t like this artwork so I set out on creta another desighn butI still kept the concept of having a building with plant life.

This time I create another building. From scratch. Still using Cinema4D to crate the 3D modles and then starred creating a tree root, sort of spiralling around the building with batches and leaves.

I aded geral colouring of white  to the building.

I tried to add texture to make the tree branchs realistic but I didn’t like the style sand decided on having sold colouring with inbuilt effects. Like bump to give the branches a slight wood effect.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 11.15.42.png

To make the leavs and branches I used the tutorial videos above on YouTube.I adapted the simulated hair tag  mothered to chage hair strands to look like leaves, then I add my own demotions to the simulations to get custom looking leaves and modled the beaches to look like some what realistic type tree branches as well.

I also tried to see what the leaves might look like if the where a faded pink colour but I didn’t like it so I kept the green.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 19.51.23.png

For the buildiing colours and metral I didn’t know quite how to get a realistic type look for some of them. Such as the glass on  the balkony windows/doors.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 23.07.24.png

I found this video on YouTube to help me create a metrical for the windows/glass.I did slightly change some the settings to mach what I was hoping for.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 00.46.17.png

I finally added another set of colour(orange) to certain parts of the building to give it a style.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 02.39.26.png

After rendering again and again to see what the models look like with the orange added in different places. I changed and tweaked the models colouring and textures to get it the way I like.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 18.11.44.png

I also went into the settings to see what the rendering options of Global illmnation for the  hall model will look like and which is the bet to use for my render.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 02.39.38.png

Seeing for m all the renders I found that using Quast-Monte Carlo(QMC) along with Iradiache is the best out come.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 03.09.49.png

I thought that on the front side looked a bit too plane so I added another tree brach with leaves. Then I renderd out the final image from Cinema 4D.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 00.56.48.png

In the software there was a preset cloud generator, I turned it on and preveiewd the image to see wat it looks like but the style of the clouds didn’t really mach up with style of the building and the tree. I  didm like it so I un-chedt the preset and kept the organale blue sky. Because the settings needs lights and adding a phyisical sky is easier then setting up custom lighting. So I’m going top go into Photoshop and and replace the backdrop drop latter on.

unit 4 building.png

After rendering out the full image with the changes made. I the when into photoshop and using the magic eraser and the eraser tools. I removed the backdrop of the image and then placed another backdrop that more mach the style I was going with.

unit 4 building cuto out

I tried to see what it look like with a image in the back of a sky but I didn’t like the way they looked, so I crated a custom gradient of blues and got PNG clouds to place in the back of the building and tree image.

Build and tree spiraling around

I then into Photoshop added a sky background and somer clouds. I used this video to learn how to get a faded back drop of the sky.


I then got a PNG hand image, in holding out pose.


I ten compiled all of the image and created thsi image.

Final outcome

unit 4 building

This my final product. symbolising that modern development can live in harmony with nature. It also shows that people are the ones how have the ability to change or effect the environment.


For the unit 4 task 2 we where asked to create a peace of sub advertising of our own. Dealing with one issue that we feel that should be looked at and reviewed by others as harmful or dangers in the world and action should be taken to either prevent or stop said issue.

After researching into some older existing subverting to get a better grass and ideas on what subject to do about for task two. I had a hard time on figuring out what to do the subverting on. I was thinking to do it on junk food being related McDonalds fatty food. But there where already a lot of subverting around McDonalds and.  As time progressed I changed my mind on which issue I  wanted to do on and I finally decided on doing about the environment, persifcaly how people are abusing there resources in the world.

The first thing I did was go online and find references and images on the subject, trying to find anything related to something I hated but there where hardly anything in terms on how I wanted my subverting to look and that I can us has references. so I had to improvise and find images separately that both relate to buildings and the wild life.

After searching the interims for buildings with plant life related or are just good references interims of design. I stared to come up with a concept for my idea and set out on creating the idea on Cinema4D.

Then I went into Cinema 4D to start modelling the assists using the tutorials I found on YouTube. I created one tree using the videos by the hair tag but I did change some thing to maker it look more they way I wanted. I created a second tree to give my image some diversity and reused a building model I created a while back. I then got a premade set, with a blue colour that I changed from the assets folder of the software. I then multiplied the trees to make a simulated forest but because my computer is not as powerful as needed I could only get a limited amour of trees into the set, which is why the image only as some trees. I then finished it off with some 3D text that I placed in order in which it should be. The starting point is on the top and the last on the bottom.

After compiling every thing and rendered it out I didn’t like. I could have changed it by adding more trees ben though it would have made the software crash but it would have rendered out the image. I diced to create another design commonest, I still kept the idea of having a building and natural life.

I started form scratch and recreated a building with windows a balcony and a modern design style. I then started to great the nature aspect of the idea. I thought of crate a tree root that spire led around the building. I then proceeded by creating a set of tree branches with leaves placed around the tree toot. After spending some time on getting the tree branch models all looking the way I wanted I the n added texture.

I spent about a day and a half on the colouring and the aesthetics of my building, the tree root, with the branches and the leaves. To get the right type of style I kept changing and tweaking until I finally got it right. I then whet into the setting to get the right rendering settings.

I rendered the full image and then went into Photoshop to remove the backdrop. I used magic eraser and the eraser tools so I can add the sky image in the back. However I didn’t like the image I found online to use as the backdrop so I crated my own backdrop and placed some PNG clouds to make the screen more believable.

I then got a PNG image of a hand. I the combined the images by placing and anlage the hand image in front of the other images. I then reduced the size of the building and the cloud images and using a video I found on YouTube, showing me how to fade out a certain areas of an image. I faded a raided fade of the sky background from the middle of the page and outwards.

I think this was very successful because I managed to model and render out a unique style that I wanted and compered to the first 3D model it a lot better.

If I had more time and a more powerful computer I would render the image out more detailed and work on the texturing even more. Because my computer couldn’t handle the processing power of the software and would have taken too long, in both modelling and rendering.

Task 3

Reach about the seven deadly sins.

the seven deadly are are the  negative aspect of of people. The attributes and aspects that we are built upon being yearend down  by great, lust, pride, wrath, gluttony, sloth and envy.



There are modern way of looking at the the the sins

7 Deadly Sins.jpg


From Wiki

The seven deadly sins, also known as the capital vices or cardinal sins, is a Western grouping and classification of vices.[1] This grouping emerged in the fourth century AD and was used for Christian ethical education and for confession. Though the sins have fluctuated over time, the currently recognized list includes pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth. There is a parallel tradition of seven virtues.

The seven deadly sins are called “capital” because they are the origins of other vices. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, a mortal or deadly sin is believed to destroy the life of grace and charity within a person.




A emotional state where a person is too proud, acting upon there own judgements. Thinking they are always right and fearing to loos others respect.


An action where a person will constantly gather and collect objects, sometimes  regardless of there reasoning, value or meaning of owning sed item. These people could be considers as the term “hoarders”


lust is when a person is heavily tempted of sensual desire. This considered as the deadlist sin of all in may cultures, religion and in certain ares of society.


An emotion that a person will feel to wanting or achieving something that some one else will have. This emotion can cause or even drive a person do things that they might never think of ever. It is also be known as jealousy.


This a concept where a person will consume large amounsts of food and drink to a unnecesory point. This also could refer to owing or wanting wealth. In some religions and ethical starers this considered as sin or another form of greed.


Wrath or more comanly know as anger is an emotion that can be triggered or be unleashed due to a response to a certain situation. Anger as know to be a negative response in society. however this emotion is structured in order to protect, defend or shelter ones self or another from harm.


This where person is acting or behaing in a lazy manner both fiscally and emotionally.


From Wik

The seven deadly sins in their current form are not found in the Bible, however there are biblical antecedents. One such antecedent is found in the Book of Proverbs 6:16-19. Among the verses traditionally associated with King Solomon, it states that the Lord specifically regards “six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him”, namely.

  1. A proud(vain) look
  2. A lying tongue
  3. Hands that shed innocent blood
  4. A heart that deviseth wicked acts
  5. Feet that be swift in running to mischief
  6. A false witness that speaketh lies
  7. He that soweth discord among brethren



Im thinking to add the sin’s log or symbols in the backdrop of my designs. or  create my own.



I’m thinking to crete the seven deadly sins in a one way. A way that most people would over look. As the newer generation acknowledge more and more of life’s deeper meaning, involved with morality and what is justifiable within this world. I’m thinking to crete a  set of poster based deigns that would apple to the younger generation and let them be where of the world then what is is just seen as good and bad.

I wrote down the things that when a person thinks of the seven deadly sins they think of the most oversee and straight forwored of the aspects of those sins, such as pride is when a person is to fully of them selves.

These points are what might comes to the mide when ypu think of the seven dedly sins, as well as what the sin’s characteristics may be.


  •  Power
  • Work
  • Arrogant
  • Ownership of an object
  • bold eegale
  • life style
  • Yellow
  • Gold


  • Money
  • Green
  • possessions
  • selfish
  • hoarding


  • Pink
  • sexualaty
  • Wiman
  • Harts  and arrows symbols
  • Bright red


  • Gelassy
  • Wanting  objects or characteristics
  • Self conscious
  • Green


  • Greed
  • Hunger
  • selfish
  • Whanting more
  • Green


  • Anger
  • Revenge
  • Male
  • Red
  • Dark colours


  • Laziness
  • sleeping
  • Clouds
  • Not caring
  • Light blue

these sins can also be considered to have a deeper meaning interms of how they got the sins.


Those that have work hard have gained pride but too much of it.


The person might not have had anything in the beginning and now they are intent on getting every thing they want. Even more then they need to.


The person who have the lust sin could be that the person didm get any attention in the past and felt realy self-conches of there body and after time they gained the sin of lust.


The person might be self conches and so the person might be envious of others or what they might be like, even the other person’s life style.


The person might have gluttony as a sisn because the person could not have food in the past.


those who might have wrath could be there as a protecter and they would do anything.


those that are sloths might not like to get involved into situations and  as such don’t like confrontation so they become the sloth.



I intent to create and design a set of character drawings with ideas themed on the “seven sins”. I will create custom aesthetics with a style for the characters. Implementing the seven sins attributes  into my own design such as colouring or symbol representation. Then following throw with the  selecting sin I haver been give to final production.

Ides for art work

Icon design test ONE















I created a set of icon based for the Seven Sins.


I dod some drawings to get body form for the characters but I think I’m going to get imagEs and then using the computer to draw around  the body form and then make them look lime way I whatnot them to.

Images for body from/mode of the charters.

I wanted to try some body form art fro the seven deadly sins. I when online to find some images to refer to or how I what them to sorta look.



















Character form designs: test TWO

I try a different set of design for the seven sins. in a different format. By having the same colours of the

New seven sins Icon: test THREE





I changed the design and the coloring of the greed icon because of feedback. The icon is a hand that’s collecting stuff.

In this video, I did a timelaps of the icon greed. In this video I didnt realy know how the image was going to turn out. Instead I tried to go throw the process of trill and error to finally come up with a design of a hand.





I also changed  the Envy design slightly to something like a crystal as a lot of people are envious of others to having this type of mineral.







I adapted the  icons to have a set of textures, to see what they would look like.

New icon designs: test FOUR









I slightly charged the envy icon deign by adapting the crystal like design  to make a form of a tree and then aded a sanke going up the tree. I did this becasue in some imgage reftrenses I found, people refer snacks to envy  and I chose a tree being placed within the design as a refuel to a tree snake, which is another suggestion of the green in envy as some tree snakes are green.







I changed the icon designs one more time by swapping the liner gradients to a sold color.

Icon and body form: test ONE

I took the icons and the body form to combine them by cutting the outline shape on top off the icons.




I used my original design for the Wrath icon and kept the solid colour state but I changed the colour to a dark blue.



We where asked to designs a form of artworks surrounding the theme of the seven deadly sins. Then we had to create a finished pea of work involving only one of the sins that was assigned to us. We were tilted to create then designs in a non-stereotypical way, such as staying way from demon or angels as a concept.

I first went online to find information to help me understand the metaphorical and symbolical meaning of the seven deadly sins. I found images that best described the sins interims my ideas for the sin’s designs and not using stereotypical views of what. I then went online to find definitions of the sins to get a better grasp on what the sins are about and help me come up with a concept that bets describes them by using imagery. I found a paragraph on Wikipedia explain a goral outline of the sins, which helped slightly but to trolley understand the sins, I thought that it would be good to have definitions fro each one.

I then stared writing up custom short definitions of the seven sins, using some information I read online. How ever for some of the sins I allergy had a good general sense on what the sins is about, such as Wrath but didn’t really know best describe it with words at first but I did finish the definitions in a way that I can understand. At this point I thought of creating symbols as an idea concept and found some symbols for the seven deadly sins.

I thought it would also be good references to me if I created bolt points for each sin’s key aspects. But as we life the sins people get may be because of some cause that have the sins. I thought of this way after watching an Anima “The seven deadly sins” by Netflix; I created a second set of descriptions that talking about why the person might have gotten the sin. I then wrote up the proposal and started creating the artwork.

I created the first set of test artworks in the form of Icons. I crated them using imagery representation in a painted brush style, such as a confidant eye for pride or a hart for lust. Wen I was creating these icons I used the research to help with coming up with concepts for the icons However I had some difficulty in coming up with design ideas for the greed and envy sins. After some more tests with adding texture to the icons and further developing of the icons I got the two sins looks more like the way I wanted and I improved the other design slightly as well

I also created a set of character designs for the seven sins to see a different type of artwork style. I even combined the two sets of designs, the icon and the characters to see what they would look like if they where together. I did this by cutting out the character shapes into the icons. But I didn’t really like that and some of the combinations didn’t rely work so well by the shape not being able to seen to well or the characters hides too much of the icon so the hall design becomes undistinguishable.

I decided that going with the icon designs, as my artwork is better then the character as the final outcome of the sins. I reverted the icons from having texture and changed the colouring to solid instead of limner gradients. My finale artwork was based on the wrath icon so changed the colour to a dark blue sold instead of a limner gradient and then exported and put it on the post.

I think this was successful project to do because I think I created a good set of ides surrounding the seven deadly sins and finalising the sin I was given to do. This task also helped me to improve my illustration and design skills for other task in the future.

If I had more time to improve on this project I would try to make the icons look more of a graphic style, a bit more realistic and work on the colouring a bit more.


Unit 57 Human Computer Interfaces for Computer Games


this Is a scratch time that uses drag and drop code. One my team member created this file with the other, having knowledge on scratch, helped, I created the same files but did on my computer and created them in the same way but less advanced. I found the drag and drop functions very easy to work with but did have a issue on how search pre-set codes work, witch whyI did not like using scratch and I’m more use to writing full code.

I used code academy, I learned that I can Add and take away stokes sealy by calling No or just stroke. Lines have for verabls  but 2 of them are the position where it starts and the the other 2 end the position. I also learned taht I can add shapes by typing there name with there number variables and add images.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 00.04.32.png

I use Processing  to crete a radial spinning using the wallthrow. I understood the part with the potions and where the object would spun from but I don’t quite underestand how the code works, why it dose this exactly probably  becuse I new at this.

Pseudo code

var toothbrush;

var pickupbrush;

var putontoothpaste;

var moveupanddown;

var hand1;

var hand2;

var brush;

boolean toothbrush = true;

boolean toothbrush = false;

if toothbrush = (true)

function (toothbrush){

getingbrush (
hand1 x = – 40, y -20;

hand1 && brush x = +56. y + 20;


function (toothbrush){

getpast (
hand2 x = – 40, y 25;

function (moveupanddown) {

hand1 && brush (
loop {
hand1 x 0;
brush x – 10

hand1 x 0;
brush x + 10



else toothbrush (false) {
toothbrush = false;

I did for the code to brush teath. using the know I know and what learned form the lesson.


void setup() {

size (800, 900);

background (255, 0, 50);


fill (192, 200, 192);
ellipse (600, 450, 300, 600);
fill(255, 0, 50);

ellipse (580, 450, 270, 570);
fill(192, 192, 192);

rect(100, 100, 500, 700);

//curve bottom
ellipse (350, 800, 500, 100);

//curve top
ellipse (350, 100, 500, 100);

//curve liquid
fill(255, 40, 20);
ellipse (350, 100, 450, 80);


I created this code for drawing a cup in procuring. from what I learned from the other workshops. I tried to addd text font but even with help of my teamwork partner and the processing website.

using Processor and  Arduino the programming languages, me and my team partner created a code, that when a button is pressed down on the button something like a coloure would change. We got finally working after releasing that it wasn’t us but the equipment. the secret worked but only when the two wires where touching each other but when plugged in to the board with the button, it only red as being on. It wouldn’t turn off.


I used the tutorial to create a short 2d game but I made a mistake of not clicking the 2d setting on the beginning so the ground ids 3D where the character is hiting.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 18.01.31.png

I also changed the value of the characters speed and jumping abilities.


I wonted to  a project on something that didn’t involve a controlere tat uses buttons of joystick. So I  researched the type of interactive technolagy that uses aulternative methods  to the conventual. I went online and found these underneath.

Augmentative realty on phone basic

This link above showas how to crate a simple augmentative person using a printable code that you can place any where, and the see the image. You can be seen on your smartphone using a app.. This some thing i am think about doing for this unit.

This shows a bunch of example that I can do with augmentative reaalty on Flash. so I could do some thing like this. If I decide to do augmentative reality.

This show one of the ways augmentative reality could be used in  interactivity. Using the microphone to create animation that could be used as vocals in flash.

I founda another example of augmentative reality.


A simple version of angry bird

This uses the mouse but in a very basic way. Like angry birds you sling shots thing to making objects brake and crash, with is what this tutorial shows. I think I could do this but mess around with the settings ironed to to be different or something different entirely.

Unity source for augmentative reality

As I was researching for a the types of interactive technology, I found one Augmentative reality that works on Unity. I could use this as a starting point for my project.

Virtual realty


Virtual realty is a way for any one to view digital information on the go, By wearing a head set.The person can interact with it with a button on the side, such as the Google cardboard.

Face taking

This has a good use of face tracking to cantle a car in a game, even though it might take some time to get a handle of things.

Face rig


Face rig is a every clever and good use of face taking, in a bunch of models that are pre sets in the software you can buy on steam.

Theres hand gestures that can be used in order to control devises





There are aalotlot of interactive type devices and software that I can think about to using in my project. I could include certain features into my project so there forms of interactivity could be incuded in my project.

Motion tracking using devise.


This device along with or without it’s developer mount can use motion tracking on a computer with objects. The controler can move the screen with there fingers.

Devices taut use tilting slog with buttons that can be touched or pressed.


The Wii Remote can be used as a car string weal or car games such as Mario cart.


Phone based can be used in a verity of ways then tilting for one side to another, they can alsoalsobebe  use n may interactive features witch could include touch sensitivity or using your on breth to blow on the screen to active wind phisics inside the app.


This the playstation control ere which uses buttons and joy sticks for functionality but it alls can be tilted to be used in a game or application, slog with a touch pad that can earthier help or be used in a game.

Eye tarring for games


This allows a PC game to be controlled by your eyes on a screen. This allows gameplay for the player to be much easer. Although the controls are keyboard based but this technical interface for traking is is an innovation, so the play wouldn’t have to fiddle earned with keys while running or climbing.

I could do some thong like this but in a deferent way for the viewer or the player.


This video show what you could do with augmentative realty. Using the tracking method for his finger , he made a game where a character tell you do some thing and if you do it, a  gameplay is created with augmentative realty.


Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 15.20.20

From the video I found with augmentative reality on flash, I down lowed the tool kit and gave it a try. I was surprised how simple and easy it is. At this point it still a starting point so I might change my way of thought and move on to a another way of creating an interactivity type project.




Section 1


Working title:


Can you bee this

Augment you mind

Target Market

The target market for my project is anyone who enjoys playing games that challenge and interact with the player besides using a controller. My project aloes targets those who have a basic understanding on a computer (Those how know how to open a program) and with a camera either attached or built-in. 

What you will work towards producing: (Detailed description of your proposal)

I will work towards creating a augmentative reality type game that will interact with the player using one or more tracking cards with a pattern on them, which uses a camera to project a object on a screen. I will also create patterns for the tracking cards.

Section 2

What are the design problems you will face

The problems I with face are: the coding aspects of how to get augmentative reality to work on Unity 5, getting a secondary camera to work if the built in camera is to limited for the presentation, getting more then one augmentative model to be displayed on multiple cards and finding if I need to have an pattern generator for Unity.

Early ideas research and sources:   (What are your sources for contextual and personal research?) 

My ideas started from YouTube, where I saw demos and examples of augmentative realty used on flash, seeing a video show augmentative reality game with senses that where used to interact with the game throw taping. I found a source that I used to test augmentative realty on flash.

My research stared on YouTube, finding videos that can help explain and show me how to create augmentative realty and use coding to do it.

Section 3

Intended techniques, non digital and digital processes:

I intend on using Unity 5 to create an augmentative reality type game, using cards that will have printed patterns on them. I will also use Cinma4d to create models that will be used in my project. I also intend on using software to create the patterns for he cards, such as Photoshop, iDraw or illustrator.

Timescales: (Please insert weekly targets of what you intend to work on from the beginning to the end of the project)

Second week 12/01/16 – 17/01/16

Research about the way can use augmentative reality and how I can use the method to create a game or an integrative feature. Fined other ways to achieve augmentative realty on other software.

Third week 19/01/16 – 29/01/16

Test and solve any problems and issues that have with my augmentative realty, create some basic models to be used in my project and test the project on a view peole to see what they think and how I can improve my project.

Third/Fourth week 30/01/16 – 02/02/16

Finish the project however it is and Start and finish evaluation. Present project to group.

Section 4

Proposed methods of evaluation: (How will you evaluate your project?)

I will use my own work for the evaluation, starting form the research to the final outcome that will be on my blog. I will also use some students as a way for feedback and along with the results from the paper prototype(s) and wirerframe(s). Alongside this my own input on the work will also go into the evaluating stage.

Ideas Generation

I really liked the concept of using augmentative reality as my project I already tested has how it would be like.

I could crete an virtual realty scene, which could be viewed throw a phone or a computer camera.

I’m thinking to use augmentative reality. Where two members have to work together in order to win. Along with one player, who is the enemy. The enemy’s job will to fire flaming ball at the player to stop them. This is a multi player type based game.

I creaded four symbols with card board underneath them, I quickly cut them out to made basic pop up  images. along with the four cards. I drew three pictures to represent the QR codes, one for game map, enemy and player. and one for info box.

I created a simple paper prototype that three people used to  test how it would work. I got a lot of feed back. From the feedback, that using this type of method of interface , it very useful and veer mobil. This game showed that it’s a team/ multi player type game I came up with but I was thing to making it a puzzle game but silt keeping the it a team game.

Ideas Development

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 15.14.51.png

I created a wire-framing on flash, its show how it would look ,ore or less when the augmentative realty for my final project idea. I used flash’s code to create a drag and drop cards, which interact with coputer monitor, using code all on flash.

I did two tests on two mebers in class. Like the concept on my paper prototype, they like then same thing wen I created a bit more interactive version on flash. They liked the idea and I got feed back on making the markers more noticeable by either having the name of the function on the card or an image. And Even though I had a info card in my paper prototype, I forgot to add that to my wireframe. According to my feed back it would still be a good thing to include a info card.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 00.46.02

I was thinking to use flash as the  main softwhere to create my augmentative reality, as I know how to animate in flash and have a n basic understanding on how to use code in flash. I tried to see if I could get the augmentative realty to work with multi makers and use it how I wanted to. I managed to find a ways to use different markers and find a project that show muliti marker tracking, the only problem is that getting a 3D model to work in flash is difficult to acheve in flash, I did find examples but understafing the code is still difficult and I couldn’t find something to know how to use 3D models and thier data  that flash use to trace the model.


As i was truing to find something to help me in flash I stumbled onto this video.

This video shows me how to code augmentative realty and sung this I and the some code I learnt during the workshops for create a game to combine and crete a augmentative realty game .

Game idea

I was thinking, The game idea I have come up with is a bit limited to what could be possible with camera train. I always wanted my augmentative realty game to be a multi type game that anyone and every one can play by just looking at the screen instead of holding a card or the marker.

So I thought of a  game that would be a puzzle type game with riddles and challenges to progress to the next stage or in this case the next marker, which could be placed around the class room or find.


Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 13.56.47.png

I got it working by the source that was attached the video in unity.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 14.18.02.png

And As you can see I have control over what object that I can show.

These are test I did without using the video to help but only using the kit that I downloaded.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 16.15.36.png

Using the video that I found, which showed how to get a secondary camera to operate at the end by adding a line of code in the script file. Using that, I tried to get a secondary camera to work. I plugged it using the USB and it automatically became the device’s camera. But unfortunately I couldn’t get the camera to track and then display the 3D object on screen.

Even so, the built in camera works. so I will have to use that for now.

Marker design

At this point I left trying to get a secondary camera to work and moved on to creating and tracking my own marker.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 17.08.50.png

With the tests I did on flash, I know there needs to be a pattern but what I didn’t know is do I need a pattern or not for Unity, I looked up on a website to see if i need to have a certain way to crate pattern or need a generator for it to work, but according to this I need have the marker at a certain length and then any image can go in to the box. The website did talk about patterns and there was a link underneath the section on marker design, which I expected to be a pattern generator  but it dint work and so I moved on.


I created my own little marker really quickly in photoShop.

I tried to use the marker without having a pattern, to see if it would work without one. But the program sot-of crashed. Where the camera just didn’t turn on.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 17.46.38.png

I figured  I need to generate a pattern file, but unfortunatly the recommended webpage wasn’t working, so I when online and I found the page ,where the toolkit can be downloaded and it recommended a online genrator.

Using this website, I created my own pattern file. I used it to create my own pattern. But it did the same thing, showing a blue screen. So I looked around the project to find the issue and then I finally look ed at the example marker, Hiro, in the project. I saw there was a box ticked in the advanced settings, but in my custom marker the settings where different. So I mirrored the settings from the example marker to my own.

Now, I finally got it working and know  how to create a pattern file and a custom marker that can be placed into Unity and how to rig it, so it would work.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 14.01.29.png

know I got my own custom marker to work, as the main marker. I aimed to get two markers to work.

Secondary marker tracking

I tried to mess around with the code by coping the lines of code that yalke about the marker names, the plane that the object will be seen on and the object. I tried and tried to see if I could get two markers at the same time, but after some time I just can’t seem to get it to work.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 15.25.59

Every time I tried to get the program to run it dint even turn on and it kept coming up with a text field about fix in the code.

I thought as Unity uses drag and drop system. I could created a copy of the script, using the already Hiro marker as the tracker, when the secondry card is held up, and duplicated the objects in the hierarchy.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 16.29.15.png











The program didn’t even run before but now I got the camera working. But I still can’t get the second marker to be traced and desplay the object.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 15.53.42.png

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 15.55.50.png

After some time messing withe code or seeing if the marker setinhg are correct. I spent a while tring  to figure out why it doesn’t work. I thought of looking at the camera in Hierarchy and I saw that the script was added to the camera. So I realised that I need to add the copied script into the the camera.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 16.11.30.png

Now that I got two working, I can get my idea of a puzzle type game working the way I fully whited, with multy cards.

Secondary amera

I looked at the video again and realised why the secondary camera did not work. The code has a camera setup, that has the resolution and frame per second stats. This allows the builtin or secondary cameras to work. I need to know resolution and FPS in order for the second camera to work.

I went online to see if I can find the info I need about the camera. I found this on Amazon and tried the resolution info.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 13.28.53.png

It worked, I got the carom to track the pattern but it feels glitchy, like it’s moving slowly.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 13.37.10.png

So I thought it might have somthing to do with the frames per rate. It’s currently set to 15, so I changed it to 30 fps. and it looks a lot better. Now that I got a secconary carer to work I can use that to show my project from a higher stand point, then the computer’s builtin camera.


So, now that I know how to get a secondary camera and get more then one marker to work. I can start getting the models and gathering the aspects of my idea to be added in the project.

I need some models to be used in my augmentative realty. So for my prpjetc I got a bunch of free 3D models for c4d, from the website underneath the image.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 01.00.10.png

A while back I was thinking to have a bunch of models, with some animation and a ridle which leed one maker to another and after all the puzzle are solved the last maker is combined, when filled backwards from all the cards n the came exempt the info card.

So I got eight models, some linked some just related to media.

Now I need to create the markers for each 3D modle and three extra; one for the info card, one for the extra model I need so the giant marker can be formed, which I will create and the finale  marker, which will be  3 times larger as  a regular marker. The one that will be seen when all of the other markers are turned orund and put into place.

Marker template.png

I quickly created a template for the markers and from there I created the 10 marker icons and one I changed to keep the theme.


This one I changed to match the style, it’s the building marker I created really juicily in the beging.










These are the designs of the fore the markers.

I wil create the final marker, once I have these working.

And I created these markers into patterns, using the online pattern generator.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 13.28.03.png

I copied all the the  files and changed the markrer name in the two scripts match the new markers I just created, added the marker patterns to the project. But when I tested it it kept show a red cube in front of the camera and it only tracked a single object at a time now.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 16.54.51.png

I couldn’t understand what was wrong, so I restored the object before I addd any of my custom markers. But now iti’tss not even turning on. So I think i’ll abandon the hall project and star from scratch.

I got it working with my own markers but, I’ve noticed that if the marker is at a certain distances the markers  track each other. I thing it has something to do with my markers being too detailed. So I probably will have to change the ones that are too deataled so it will work normally.

But before I change the designs, there is a feature that I could try on the online pattern generator. which allows the pattern be save in a higher resolution.


Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 22.11.24.png

My own computer

I tried to use my computer camera but I had the same problem of changing the resolution figures on the code. I went online to find the camera resolution because I can’t seem to find a the information on my computer.

I went online, found the computer information for my model. A section in the subheading  “Display” on apple’s website.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 13.43.54

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 12.44.40.png

I changed the resolution on the code. I tested it but didn’t work.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 13.15.11.png

I tryed the other resolution sizes but they didn’t work either. I saw that there was a graphics and Video section, which has another reslution size, I tried it. but again it didn’t work either.

I kept thinking why it doesn’t work then I realised why it might be,  the online generator didm’t work the first time I Imported my image, the  button that says “generate pattern” was not working.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 17.15.25.png

Now I know why it didn’t work, the image was too big. So to bypass this, at the time  I used the camera to great the pattern. Which for Unity isn’t a issue, the pattern would still work fine but in the code, theres a line which as to state the dimensions of the marker.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 20.25.44.png

Unfortunately, I alredy printed the marker in a smaller size to the marker I was using in Unity. I used the online generator again to create the right size marker, and I went through all the resolution sizes I found again to see if it would work.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 17.16.49.png

I still can’t get my computer’s camera to track the marker(s). All I can do is create the project without testing and use only use the knowledge I know. I can only test it when I get the chance on the Macs in collage or if I get another camera.

Card re-design

I re-wred the website I found, which explained the markers and patterns. It suggested that if the markers has a coloured pattern inside the box, it will work a lot better, So wen I’m recreating the markers I will make shure to include colour so it track the card a lot better.

I first Isolated the markers that kept tracking even though it weren’t assigned in a script. All of the markers except for these four markers underneath.

But even so I will change or adapt the icons to my liking. So that the new designs would work a lot better wen being traced by the camera, becuse of there marker’s more simplistic, with colour. So  wen I’m testing the markers, there would be a better chanses of working.

So, I know I can use colour in my markers. I wanted a custom image, I quicly whet on cinma 4D to create a marker image. Using cubes and rotating them to form an object, that I combined to create the pattern image for the diffrent marker. I also intend to use this 3D model as the object, that will be displayed when then the  different marker pattern is held up.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 16.09.44.pngScreen Shot 2016-02-05 at 17.15.47.pngUntitled 1.png

Untitled .png

I did a bunch of renders, by eddinting the texture model I added to the object, to get the effect of glass and then at last I found the right one to sue as the icon in the marker.

Spending some time, I re-created the markers and changed some. I added colour to the markers and created a style. As you can see underneath.











Using the online generator, I created the pattern files once again and this time using the feature to create higher reslution markers. create the pattern files in 64 by 64 marker segments.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 21.01.04.png

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 20.56.57.png


I did this for all the markers, crating them  in the highest marker segments available, 64 by 64. But i noticed that the image in the preview box showed the image black and white. This might be just how they would show the image in the prevew or it could be that this is how the image will be used so the markers also have to be black and white when printed out, having colour would be useless and no point, except for maby the tone and shades of the icon images, being used to help track the markers. The markers could still work with colour when printed out. At this point I can only speculate until I use the Mac’s at college.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 23.37.37.png

My camera

I got a secondary camera, that I can use insted of my computer’s builtin camera. I first plugged in my secondary camrea to my computer, it didn’t work, because I thought the camera would automatically turn on like on the college Macs. I’m geeing they are setup so they will respond  to other devices automatically.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 19.31.21.png

I checked back to the  video, I found for this project. Like in the video, the person’s computer also need to add a section of code in order for a secondary camera to work on his notebook. I added the code on the scripts and as I needed  the relution size of the secondary ccamera I used on college, I thought I might need it on order for it to work.

So I  got the resolution and fps of my secondary camera and changed the resolution on the scripts.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 19.33.42.png

using the old marker, Hiro. I tested the camera but unfortunately it didn’t work either.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 19.40.47.png]

It might have some thing to do with my version of Unity. I have the free version installed on my personal computer, while the college has the full version. So I might have blocked features which are preventing me on using augmentative realty. It could also be that I need to know by computer’s resolution and fps in order for augmentative reality to work on my computer. because on the video, the person never imports the resolution and fps of the secondary camera he has into the script file, he stays with his computer’s resolution and fps. This could mean that I do need to know my computer’s resolution and fps after all, having just the secondary camera and it’s resolution and fps wont work on my computer.

Project creation

So I got my new markers and patterns, loaded into the resources folder in my project and made shore the Read/Write Enable box was ticked for each marker image in the settings.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 20.14.06.png

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 20.26.09.png

Then using cinmea 4D I extracted the models I gathered and made sure to add these ridles or puzzle below to each on ,so the player would go throw each one, eventually leading to the final marker.



“This is our planet, on a and all. The point will come when the planet  will change. Robots will be sent, to help clean the trash and life will grow once gain”



” I float and hover, with defence capabilities, I sore through the skies with no fear (nothing is true, everything is permuted).”



“This can shine and be made of mettle, with a handle bathed in green. Pixelated it may be but still can fend of the enemies.”



“Petrol ignites as the air is deceased of its puraty. Lights speed across the windows as the peddle leans down, I truly know how to move ”



“I can change my size. I can capture and release with press of a button. A red cote on one side and the white  on the other. What am I.”



“A structure  that is built, from the ground up. Some times one more floors that it may have, expectable in suburban life.”



“This may look like me but more expectable if in foreign and exotic lands. With trees, pools and beaches with clear and crisp water.”



“Im nothing alike, very deferent for the others.”



“Some times to look forword you have to look backwards.”

Th finale card

Even though I don’t know if the other markers will work or not, I will Include the finals marker and I can only test this once i get back to college.


This is what i came up with really quickly. At this point it is the same size as  a regular marker, because the online generator wont work other wise. But I will change the dimensions, when i’m printing it out. I alredy know that even though the marker will be printed out bigger it will still work. Because I already tested it when I was making sore that I had full control over what object I canshow, in the beginning of my project.

I created the pattern file for this, made shore to have the segments in 64 by 64 and placed it into the resources folder, along with the marker. I made shore to tick the box for Read/written Enabled in the settings underneath the advanced setup.



This will explain what to do

“Hold up the markers to get augmentative realty to work and start the game.”

The first card is the earth.

Know I need to transfer the models into unity. First I need to add the text ridels and then I need to create duplicates of the plane and nulls in the hi hierarchy, along with the scripts. And match the markers’ name and the eD model holders’ name in the scripts as well.

The models

The last model, for the last marker. I dodnt have time to get a model or create one to symblies a wing model. So I simply crested a win text felled, as you can see underneath.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 22.34.00.png

I put the models into the folder named models, which I created to hold all the 3D models.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 22.44.58.png

I created duplicates of the objects in the hierarchy and also remanned and layered them to match the game’s progression, the the scripts in the assets folder and then added the scripts into the camera. As I learned in the begging whn I was doing my tsest and figuring out the issues of my project.

I finished all the coding aspects I need to do in Unity, And know the only thing is left is to test it out and see  if it works or not.

I tested it to see if the markers will work. I dose, so now I know the colour dose not mater, it will will work if i

Produce Outcome

This my project I only got one marker to work using my own markrt and a model I found with some test I added.

Final Evaluation

For unit 57 we were asked to create a human interaction between, physical objects, such as a keyboard, interacting within the digital space.

After researching in the many different forms of human interaction, which included what type of project I would like to do for this unit and want I found interesting.

I found augmentative reality very interesting, so I thought of going along with this. I also found a lot of videos online, which showed what could be done with augmentative realty. Fro this I got more inspired to make a game like augmentative realty, which can be played by more then one person. As I was researching I did find something example some AR. The first was on Adobe Flash. There was a video with a link that had a prebuilt package and examples of the AR program, which I could have used but with Flash’s expensive use of coding, which I could not do in the time we hade to do this project. However using flash did give me a slight peek at augmentative realty. After looking online and trying to see of I could get my own custom symbols, inside of Flash’s library or models, which can be imported into the code to work. I found another video on augmentative realty that uses Unity. Because Unity hade a drag and drop system for functionality it was a lot easer to use, in terms of placing my own 3D models or custom models as the object to be viewed when a marker is being tracked by a devices’ camera.

Before I got get started on my project I first did a paper prototype with three people, going through my early idea for the AR functionality and game mechanics. I asked three people, at the same time to test my prototype. The idea went well the testers; they liked it and it and said, “It has a lot of potential”. Then I proceeded to make a wireframe using Flash. I Used symbols and some preset coding In Flash, with some extra added lines of code to create a basic working of how the AR would work. This time I did the test with only two people, individually. Just like the paper prototype, the people, who tested my wireframing, they liked it and with a better understanding of what I mean to do, because of the wireframe’s animation and interaction.

After getting the paper prototype and wireframe tested. I began thinking of what else could I do with AR, I thought of developing my idea to fit a wider scale of people to play the game then just three a time. So I thought creating a puzzle/riddle time game, so this way more people can be involved and interact with the game. So I got stared by testing the AR on Unity.

I stared by testing out the basics. The 3D model replacement, so I know I how to change a model when the time comes to ad my own models foe the project. Then I moved on to adding and creating my own tracking markers to the project. I found a lot of help online on how to create a marker. But after creating my marker I landed into my first problem, I saw in the example marker image in the project I downloaded using the video I found on YouTube. There was a box ticked in the advanced setup but in my marker image it wasn’t. At first I thought it was because I needed a pattern but only recently I realized I didn’t need one, unless if the AR was being used for the web. After I ticked the box I got my marker to be tracked by the camera and display a simple 3D box model.

Next I proceeded to get a secondary marker to work. I first went online to find a way but couldn’t find one except for demos. I did find a way eventually inside the example project that I downloaded, but when I did I already found a way myself. By coping the objects in the hierarchy and the scripts. I made shore that the code was changed so it would work and track the other object. But when I tested it didn’t work, it look me a while but I figured out why it didn’t work, I need to add the new script into the camera objects in the hierarchy, just like the other one.

I also tried to a secondary camera to work but before testing to see if I could get a secondary marker to work. But unfortunately after trying and trying I could nit get it to work in the beginning, so I move on. After I some time thinking I realized how to fix the problem, I needed to know the camera’s resolution and frame per second rate. I looked online for the information and once I found it I putting the resolution and fps into the script and got it working. But I did have a problem with my own computer’s camera to work and still have that problem. I tried and tried to get it work. I know how it could be solved but in order to do that I need to know my computer’s camera resolution, which I could not find anywhere even on Apple’s website. I spent the majority of the time trying to get a secondary camera to work not just in the begging but also through the end of this unit; compared to the other issue I faced during this project.

Now That I got the test working to point where it could be viewed. I created a bunch of markersand got models to go with them. Using the metered to get more then one marker to work at the same time, I created to match the number of models to the scripts and objects in the hierarchy. Expecting it to work I founds myself getting a bunch of problems: The program crashing a number of times, the markers would not or dint work the way I thought they would; such as instead of each marker tracking it’s own object they would track the same object one at a time, getting the models to be positioned right so it can be seen and getting a 3D model in front of the screen for some od reason. Some these problems I haven’t g fully solved yet because of how much time I had to do this unit.

I think this unit was only about half successful. I managed to only fix miner problems I was faced with. I still can’t get my own costume markers to work fully; they only track one marker at a time and only one 3D model now. I needed more time to fully go throw these issue I faced which made the presentation be delayed and not to the stander I was expecting it to be.

If I hade more time I would go through the issues I have, trey to see if I could get my markers to work better with darker and brighter shades of colour, get my models to bee seen perfectly without it being upside down or too lager to be seen on the screen and fix the issue with why my custom markers don’t track more then one at a time.

Unit 05 Contextual Influences in Art and Design

Task One

art Movements (12)

Post Impressionism

Features of the movement – what new technological advancements were made or what features define the movements

Before post-impressionisms, styles like Neo-classicism, romanticism, realism and exacta where being used.







If you want to know more:


All of these art types used realism and the artists try to get their art as relist as possible at the same time keeping their own style of drawing, painting or sketching

So when post-impressionisms came about the artist how used this new style changed how people saw art and understand how world mite look or be. By adding extra colures, made shapes or characters look deformed, try not to have their artwork be perfect.4

Who are the pioneers/major artists/practitioners of the movement?

The few how pioneered this movement were Paul Cézanne, Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh, and Georges Seurat, thee are other but these where the biggest.

Paul Cézanne

Paul Cézanne was a French artist, from 1839 – 1906; he laded a foundation for post-impressionist form the 19th century art styles into the 20th.


His art style was well recognized and was known to use a resistive brush strokes tat termed into complex paintings. He

Before he moved to parties and went to a privet art school named Académie Suisse. Cézanne was studding to be lawyer at the same time attended a local drawing academy in Aix.ézanne


Paul Gauguin

Paul Gauguin was a French post-impressionist artist born in 7 June 1848 to 8 May 1903. Unfortunately his art wasn’t quite appreciated untie his death, were a art dealer Ambroise Vollard exhibited Gauguin’s work, which where people preconized him fro is unique synthetic style and use of experimental coloring that differed form Impressionism.


Paul Gauguin was much or them a painter his work made him a figure in the movement of symbolism as a painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramist, and writer.


Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh is a Dutch impressionist artist; well know as one of the grates artist who eve lived. He was born in 30th March 1859 to 29th July 1890, where he took his own life at age 37. Beside that Vincent made a high contribution that changing the 20th century arts.


Form what I found in my “vast amount of reassure” I was surprise to find that Vincent create over 1,000 drawings, 150 watercolors, 10 graphic works, 9 lithographs and an etching, not to mention his 900+ paintings in his short career in his life time.

Specking of witch because of Vincent wrote 800 letters to family and friends, which allows us to dwell into his psyche and life even more them any other arts.

If you want to know more, see the “Vincent van Gogh Gallery


Georges Seurat

Georges-Pierre Seurat was a French post-impressionist artist. Born in 2 December 1859 in Paris to 29 March 1891. He was knows for his use of original drawing media and devised techniques chromoluminarism or also known as divisionism, witch where colures are divided knot dots to form an image. Trust me this is the simplest why I can explain this without it being complicated, or think of it in a way as a printer, and pointillism, witch where a panting is constructed throw dots.


Seurat had a giant impact in art, he apparently moved away for the typical spontaneous postimpressionism and paved away for a more modern and urban life in art form.

His work was very influential in many of his impressionist contemporaries, which was a result of his anatomy training. He gave ideas on contemporary optical theories of colour relationships, basically how we would react or think when we see colour


Important Artworks

“Starry Night” 1889


Starry Night is arguably one of the most know and famous painting with in the modern ear. Vincent Van Gogh painted this while he was in an insane asylum in 1889, in his east-facing window at Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. He painted this just before the sun had risen.

Starry Night’s form could be trying to show how the universe in it’s true form, flowing of other energies in the cosmos, different suns bearing elsewhere outside our view.

Starry Night is know in the Museum of modern art in New York since 1941 but because of it’s ever growing polar it has been replicated for distribution; such digital images.

More can be found on the Van Gogh gallery:


“Vision After the Sermon” 1888


The Vision After the Sermon is an oil painting by Paul Gauguin; this patting is the most famous patting that Gauguin has ever done. It was completed in Pont-Aven, Brittany and is in the Scottish national gallery, the panting depicted a passage form the bible, genesis (32:22-32), where British women who clearly are wearing original clothing, who have just listened to a sermon. The story goes where “Jacob, who, after fording the river Jabbok with his family, spent a whole night wrestling with a mysterious angel”.

Know this infesting I found a letter that Gauguin sent to Van Gogh where he stated, “For me the landscape and the fight only exist in the imagination of the people praying after the sermon.”


Social/Cultural/Historical Impact

The term was coined by an English art critic know as Roger Fry in 1910, to describe the development of French art since Édouard Manet, a 19th century French artist to first paint modern life.

When post-impressionism arose it was a way for art be seen outside of the artist mind. It gave rise to a new aspect of an art form from the 19th century impressionism and allowed artist with a different style to be noticed and appreciated.

Throw the cultural aspects of this movement varied to person’s thought, which for some this type of art was not reconciled until upon their deaths. But when it was it opened a way for the public to see how a post-impressionist artwork can affect a person e few or thoughts on the subject.


Expressionism/German Expressionism

Features of the movement – what new technological advancements were made or what features define the movements

Expressionism is a modernistic art movement. It was generally seen in poetry and paintings. It was originally to have derived in Germany in the beginning of the 20th century.

This movement has fare extended beyond paintings. It can know be seen throw architecture, dance, films, music, literature and theater. Its features depend on how the artist tends to see realty and then conveys and represents that message with emotions and meaning through their art form.


Know modern street art like this below, is in its own way a type of expressionism. They represent meaning throw visualization of word or characters.


Who are the pioneers/major artists/practitioners of the movement?

Expressionism was first noticed in Germany by an artist group know as “Die Brücke”, which translates into the bridge. The formed in 1905 in a city named Dresden. It’s founding members where Fritz Bleyl, Erich Heckel, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff.


With this movement having a large range of characteristics suggested that artist that where famous for other movements could fall into the expressionist category and could also be said they could have been the very reason for the expressionism movement. Artist such as Van Gogh; who was a Dutch painter, Frank Wedekind; who was German play righter or James Ensor; who was Belgian painter and many more.ücke


Important Artworks

“The Scream” 1893–1910


The Scream is one of four artworks by Edvard Munch and his a head line for expressionism. It is the second most recognized human painting. The first beaning Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

The term “The Scream” is a abbreviation of the full name that was give by Munch, which was Der Schrei der Natur; The Scream of Nature. Edvard made four copies of his artwork. He first was created in oil and pastels on cardboard in 1893 in the National Gallery of Art, Oslo the second in 1893 in the Munch Museum, Oslo and the third in 1895 in a private collection where pastel remake. The last one was painted using pigments and waters technique known as tempera painting in 1910. Tat is also in the National Gallery of Art,


“Blue Horse I” 1911


Blue Horse 1 is one most famous oil painting by the expressionist artist Franz Marc in 191; this is also the year when Marc founded the Der Blaue Reiter. This symbolic painting represents the strength of youth and new beginnings.


Social/Cultural/Historical Impact

Expressionism revolves heavily around social aspects and cultural devilment. Without the evolution impressionism, which gave a rise to art in a different light, expressionism would not have been as successful than it as been.

The Die Brücke group structured the movement in Germany in 1905. However the term expressionism was not used until 1913. In the 1911 a group named Der Blaue Reiter in Munich. The name means The Blue Rider, which arose from Wassily Kandinsky’s Der Blaue Reiter painting of 1903. The group thought art had become too conformed by the Neue Künstlervereinigung München and as such created The Blue Rider art group.

All though the expressionism movement derived from Germany may of the precursors artists where not German through the 1910 – 1930 and even though the rise of Hitler had created an issue with in Germany there where outstanding amounts of expressionist works.



Features of the movement – what new technological advancements were made or what features define the movements

Cubism is one the most visional influential movement of the early 20th century, between 907 and 1914. The movement shoes realty by braking down objects and figures into areas. This allows the artist to cleverly show different views points at the same time and by replaces the conventional method of panting and drawing with shape it cave rise to new art style.


Cubism was very important to the art world if id had not occurred we would not have abstract styles including constructivism and neo-plasticism in the later future. The French critic Louis Vauxcelles gave the name cubism while he saw Georges Braque’s painting up on exhibit in praise 1908; he gave the name cubism because Georges had condensed the entire painting’s view to cubes


Who are the pioneers/major artists/practitioners of the movement?

Cubism was invented around 1907 or 8 by Pablo Picasso a Spanish artist and Georges Braque a French artist. They both lived in France and help construct the movement known as cubism.

Pablo Picasso 

Pablo Picasso or his full name Pablo Ruiz y Picasso was born in the Spain in the Málaga in the Andalusian region on 25 October 1881 to April 1973 in Mougins France, aged 91. He spent most of his adult life in francs as one the most known and influential artist of the 20th century.


Pablo besides being the co-founder of cubism art he was also a sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, stage designer, poet and playwright, invented the art form know as constructed sculpture, help co- invention of the technique collage and many other style that he help develop and explore.


Georges Braque

Georges Braque was a French artist. He was born on in May the13 1882 and died in August 31 1963, aged 81. Before working with Pablo Picasso, which gave a rise to cubism he was a member of the Fauves. Georges is regarded as one the most important figure of the 20th century his art works included as a painter, collagist, draughtsman, printmaker and sculptor.


Georges Braque spent many years working on still life. He was fascinated to view objects though verso potions with colour, lines and texture. His work with paint far extended than cubism but he spent far less time being a personality in the art world than being in his studio.


Important Artworks

“Factory at Horto de Ebro” 1909


Picasso painted the oil painting, Factory at Horto de Ebro, in the summer of 1909 in the southern of Spain Horta de Ebro. Picasso vested there the second time after spending seven months with his friend Manuel Pallares in 1898.

This where Picasso stared a series of landscapes, which where crustal to building up for cubism.


Bouteille et poissons” 1882–1963


Bouteille et poisons or Bottle and Fishes is an oil painting by Georges Braque. The painting is constructed in a grid like way of bottle and fishes on plat with a drawer on a table. It’s formation and colouring as a goes against Braque’s earlier paintings of free expression.


Social/Cultural/Historical Impact

Cubism is an art from that transitioned with the 20the century. It is a form of abstract art that quickly sped up as an art movement that was tried of the consistent western arts. The artist who used is movement where trying change predictable art form which hade been lade there form the Renaissance. The artist wanted representation, such as perspective to danged with the ever-growing world.

Within the evolutionary decanted between 1870 and 1910, artist had rival know as photography. Photography could capture an image and it’s movements of an object much more quickly than a artist could ever paint, this started an revolution to catch up with technology. In 1907 Picasso and Braque sort to equalize with technology and they both stared with Paul Cézanne works as a guide to develop cubism.



Features of the movement – what new technological advancements were made or what features define the movements

Surrealism is art from established in the early 1920s. The movement was to resolve between dreams and realty threw visual artwork and writings. This movement took away realty’s understanding to a more psychological depth, which was clearly shown within the artists decoded artworks.


Surrealism was a cultural movement, which why allot of the artist whom where involved with this movement regarded there work to be philosophical movement. The most distinguishing future was to shock or to surprise the view.


Who are the pioneers/major artists/practitioners of the movement?

The pioneers of this movement art are two people Guillaume Apollinaire and André Breton. This two have helped surrealism into the movement that it as become today.

Guillaume Apollinaire


Guillaume Apollinaire was a French artist although he had a polish heritage, he was born in Rome on the 26th of August 180 to 9th November 1819. His works included as a poet, playwright, short story writer, novelist, and art critic.

he was know as the foremost poet of the 20th century and greatly defended the movement known as cubism, which had a hand in naming in 1911 and the terms “Orphism” in 1912 to describe the works of Frantisek Kupka.


André Breton

André Breton was a French artist. Born in February 19 1896 to September 28 1966, aged 70 in Paris. He was a writer, poet, anarchist and anti-fascist. He is known as the founder of surrealism as his contributions helped to develop the movement t the point it has become.


He had trained in medicine and psychiatry, served in a neurological hospital where he used Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic methods. With his large understanding of the human brain his development with surrealism was bound to have established the movement to a refined state.é_Breton


Important Artworks

The Persistence of Memory” 1931


The Persistence of Memory is an oil surrealism painting by Salvador Dali a Spanish painter. It was first shown at the Julien Levy Gallery in 1932 and it is currently the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. It represents a dream’s tangible form and its credible appearance.


The Son of Man” 1964


The Son of Man is a surrealism oil painting by Belgian painter René Magritte, his self-portrait as known as son of man is a phrase from the Hebrew Bible. One of the representations could be to contrasts the differences between man and God.


Social/Cultural/Historical Impact

The movement was developed out of the Dadaism or Dada movement in during World War 1. Surrealism was centred in price as may arts forms had bee, this movement became globally recognised in many contrives and languages, which effected the visual arts, literature, film and music. It was also proven to be beneficial with political thought and practice and aid Philosophy, and social theory.

As this was a cultural movement, with the World War 1 woken out on the 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918. The writers and artist who where in prices where scattered due to the war. One of who was André Breton that may have helped surrealism to be what it is know but the term and to cone surrealism was Guillaume Apollinaire a French artist and critic.



Features of the movement – what new technological advancements were made or what features define the movements

Futurism was a ground braking art movement led in the early 20th canary. It’s has been organdy a social Italian movement. It’s purpose to move on, allowing Italy’s past to stay in the past. The main features of this movement revolved around the ever-developing world, its artwork mainly included technology, youth, violence and the speed of the modernization evolution. It also includes objects that the artist used to emphasizing the industrial car, airplanes and cites.


The movement sought to show how advancements in the conjunction human and technological evolution. The movement did spread around the world in centuries such as Russia, England and many more. Beside the movement dwelling it the world’s advancements and social conventions in many ways the artist who practiced the movement used a verity of mediums such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, graphic design, industrial design, interior design, urban design and many more.


Who are the pioneers/major artists/practitioners of the movement?

Although Filippo Tommaso Marinetti founded the futurism movement, he was one of many who help make futurism to the point it is now. The member of the futurist group came together and shared in Marinetti idea where Giacomo Balla, Umberto Boccioni, Carlo Carrà, Gino Severini and Luigi Russolo.

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti was an Italian poet and editor born on the 22 of December 1876 in Alexandria, Egypt to the 2 of December 1944 in Bellagio, Italy. He was the founder of the futurist movement and associated with utopian and Symbolists artistic and literary community Abbaye de Créteil between 1907 and 1908.


Marinetti is well known for the manifesto that he wrote about futurism. This could have never been if He didn’t love in Egypt with his father and mother as if they where married. His father was layer from Piedmont and his mother was from Italy the daughter of a literary professor from Milan. He became fascinated with literature when his mother, how had a love for literature experienced him into the writing arts of the Italian and European classics. He first studied in Egypt then in Paris, obtaining a baccalauréat degree in 1894 at the Sorbonne, and in Italy, graduating in law at the University of Pavia in 1899. After he had studded he decided to pursue a career in literature instead of a lawyer.


Giacomo Balla

Giacomo Balla was an art teacher in Italy. He was born on July 18 1871. Turin, Italy and dead on March 1 1958 in Rome, Italy at aged 86. He was mainly known for his paining and poetry but he also a sculptor and designer. He also studied in music until age 9 when his father dead. Balla was one people how participated in futurism apintings.


Giacomo Balla had a lithograph print shop until age 20 his interests shifted towards art. He was self-taught artist but did attend local academe and evening classes. He moves to Rome in 1895 where his eraly works influenced by the Italian Divisionists. he was not involved with the futurism movement until 1912, which as made him to be know as one of the original and inventive of the futurist painters, and When he started in futurism he created arts that depicted of light, movement and speed.


Umberto Boccioni

Umberto Boccioni was an Italian painter born on the19th of October 1882 in Reggio Calabria, Italy to 17th of August 1916Verona, Italy, aged 33. Help influences the Futurism movement and is was an prominent person in the futurist group. Though he lived a shot life his works even after his death inspired and guided artist on his studies of to dynamism of form and the deconstruction of solid mass.


Boccioni was very important to the futurist movement not only in the development of the theories but also help to innovate the movement by including the cubic style that people known associate the group with. Before he died in the Italian army involved in First Would war, Boccioni created many artworks in painting and in sculptures.


Carrà, Gino Severini

Gino Severini was an Italian painter born in Cortona on April 7th 1883 to, 26th of February in Paris 1966. He helped the futurist group with his form of art that combined with science gave us outstanding work that help the futurism movement.


He moved to Paris in 1906 to study painting in all it forms. He hew many artist involved in impressionism and post-impressionism they where leaders of the avant-garde, art of the French capital that including Paul Signac, Georges Braque, Juan Gris, Amedeo Modigliani, Pablo Picasso, and the poets Guillaume Apollinaire, Paul Fort and Max Jacob. This could be where the movement could have gained the assets from post- impressionism tat is found in Futurism.


Luigi Russolo

Luigi Russolo was Italian futurist painter born on the 30th of April 1885 to 6th of February 1947. His involvement in Futurism was for grater lengths than it was for the others, how still relied on some aspects of old techniques. Russolo completely   embodied the quote from the manifesto “destroying the cult of the past”.


Russolo was one the earliest futurist and to become one the first friend of the Marinetti who wrote the Futurism Manifesto. He also wrote a manifesto on sound named The Art of Noises in 1913. He was curious with noises after witness to a performance of Balilla Pratella’s symphony at the Costanzi Theatre in Rome. He did a number of performances before and after the First Would War, experimenting with noise music concerts. From thn on words he designed and constructed a bunch of sound divvies called “Intonarumori”.


Important Artworks

“The City Rises” 1910


This is an oil painting by one the members of the futurist group, Umberto Boccioni, who painted is in 1910 colorfully named The City Rises. This painting is one most famous works that Boccioni did that included the futurism movement. The original name was Il lavoro, work or the job because of its appearance at the exhibition of free art in 1911.

The painting illustrates the rise of a modern city trough the destruction of war and pieces arising form all the hostility. Boccioni diced to paint this as the idea of war was presented within the futurist manifesto.


“The Cyclist” 1913


The Cyclist is an oil painting, by Natalia Goncharova a Russian painter, illustrator, set and costume designer, and writer in 1913. She was a member of The Blue Riders and developed the art style of Rayonism, which gaited in Russia. The futurist movement influenced Natalia, which she demonstrated with hire artworks, this painting is no exception.

She was also influenced by cubism as seen in this painting. There are many layers of cubism and both post and impressionism art styles. Such as the the cyclists legs having more than one action frame and the cyclists back and the bike having a slight fade as if it was a after image, show the motion that this image in going throw.


Social/Cultural/Historical Impact

The futurism movement began when Filippo Tommaso published his Manifesto on futurism in 1909 on 20th February on the front page of a Paris newsletter Le Figaro. That heading of that Manifesto gave rise to a Italian group named then futurists just before the First World War had began.

The movement blended together form Neo-Impressionism and cubism to form an idea of dynamism. To some you could look futurism as a stepping stone for the art movements of Deco, Constructivism, Surrealism, Dada, and to a greater degree Precisionism, Rayonism, and Vorticism.

This movement as it was being formed tried to abandon the past art forms of culture and bring about a more modernistic life in art that was inspired my the Post-Impressionism. As to this the artist embraced a new word and its new technological advancements that hep make futurism what it is today.



Features of the movement – what new technological advancements were made or what features define the movements

Bauhaus was an art school in the city of Weimar. Built in 1919 to 1933. It was created to form a better understanding and to renew the art world’s lack of purpose in society, creativity and correlation to manufacturing, which were drifting apart so Bauhaus aimed to fix this with there art schooled.


The school combined both elements of the fine arts and design education. Within the school’s curriculum the students where commenced with a preliminary course that immersed them in the field of materials, color theory, and formal relationships for more specialized studies. The students came from a diverse range of social and educational backgrounds.


Who are the pioneers/major artists/practitioners of the movement?

This schools plurality began wen Walter Gropius was offered to take charge.

Walter Gropius

Walter Adolph Georg Gropius was an germane architect born on the 13th of May 1883 Germany and died on 5th of July 1969, aged 86 in the united stats of America in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He was the founder of the Bauhaus school and dedicated hi life to it


He was drafted in August 1914 and served as a sergeant and then as a lieutenant in the signal corps as the First World War took place. Gropius was being buried under rubble and dead bodies, and survived a after a pilot was shot in the sky.

He was received the Iron Cross twice. After the war he became a architect like his father and grand father. He did many projects and made many advancement that are iconized that are used in day-to-day life such as the door handle or arm chair. With the rise of Hitler Gropius decide to live Germany in 1934 and with the help of a British architect Maxwell Fry. He went Italy for a will to addend a film propaganda festival and then to Briton where he worked with Fry and then whet to the United States with his Family in1937.


Important Artworks

“Bauhaus building in Dessau, Germany” 1919-1925


Bauhaus building in Dessau, Germany was the first building of the three. From an external look it would seem to normal have no creative or helpful design but it id recognized as one of the most influential designs form modern architect. For this reason this the most famous works of Bauhaus.


“Club Chair” (Model B3) The Wassily Chair 1925


This design was wwhat made Wassily Kandinsky well know for. The design was well thought; it was strong enough to hold agents any changes towards the handles, which where made form a new seamless-steel that the time. It also light, easy to move and easy to produces. The chair was only assonated with him decanted later by acetone by an Italian manufacturer and the named was given the Wassily Chair.


Social/Cultural/Historical Impact

Bauhaus school was influenced by the 19th and 20th century’s trends such as arts and crafts. It tried to tech the understanding of relationship with society and technology involved with art. Because of this reason the school gained an image of a medieval crafts guild. However in the 120s the stress that eventually came trying to unite arts with industrials deigns. How ever the school was closed dude to presser from the Nazi-led government who claimed that the school was a centre of communist intellectualism. So even though the school closed the staff migrate way form Germany and the knowledge and ideals around the world, with major impacts with in Europe and the United States.

Besides it’s image of a medieval guild. It’s was also famous was it’s staff which included artists Wassily Kandinsky, Josef Albers, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Paul Klee and Johannes Itten, architects Walter Gropius and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and designer Marcel Breuer.

The school moved to three locations for the ramming years that it was open. The first location was Weimar from 1919 to 1925, the second; Dessau from 1925 to 1932 and the third; Berlin from 1932 to 1933 and for each transfer had a new architect director, the first; Walter Gropius from 1919 to 1928, the second; Hannes Meyer from 1928 to 1930 and the third; Ludwig Mies van der Rohe from 1930 until 1933. The result of this change in management effect he schools direction, technique, instructors, and politics. Such as when Ludwig Mies, the third director, took chage he made the school a privet and didn’t let any one who was a supporter of the Hannes Meyer, the previous director, to attend the school.



Features of the movement – what new technological advancements were made or what features define the movements

Minimalism is an art movement that was in the post World War 2 in the 1960s America. It was used in visual art and music. It main features include to reduce every thing down to it most distinguishing features, this could be colour, shapes, outlines, letters or even objects.


The movement cam to be in New York, minimalist thought that art had become to detailed and academic, they rejected many movements that relied of shading and detail. The minimalist leaned towards symbolic and geometric visuals.


Who are the pioneers/major artists/practitioners of the movement?

There where many people who helped the minimalism movement. The fooling ate jus of few how helped in there own aspects.

Carl Andre

Carl Andre is an American artist born in Quincy, Massachusetts 1935 he is currently aged 80. He is a minimalist artist that works with structural formations and a poet. Brancusi and Stella, his close friend heavily influenced him on his artworks.


He’s known for his ordered linear format and grid sculptures. He studied at Phillips Academy, Andover, MA. He worked in Boston Gear Works in 1954, traveled to England and France, served in the American army throw 1955 to 1956. Then he moved to New York where he worked for a publisher and wrote pottery, made drwrings and made a few sculptures in perspex and wood, with geometric forms.


Agnes Martin

Agnes Martin was born on the 22h of March in Macklin, Saskatchewan in Canada 1912 and died on the 16th of December in Taos, New Mexico in the United States 2004. She was an artist who referred herself as an abstract expressionist but others suggest her work be minimalist, her work has been defined as an “essay in discretion, inwardness and silence”.


Agnes believed that spiritual thing towards art could have a grater impact than logical. Her uses of evocative paint strokes and subtle pencil lines with restricted washed colours, something she’s been known for and with here contributions to art she was awarded National Medal of Arts from the National Endowment for the Arts in 1998.


Frank Stella

Frank Stella in an American artist born on the 12th of May 1936 in Malden, Massachusetts, aged 79 he is know for his paintings in minimalism post-painterly abstraction. He’s deled in Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture and Architecture. Hes imerced himself in whide rage of movements, which includeed: Modernism,, Abstract expressionism, Geometric abstraction, Abstract Illusionism, Lyrical abstraction, Hard-edge painting, Shaped canvas painting and Color field painting.


Stella work had a dynamic that flowed with his art. He studying in Phillips Academy in Andover in Massachusetts he then when to Princeton University, his major was in history and there he met Darby Bannard and Michael Fried both involved in the art industry media. Visiting New Your galleries before he permanently lived there influenced his devilment to his art. And New York art galleries influenced his artist development, and his work was influenced by abstract expressionism of Jackson Pollock and Franz Kline both highly regarded in as abstract painters.

His father was a gynecologist, and his mother had a love for art, she attended fashion school and later took up landscape painting. His mother could have the reason for his inters in art.

Others have also contributed to this movement in visual arts:

Jo Baer


Larry Bell


Ronald Bladen



Dan Flavin


Donald Judd


Sol LeWitt


Robert Mangold


John McCracken



Robert Morris


Robert Ryman


Fred Sandback


Tony Smith


All these artists have mad a contribution in some way to the minimalism movement. There own brand of style and individuality has been incorporated into the testament of this movement and for some still continuing to this day.


Important Artworks

“Shoot” 1964


Shoot is an acrylic painting by the minimalist artist Kenneth Noland in 1964. It currently being held in the Smithsonian American Art Museum Museum

Use of simple shapes and colours clearly makes it a minimalism artwork. It’s points going down and sharp tips with it’s name being shoot, the painting could be showing a wave of a built after its been shot. As it gets further away the speed becomes more neutral, which could be why the coloring is the way it is. Red for danger, blue for it calming down, pink for the danger is passing and green for the danger has pated.


“Harran II” 1967                                                                                                         


Harran II is polymer and fluorescent polymer painting by Frank stella n 1967. He gave a lot of names that included ancient cities in Asia Minor that followed the roman numerals into groups: interlaces, rainbows, or “fans. Frank’s use of shapes and colours interlocking in this painting, though it’s complicated theirs still use of simplistic colours that can clearly been seen.


Social/Cultural/Historical Impact

Before the movement minimum truly took place and established it self to know to the world the term was used the 20th century n England to explain a painting that was painted in 1913 by Kasimir Malevich a Russian painter who painted a black square on a white ground. Minimum art has been known as also minimal art, literalist art and ABC Art.

To help create the advancement of this art movement to be known, there were two seminal and influential museum exhibitions. The first was Primary Structures: Younger American and British Sculpture. Kynaston McShine the museum’s Curator of Painting and Sculpture, organized the hole exhibition on the 27 of April to the 12 of June in1966 at the Jewish Museum in New York, and the second was Lawrence Alloway who curated at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum that curated Systemic Painting, also in 1966. In the showcase there was Geometric abstraction in the American art world via shaped canvas, Colour Field, and Hardedge painting. Wit the help of these exhibitions, museum curators, art dealers, and publications, plus new systems of private and government patronage, with the help of a new art movement group that came to rise, challenged minimalism named post- minimalism truly established the minimalism movement and it importance.

Without minimum there wouldn’t be modern sued in every day lives, such as signs on streets, symbols that that don’t need to red or marketing purposes to clearly show there product. Minimum is being used far grate extent than it started both in media and out.


Pop Art

Features of the movement – what new technological advancements were made or what features define the movements

Pop Art originated in Briton in the 1950s than later in America. Within the 1960s the movement hade become largely associated with both Brian and America in cultural and conventual media, such as advertising Hollywood movies, fames figures and son on.


The movement can be including anything from both life and emanation. Is main appeal take out its context and replace it with another, to make the art stand out in a different fashion and exaggerate colures and some times avatars them self or there qualities as if they would “pop”. Hens the name Pop art


Who are the pioneers/major artists/practitioners of the movement?

The main key people who helped in the devilment of Pop Art are: Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Richard Hamilton, Peter Blake and David Hockney.

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol was an American artist born on the 6th of August Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania1928 to the 226th of February in New York, New York 1987. He was a leading figure in pop art. He studied exhibited in his art shows relationship between the artist expression, celebrity culture, and advertisement.


His art used many forms of media they included hand drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, silk screening, sculpture, film, and music. He was well recognized for hi works and sometimes know as controversial artist. He’s had a hand in pioneer on computers to generate art, using Amiga computers tat was released in 1984. His work can bee seen in his home city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in The Andy Warhol Museum where there are permanent collections of art and archives.


Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein was an American artist: a painter, lithographer and sculptor. He became a pop artist during the 19760s as did other people. He was born on the 27th of October in Manhattan, New York in 1923 to 29th of September in 1997, aged at 73. His style was influenced by comic book’ use of style and popular advertising, he used the basic aspects of pop art but a parody, and as such his a icon figure to the pop art movement.


He studied at the Art Students League 1939 and at Ohio State College between 1940 to 1943, he service in the War in 1943 to 1946 then returned to Ohio State College in the same year until 1949, and taught there until 1951. He then did various odd jobs, and was an instructor at New York State University, Oswego in 1957 to 1960 and at Rutgers University in 1960 to 1963. During the 1960s he started incorporate carton imagery his art become this sharp comic book style that has made him renowned as a pop artist.


Richard Hamilton

Richard Hamilton is a British artist, born on the 24th of February in Pimlico, London, England in 1922 to the 13th of September 201, aged 89. He was a painter and collagist and his work has been know to exhibit early sighs of pop art that he exhorted in the independent group (IG), which he was a member of.


He studied at the Royal Academy Schools from 1938 to 1946, where he was expelled for ‘not profiting from the instruction being given in the painting school’. Between these years he studied engineering draughtsmanship at a Government Training Centre in 1940. Then moved on to worked as a ‘jig and tool’ designer after that he returned back to he Academy where he was unjustly expelled. He hen went into the Slade School of Art from 1948 to 1951.


Peter Blake

Peter Blake or Sir Peter Thomas Blake is a pop artist born in the 25th of June Dartford, Kent in England 1932, age 83. He studied and the Royal College of Art(RCA) and has other tillers to his name, the Order of the British Empire (CBE) and the Royal Designers for Industry (RDI). Hes bes know to have create a album cover for the Beetles named Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.


Blake was a pioneer in the pop art movement his works showed his fascination with combining images from pop culture with fine art.

He served in the R.A.F in 1951 to 1953 then continued his studies at the Royal College of Art in 1953 to 1956. He got he opportunity to when he won the Leverhulme Research Award to study popular art, he visited Holland, Belgium, France, Italy and Spain between 1956 1957


David Hockney

David Hockney was a British painter, draughtsman, printmaker, stage designer and photographer. He was born in 9th of July in Bradford, West Riding of Yorkshire 1937, aged 78. He studied at the Bradford School of Art in 1953 to 1958 and like Blake he also studied at the Royal College of Art in 1959 to 1962. He is a very important figurer to the pop art movement due to his art contributions in the 20th century.


Hockney apparently was a draughtsman while studying at Bradford, he coped fragments of poems into his paintings by doing this he creating a specific identity for the painted marks through the alliance of word and image and gave rise to a series of paintings produced between the 1960and the 1961 on the theme of homosexual love.

Hockney was many awards, they include John Moores Painting Prize in 1967, Companion of Honour in 1997 and the Royal Academician Order of Merit in 2012.


Important Artworks

“Campbell’s Soup Cans” 1962


Campbell’s Soup Cans in Synthetic polymer painting by Andy Warhol in 1962. He painted 32 cans each for a frame. He organdy displayed this on shelf’s as if they where a product being sold. The number of cans isn’t random but in corresponds to the company of the soup cans product line. They’re where 32 flavors and so there are 32 cans, in chronological order also corresponding to the soup company’s product relies.

The painting was nerve intended to be in a commercial way, like that of abstractionists. Warhol took together things that are where know in culture that any one cam relate to such as these soup cans or Mickey mouse and then depict them in a consumerism light but keeping the context of fin art.


“I Was a Rich Man’s Plaything” 1947


I Was a Rich Man’s Plaything was a collage by Sir Eduardo Paolozzi constructed from magazines in 1947. The magazines where give to him by an American ex servicemen. This is one of ten collages Paolozzi did. It is in the Tate Modern in London.

This was a very important foundation for pop art. This combination together to work well for pop culture documents, it included a pulp fiction novel cover, a Coca-Cola advertisement, and a military recruitment advertisement. Tis may be a darker sighed to pop art but this collage exhibited all the sighs of modern pop art that has come to be know.


Social/Cultural/Historical Impact

The term was used but not full being used until December 1962 where the movement was introduced in a “Symposium on Pop Art” in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Pop art like minimalism wanted to reject the old views of art. Pop art cane to because young people where to be inspired by current events in media and cultural aspects with the use of comic book styles. The artists who would use this movement by emphasizing the predictable or kitschy elements of any culture in there work usually to make the something seem ironic.

With is movement there are no restriction on using anything form the real world. The artist can include brands, logos and popular figures. The copyright law hardly applies to this movement. One example is Campbell’s Soup Cans, by Andy Warhol.

A group known as the Independent Group or the IG in London 1952 thought to be the founders of the this movement. They where comprised of young painters, sculptors, architects, writers and critics, they set out a approached to modernizing culture as well as traditional views of fine art. Pop art was introduced later in American culture but they used a sharper and more dramatic dynamic then the British style of pop art. The advertising industry took advantage of this nee medium in very clever and sophisticated way. This led the movement’s artists to change their own approach on a deeper level, so they would differ from the making aspects of pop art.


Conceptual Art

Features of the movement – what new technological advancements were made or what features define the movements

Conceptual art or some me simple referred as to conceptualism is a art movement that began in he 19350s. It as also ben mentioned as Idea art, Post-Object art and dematerialized art because of its way of being planed to create its art.


The movement can exhibit anything for metals to objects and is an amalgam of other various tendencies. The movement mainly features are to create an idea or concept, than everything thought up beforehand in a set of instructions, which are used to crate the artwork itself. This was more imported, which is why it sometimes is know as installations


Who are the pioneers/major artists/practitioners of the movement?

Joseph Kosuth

Joseph Kosuth was an American conceptualist artist born on the 31 of January 1945 in Toledo, Ohio. He studied at the Toledo Museum School of Design during 1955 to 1962 and then studied from the Belgian painter Line Bloom Draper as a mentee, then enlisted in the Cleveland Art Institute throw 1963 to 1964 and then finally in 1965 he moved to New Your, where whet to the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He lives in both New your and London although he has lived in to other contras around Europe, which included Ghent, Rome and Berlin.


When finishing his education at thehe School of Visual Arts in New York City, he joined the faculty, he then discarded painting and began making conceptual works. His works where first shown in 1967 at the exhibition space he co-founded, known as the Museum of Normal Art. He held is fist solo exhibition in 1969 at Leo Castelli Gallery in New York, and within the same year, he became the American editor of the journal Art and Language.

Kosuth is known as one of the pioneer of the conceptual movement and for installation art. With his works through languages, he as mad e a high contribution to the conceptual movement throw his use of language based meaning to describe and explain art.


Joseph Beuys

Joseph Beuys, born the 12 of May in Krefeld, Germany in the 1921 and died on the 23 of January in Düsseldorf, West Germany in the 1986. He was an artist assonated with many different forms of art. He was a German Fluxus; which was a network of artist who where recognized for thee use of blending different artistic media, happening and performance artist. He also dabbled in sculptor, installation artist, graphic artist, art theorist and pedagogue of art.


Beuys had a talent for drawing according to his techier in secondary school known as the staatliches Gymnasium Cleve but now renamed as the Freiherr-vom-Stein-Gymnasium. He worked in Europe and the United States in the duration of his career in the 1950s through the early 1980s. at this point Beuys was lossless associated with the conceptual movement; know for his sculptures and Fluxus.

Beuys had a interest for may thing inludeding the art world form historical Nordic and mythology with natural sciences to piano and cello lessons. He had deep passion for art and crated several artworks, which flowed different genres, from traditional media, such as drawing or painting to process-oriented, or time-based “action” art.


Sol LeWitt

Sol LeWitt was an American artists born on the 9 of September in Hartford, Connecticut 1928and died in the 8 of April in New York 2007he has been recognized for his work> he was linked to many movements but his most know are conceptual art and minimalism. He came to fame I the 1960s, with his drawings, which he preferred to ne refried as structures than sculptures, and he as had hundreds of solo exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world since 1965.


Sol LeWitt wss a very important figure in the conceptual movement, his worked by structuring conceptualism even more than it was, creating almost like a blueprint for his ideas, as such he has had leading role in the conceptualism movement.


Important Artworks

“One and Three Chairs” 1965


One and Three Chairs was constructed in1965 as conceptual art by Joseph Kosuth. The construct shows a physical chai, with a image tat is to scale of an orgnale chain and a definition of the word “Char” The construct is a psychological term on life, it make a person think on the aspects: why the chair is there, why is there one and a picture along with a definition of a chair and why a chair.

This is a very important artwork and a perfect example of the conceptual movement. This construct goes beyond the simple foems that where thought to be for the movement and as such it rose Conceptual movement to a higher stature.


“Vertical Earth Kilometer” 1977


Vertical Earth Kilometer was a conceptual art created in 1977 by Walter de Maria a American sculptor, composer and multi-media artist. This pieces of work is noted fore the simplistic and elegant construct, he used of a industrial drill, to dig a narrow hole in the ground exactly one kilometer deep, plavced a two-inch diameter brass rod of the same length and then masked it with a sandstone plate. He then cut a small hole in the plate’s center to reveal a small portion of the rod, which is flawlessly level with the ground.


Social/Cultural/Historical Impact

The term conceptual art was coined the very next decade fro the mid 50s, in 1961 by Henry Flynt who is an American anti-artist activist, who wrote a article in a publication named “An Anthology of Chance Operations” which was an artist’s book in the early 1960s. The book contained experimental neodada art and music composition that used John Cage inspired indeterminacy. In the 1960s the conceptual art movement was a retaliation against formalism, which is where the arts was studied by only analyzing their styles of their visual aspects.

The movement was a ways for artist to use there incites to art and not rely too heavily on the victualed aspects of other art movements. In its popularity many forms such as performances, marketing or ephemera, which is to keep or do some thing fore a short amount of time, these where thought to be irrelevant and as such this became the main standpoint of conceptual art and. Though the art itself was not to be found in the same categories as previous art like Expressionism, Dada, cubism and other movements, it is still cataloged as art in society by collectors, allergists, and museum curators. The term art is in the beauty of the beholder fits perfectly to explain this art movement’s concept.

In the 150s the influence art critic Clement Greenberg who had theorized the notion of art should observe its own nature was included in the early conceptual art manifesto the “Art after Philosophy” in 1969.this helped Tony Godfrey the author of Conceptual Art “Art & Ideas” in 1998 extend the understand of conceptual art, which Joseph Kosuth did in a seminal.

Because of this movement artists rejected the usual forms of art that was base upon was being reinvented in the mid 19960 to 1970s. Between this pried of time who followed the conceptual movement produced and had written many works involving the movement. Conceptual artists helped to equalize photographs, musical scores, architectural drawings, and performance art from the previous ways of judging I the way of art works standards.


Art Deco

Features of the movement – what new technological advancements were made or what features define the movements

Art deco is a movement that began on the 920s. It originated in France as an arts and crafts style howver this style was was used for a building in Paris between 1910 and 1913.


The movement used a mixture of modern art styles during the 1920s to 30s it combined the old forms of arts and crafts with new geometric and mechanical style, with bold with assortment of colors and avant-garde painting styles of the early 20th century. The main feature Art Deco uses are the way lines or solid/gradients of colure are formed and shone to outline or create an object(s)


Who are the pioneers/major artists/practitioners of the movement?

The Movement Art Deco was derived form another movement now as art Nouveau. This movement was practiced by the group society know as “La Société des artistes décorateurs” (Society of Decorative Artists), they have bee said to be the reason of influencing the Art Deco. They where

Hector Guimard


Eugène Grasset,


Raoul Lachenal

No mage are available of this person

Paul Bellot


Maurice Dufrêne


Emile Decoeur



This group went to the Universal Exposition of 1900 to show case there decretive art style and promote French crafts.

They where a society that where operating from 1901 to the 2000s. the group where bunch of designers, who where furniture, interiors and decorative art creationists.été_des_artistes_décorateurs


Important Artworks

“The Musician” 1929


The Musician was an oil painting by Tamara de Lempicka in 1929. Lempicka was good at decoding the Art Deco style; she changed the deco style from a decrotive and design use to a painting use. Here use of the form, is shown in this painting of a woman playing a acoustic guitar.


Social/Cultural/Historical Impact

The term art Deco was coned in the 1960s it’s shortened from the word Arts Decorative, drom the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes “International Exposition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts” in 1925.

The earliest from that liked this movement, the group known as “La Société des artistes décorateurs” Society of Decorative Artists. The group was traced to the world fair held in prices, France that began on the 15 of April to 12 November n 1900 named the Exposition Universelle (1900). The term was first used to attributed to architect Le Corbusier, he penned a series of articles in his journal named L’Esprit nouveau under the headline “1925 Expo: Arts Déco”. The Art Deco’s term was already being used generally by 1966. At this point in time a French exhibition was held celebrating the 1925 event titled “Les Années 25: Art Déco/Bauhaus/Stijl/Esprit Nouveau”, where the term Art Deco was given to a nay style of French decretive crafts that hade flourished since Belle Époque or La Belle Époque French for Beautiful Era.

Art Deco was a art style that began just before the 1 world war had risen. Many countries around the world had adopted the Deco style and had become very popular in the 1920s to the 1940s. After the 2ed world war had broken out the movement’s popularity had diminished. The art movement’s style was very popular, it was seen in vertices amount of works some includes the fine and decorative arts, fashion, film, photography, transport and product design.

The style was originally aimed for crafts but it became a home for many City as a cultural movement by architects used the Deco style for many Architecture buildings such as the Auditorium and stage of Radio City Music Hall, New York City (1932) or the Grand Rex movie palace in Paris (1932).


Art Nouveau

Features of the movement – what new technological advancements were made or what features define the movements

Art Nouveau is a decretive art movement hat originated in Frances in the early 19th and 20th centuries. It has ben acknowledged in philosophy, in art and architecture. The movement goes by many names such as Russ to men Modern the name it self that most people refer to (Art Nouveau) means “new art”.


The movement main father is to use natural and organic forms to be used in border styles with interlocking circles lines and shapes with naturalistic elements such as flowers. It uses an assortment of faded rich colours to give the illusion of an antique.

this definition is from Google

a style of decorative art, architecture, and design prominent in western Europe and the USA from about 1890 until the First World War and characterized by intricate linear designs and flowing curves based on natural forms.


Who are the pioneers/major artists/practitioners of the movement?

Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt was an Austrian symbolist painter, born on the 14th of July in Baumgarten, Austrian Empire1862 and died on the 6th of February in Vienna, Austria-Hungary 1918. Klimt is know to be involved with the symbolism and Art Nouveau movements.


He was a member of the Vienna Secession movement and he was the first precedent of the group that left the Association of Austrian Artists, he his know for his paintings, murals, sketches, and other “objets d’art. He primary subject was the female body that was at time been known to be conservational, his figurative works, which include allegories and portraits, and he painted landscapes. amog the group Klimt was the most incorporated by Japanese art and he incorporated said art into his own works.

His works where unappreciated and jugged for its form of erotic and exotic nature, even though his works did far exceeded the timeframe with imbedded symbolism, which was had to notice.


Hector Guimard

Hector Guimard was a French architect, born on the 10 of March in 10 March in Lyon, France 1867 and died on the 20 of May in New York, USA 1942 aged 75. His use of the art nouveau in architecture has led him to designed buildings such as: Castel Béranger, the first building apartment in the nouveau movement in parries, Maison Coilliot or know as as the Coilliot houses, which built to popularize art nouveau by Louis Coilliot and Villa La Bluette, which was built for a lawyer, both from and in Paris.


Guimard’s work is recognized by historians as a very important and an figer to the art nouveau movement during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Wile he was traveling through through Belgium and England he saw a recent building that had been built in Brussels, designed by the Belgian designer Victor Horta. This inspired Guimard through his life and based his own works on Horta’s style.éranger


Eugène Grasset

Eugène Samuel Grasset was a Swiss decorative artist. Born on the 25th of May in Lausanne, Switzerland 1845 and died on the 23th of October in Sceaux, Hauts-de-Seine, France 1917. Grasset is know for his use of art style in the decorative arts and is considered a pioneer in the Nouveau movement. he worked in Parries where he accomplished a variety of creative design fields during the Belle Époque.


Grasset was raised surrounded by an artistical averment, as was the son for a cabinet designer, maker and sculptor. Later he went to be taught drawing by Francois-Louis David Bocion during 1828 to 1890, he then went to study architecture in 1861 at the “polytechnical school”, Zurich. After completing his education, he visited Egypt, where he had an experience that led later be reflected in a number of his poster designs. Grasset was successful when he went to Paris in 1871, where his works where recognition as the illustrator of the stories: “Le Petit Nab” in 1877 and “Histoire de quatre fils Aymon” in 1883.ène_Grasset


Important Artworks

“Entrance Gate to Paris Subway Station” 1900


Entrance Gate to Paris Subway Station was subway station designed by Hector Guimard in 1900. Guimard was asked to design a subway station in Paris, the second city after London to have an underground railway, he designed it and, he inserted the Nouveau movement in to the stations structural factions, which are implanted slightly but can be still seen.


“Cover design for ‘Wren’s City Churches” 1883


Cover design for ‘Wren’s City Churches was a woodcut print by Arthur Heygate Mackmurdo in 1883. This use the Nouveau movement along side with the Arts and craft movement, this print has all the caustics of English Design. “In particular, Mackmurdo’s use of positive and negative space, his abstract-cum-naturalistic forms, and the trademark “whiplash” curves, are all characteristic of the visual and decorative energy that would eventually define Art Nouveau”. This peace of work may contain the art Nouveau movement and is a very important to later works I this movement, however this print is not absolute example of the movement’s style.


Social/Cultural/Historical Impact

The style a full out decretive art movement, it stared in 1890 and ended in 1905. The movement dwelled nearly in every form of Visual art forms and was very popular in social aspects; the movement includes architecture, graphic art, interior design, decorative arts, jewellery, furniture, textiles, household silver and other utensils, lighting, and the fine arts.

Thaws how developed Art Nouveau where inspired by nature and organic life within the world with geometric forms and angular contours. The artist thought that the eclectic historical styles witch had previously been popular had run its course. They thought of establishing the arts and craft- based decorative arts as an equal and abolishing the hatchery traditional art forms that were thought to be, such as painting and sculptures.

The movement when out of fashion though it still is being used today in silver where and house enterer designs. The movement is recognized to guide the Art Deco style that rise in the 1920s. Insded of the movement diging out with the ages it rebooted in the 1960s and is seen as an important predecessor of modernism.

The Art Nouveau or Jugendstil, theses two names where the most communally known but in only some areas, although the names keeper changing as it was munched and spread around hence this movement having some many names. The two names that where derived from both helped popularized the style. The first was from Siegfried Bing’s gallery “Maison de l’Art Nouveau” in Paris and the second from a magazine named the Jugend in Germany, Bavaria, Munich.

The galley, which was initiated in 1895, was named Art Nouveau meaning hose new art, its quarter, Siegfried Bing, exclusively exhibited modern art, with the fame that arose from his exhibits increased the 1900 Exposition Universelle where he displayed modern future, tapestries and objets d’art (art objects).

The style had bee so successful that it was featured many fairs, presented as buildings and products designed it was in the 1888 “Barcelona Universal Exposition”, which began the rise of the Modernism movement, with some buildings of Lluís Domènech i Montaner a Spanish Catalan modernist architect who used Art Nouveau in his works. The “Exposition “Universelle” of 1900 in Paris showed a oversight of the new style, every medium. It gained even further recognition at the “Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte Decorativa Moderna” of 1902 in Turin, Italy, where the movement was practiced and the designers exhibited there works, almost every European country.ènech_i_Montaner


Arts and Crafts

Features of the movement – what new technological advancements were made or what features define the movements

Arts and craft movement was a very imported in the fine and decorative arts it began in Britain around 1880 and then flourished in Europe, north America and Japan, with many styles that included from simple use of lines and colorings to complicated textural designs and functionalities. Thaws who use this movement aim to crate traditional art throw practical objects.


The main feature of this movement is not a specific use of an art style but rather the way the product(s) is beaning viewed and the idea. The movement’s main use of presentation is the key aspect that appeal to the public, and as such it is know to be used in the fin arts.


Who are the pioneers/major artists/practitioners of the movement?

William Morris

William Morris was an English textile designer, poet, novelist, translator and socialist activist. Born on the 24th of March in Walthamstow, Essex, England 1834 and died on the 324th of October in Hammersmith, Middlesex, England 1896 aged 62. He know for his Wallpaper and textile design, fantasy fiction / medievalism, socialism


Morris was a huge figure associated with the arts and craft movement, he had a lager role to paly in the revival of traditional British textile arts and methods of production, Morris ‘literary contributions gave the rise to establish the modern fantasy genre, as he did he played a significant role in broadcasting the early socialist movement in Britain


Augustus Pugin

Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin was a British: architect, designer, artist and critic. Born on the 1st of May in Keppel Street, Bloomsbury, London 1812 qnd died on the 14th of Septem in Ramsgate, Kent, England 1852, aged 40. His main focuses where architectural designs, he has designed many Victorian churches in England, in Ireland and Australia and the building Palace of Westminster in London. Pugin family had a history of architects, his father and his two siblings where all architects; they continued the firm that they’re farther began.


He was known for his pioneering role in the Gothic Revival style, which was displayed in the Palace of Westminster’s interior design. His works as been noted as unacknowledged works, had a vision for Victorian England and in his shot life with tragedies; his works have been crafted and designed in a highest forms of the art.


Important Artworks

“Tulip and Willow” 1873


Tulip and Willow is a furnishing textile pattern used for curtains, wall decoration and furniture upholstery. The pattern is part of the arts and craft from, designee in 1873 by William Morris and made in 1883 by Morris & Co, the technique used to create was Block-printed and indigo discharge cotton as the base.

When Morris was starting to design the textile where he spent time with Thomas Wardle at his print works in Leek, Staffordshire in 1875, where experimenting with natural dyes, He had a dislike towards the way the blue washed, Accordion to him “they wash even worse than Clarkson’s blues; in fact worse that any I have ever seen and it would be useless to sell them in the present state.” In a letter he sent Wardle, is speculated that this could be where Morris was trying to come up with the Tulip and Willow design, then in 883, he was successful in the pattern by the indigo discharge method in his own factory at Merton Abbey, Wimbledon.


“Palace of Westminster” 1840- 1870


Palace of Westminster is in Westminster London. This building is home to debates and action regarding to the laws of the UK, it seats the hose of lords and the House of Commons. The first Palace was built in the 11th century, On the 6th of October 1834 where a devastating destruction of the old Palace of Westminster had occurred due to a fire that was burning a small wooden tally sticks; which where used to record and document numbers or quantities even messages.

These where used for accounting procedures of the Exchequer until 1826. They where thrown in the two furnaces underneath the House of Lords chambers, which jammed and stared a chimney fire, and burned the building as the fire whet through the walls. The Palace of Westminster was rebuild throw 1840 to 1870.


Social/Cultural/Historical Impact

The term arts and crafts was given to it when a meeting was held about the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society in 1887, by T. J. Cobden-Sanderson who was a bookbinder associated with this movement. The movement it self was an inspiration for others in Victorian England. Inspired by the architect Augustus Pugin, the writer John Ruskin and the artist William Morris. These men changed the contemporary styles of of manufacturing decorative arts.

The arts and crafts movement did began in Briton and spared to Europe and North America between 1880 and 1910. It lastly emerged in Japan in the 1920s as a Mingei, meaning folk crafts. The movement had a rage of style that veered depending on the social and cultural aspects of the region where the movement was being used. As the era was Victorian England, the golden age mechanical and industrial evaluation, many people where in poverty and out of work due to the machines rise, which was replacing factory workers. The arts and crafts movement sort use traditional form of manufacturing techniques in order to produce products, which was a reaction many people associated with.

The arts and crafts movement was considered due the deplorable states that both the industrial and unregulated trades within Briton, this forced architects, designers and artists to find methods of design in the decretive arts in the 1860s 1870s. This in time became the foundation for the arts and craft movement we know to this day.

Task One part two

Task Two


Task Three


2016 – modified

Interactive art


12 June 2016


‘Interactive art is a form of art that involves the spectator in a way that allows the art to achieve its purpose. Some interactive art installations achieve this by letting the observer or visitor “walk” in, on, and around them; some others ask the artist or the spectators to become part of the artwork.’



This extract of text from Wikipedia gave me a good general idea on what interactive art is.

For me is means that the art is a fiscal or visual art that the view can see, or sometimes be part of. The viewer or viewers sometime can walk into the installation interact with the art it self.

But to truly understands what interactive art is I need to find existing art .





The Half the Air in a Given Space Installation is Utterly Playful

Meghan Young

12 June 12 2016



‘The Half the Air in a Given Space art installation will bring to mind the ball pit in McDonald’s play area for children. Except that this interactive installation has been created with adults in mind. In place of the colorful plastic balls, the exhibit is comprised of thousands of balloons, all of the same color. The artist writes, “It is important to me that the situation is normal, that, as usual, the space is full of air; it’s just that half of it [is] inside the balloons.”‘ 

(“Massive Balloon-Filled Rooms : Half The Air In A Given Space”)


This is a fiscal installation for kid’s concept but is based around adults. The installation keeps in mind of an adult’s  playful aspects for colour and child like experiences of an adult. This installation has bee recred again and again since it was first seen by the public.

this particular pace of art has a metaphoric meaning behind it’s crete a






Berkeley, California

12 June 2016


‘Falling Girl is an immersive interactive narrative installation that allows the viewer to participate in the story of a young girl falling from a skyscraper. During her miraculously slow descent, the girl reacts to the people and events in each window. Daylight fades, night falls and passes, and at dawn, when the falling girl finally lands on the sidewalk, she is an aged woman bearing no resemblance to the young girl who started her fall minutes before.’

(“Digital Art”)


This interactive art is an visual interaction rather then a phiscal one. This video has a woman falling thought the sky and has she travels unnaturally towards the ground she’s presented with situations that could apply to our lives. This peace of intrractvity is a concept for our reaction of actions in life, the small or large impact of that we might have on another until  the end of time, represented by falling within the video and as she reaches the ground so to dose here life.






San Francisco

12 June 2016


‘…The first is a rectangular array of twelve small impellers, which stands on a table on one side of the gallery. This small input device is electronically linked to a large wall of twelve electric fans…’

(“Digital Art”)


This is a phisical interaction, that I don’t think has to do with anything metaphorical or deeper meaning towards the art  but a simple interaction between a miniature system that is paired with a larger scale versions in in front. It could be to exhibit modern advancement in technology and  so the artist is simply letting the public know what is possible with modern technology. A equal number of small and larg fans are placed. A person can interact with the smaller fans and the same action is coped by the larger fanns.

This type of concept for an interactive art project is more to my type of work, I could do some thing like this but with Digital technology.




Freemote’11 & Fiber Festival / Netherlands


16 June 2016

‘A text discussing about the threshold on ethics and morality was looping on the floor, people who step on the typographic area to read it, realize them selves on the wall and the interaction process starts.’



This form of interactivity was created by NOTA BENE Visual a multi-disciplinary studio based in Istanbul. They are specialised in digital experiences with the newest technology.

In one of there lines of it repeats s control, this form of interaction not only is a conseptul type are dealing with the aspect of law and how most of that is actually fair,  wtitten with in the test type.



The Future of Art: 8 Digital Installations and Interactive Spaces

Winnipeg, Canada


20 June 2016


Behaviours of Light

‘Canadian architecture firm JNZNBRK has transformed an entire gallery space with their temporary installation “Behaviours of Light.” The designers carefully placed 39 acrylic triangles, each treated with a semi-reflective film, at a specific height to create a reflection. The installation pushes the viewer to rethink the gallery environment; the walls of the room don’t only create a space for the work, but are an essential part of its display.’

(“The Future Of Art: 8 Digital Installations And Interactive Spaces”)

I love that this use a physical metal to make somthing so  easy but its complicate in it’s own build. I would like to do something like this.



The Future of Art: 8 Digital Installations and Interactive Spaces

Carina Ow

20 June 2016


Plane White

‘The “Plane White” installation is interactive digital experience for Kandinsky’s famed painting “Composition VIII.” Kandinsky himself was a synesthete, meaning he lived with a psychological condition that made him “hear colors”; he associated each shade with a specific musical note, making a entire artwork signify a finished song. Like Kandinsky, these digital artists experience art in a non-traditional, multi-sensory way by blurring the line between the visitor and the digital dimension. The artwork feels tangible to the viewer as they go through the motions recreating Kandinsky’s images on the wall.’

(“The Future Of Art: 8 Digital Installations And Interactive Spaces”)

This interactive peace is more to what I want to do with my own project I just don’t know what it should be yet.


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interactive art peaces

I looked online to see what I could do for this interactive art project. I couldnt find something that I can use and then adapted the code aspect of the project. I wanted to do smooth more physical but I dint have the time have to do somthing like that. So I was thinking to do a computer interaction, something like the text being shown when a person’s shadow is over it.

I was thinking maybe I could do an interaction where a segment of txt is shown when the mouse is is hovering over the interactive window.

I know that on Adobe Animate has a simple way of achieving  what I’m intending.

I created a white box with a circle cut out. This is the gap where the viewer can see out of.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 23.36.13

I used a preset that was in the library in the code snippets folder. Then all I have to do was grab some text, and that is.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 00.46.12.png


We where asked to research and created our own interactive art peace.

I first started researching on what interactive art is. I found a Wikipida description, which gave me a  general idea on what interactive art peace are.

After that I looked into some existing projects. I found some interesting ideas and art installations that helped me come up with ideas for my interactive peace.

 I was interested in the type of art that involved a person interaction by a digital response, at first I whited to do something like the text interaction but with the limted time and finding the equipment would take more time I had to come up with something that was a lot smaller.

 I found one peace that involved people and technology. It worked by when, a person is on front of a flour full of text when it’s hovered by the person , thier shadows reveled soeme text.

 From that I came up with my project idea of using the same digital type method but not in the same way. It would be a lot more digital. I used a section of code that Animate already had and then created my box,  witch had a circle cut out so a person can see out of it. The box folows the mouse, so it looks like it’s being tracked and then I got a segment of text form The Hobbit book online, after that I tested the interaction and so I could get the right size of the text and the cut out so the view can see the text behind the box.

I think this was ok but it could be better if I had more time to develop and maybe create something more interactive and a larger scale.

Unit 01 Visual Recording

Work shops

This was a drawing of my shoe on the table using my dominant hand, which was my right hand. I had to draw my shoe without looking at the page, Just the shoe. As you can see that went well. It was really difficult trying not t look at my page because I’m use to looking ant my page and my subject.


This was my second attempt at drawing a shoe but this time we were told to swap our shoes with other people’s shoes around the class. With a different position but this time we had a little time to remember the shoe and then draw it from memory. For some reason I kept drawing the shoe wider than it was and I only had some the features of the shoe in my drawing like the tag and the lasers but not stitches that went both sides of the shoe.


This time I was drawing a shoe with my left hand and got to look at my page and the subject. apparently when you use your other had it uses the functions of your other side of the brain, the part that handles calculations and problem solving. so when I draw this, I was focusing more than I would do.FullSizeRender-3


This time we tried to draw some of our bags but without letting go of the pencil. So trying to get the lines to join and intersect was a bit difficult and I changed the shape of my bag a bit to wide. I was so focused on the bag that I went of the page and some of the dimensions like the strap, which changed because the hight of my drawing changed.



This drawing was also a shoe but we draw everything by holding the pencil in a fist. compared to th other drawings this one was the bets but it did have issues, like drawing the laces or the outlines of the shoe

Point to pint drawing

This time we where drawing using point to point drawing. The first thing we tried drawing using one point drawing.

  This was a copy of an image but I did’t have time to finish it so only one side is compleat.

Now in these two dawning we had to draw pictures in the college in point perspective without using rulers. So we hade make our own judgments on where the point(s) would be. The first one was the corridor outside the class and the second the staircase.

  And finally drone what we learned with one point and second point drawings knowledge that I learned. I hade to draw a building using two point drawing tequniec.

When I draw this my pencil was not shape enough, so some of the lines joint together when it got too close to the points and understanding how the position would look even with the points being there was a bit of a problem,. The clock tower is an example

  Today we draw objects named constuction dawing. We gathered on each ends of the table and draw the objects.

I tried using my pencile to mesure the distend and the angle of the objects but it didn’t really work for me. I draw a few ellipsis at a angle witch proved to be more of a difficult task then I tougher and on the angle of the speeder was drawn to high at the right corner, which make the speaker look strange so  I have to work on how to et the angles right whe I draw again.

This time we used char all and using it was a lot better than pencil. I could use the char calls very ale side as guide lines ane drawing the angles where alto easer then with the pencil. But still getting the right position was a bit difficult but this picture was a lot better than the first.

Negative and positive space. This was drawing i did of a few objects with turning the book amend using the techniques we lernedn the past workshop class.

With this one i did the ruler stared out having the right proportion but as I draw the other objects the images got a bit smaller and as you can see the portions didn’t mach up as they should have. Besides that i thing my hand drawing around negative space is fine.

Drawing human form


This week we did human forms. I used a website pixel love as my quid’s for the man forms. I started drawing the human form with clerics and rounded shapes to get the human shape and then I used lines with shapes to the get angles and motion points. I id 12 and above and at the last one I did is the first image with combination of lines, shapes and then added mass to the man from. as I created more OI got better at the human form and know I think that I can do it any where.

Drawing heads and hand

head drawing 



these are he’d movement of the person stat next to me a=and beside me. I draw the re head positions in a key format. the where to get an understanding of how a faces and heads would look.

Then we did free-flowing sketches two are from the examples on the slide show and the other two are one i came up with.

Finally, we did hand drawing where we first got line to show how the arm would look then create the outer shape that would look in a finished drawing. I did a few of thees and I’m pretty good at doing these.


my proposal is to create a concept art that has all the state of time, pats present and future, all at ones on included in the concept art. sShowing there pr two changes, dressed in the time period  where they are standing.


Concept art /characters


Jade Mere

this was created by Jade Mere, his concept of a mystical wolf from some sort of collateral patrons for authenticity as if it belongs to a tribe. this concept art’s colours are generic so that it fee;ls like it real even the pattern is red as if it’s been panted from natural pigments.

The lighting is dark with heavy shades and slight light for the petals leaves, which look like they flowing with the wolf’s movements as if the wolf just whet past some lies, so the current dragged along the leaves and he’s it looks like the wolf is absorbing them for energy of life.


Sandrol Rybak

This is a concept art that is a remake of the game Bioshock. this a game that has an automaton  that is named big day , in the game this thing goes around being destructive and dangers this concept art that is juxtaposition to the game. it all really  2

+happy and bright unlike the game’s of horror and darkness.

The painting is happy with bright colours for gases, prosperous butterflies naturally fly without working about danger. The robot look like it wont do any harm and has a peaceful outstrip. the name of the bottom right “EVOKER” this means that some type of feeling or emotion is exhibited.


This concept art does not have a name on the page.

this concept art has a very good use of pixels and two colour shading for each are or object to created a piece of work gained the feel of mystery. there a slight use of advanced technology to give the suggestion of it being somewhat in the future. the text look like its been manufactured so it can be read by any one but not used in the day in age.

I got the image for the website FuchyouConceptart.


these are  character references for all three-time period

Burberry-Prorsum-for-men-collection-spring-summer-clothing-images-2 romain-kremer-ss11-homotography-3 images-2 gents_clothing_inspired_by_ass full-217 Hot-2014-Spring-new-casual-men-shirts-long-sleeved-fashion-multicolor-stitching-slim-fit-turn-down Jack_Sparrow_In_Pirates_of_the_Caribbean-_At_World's_End 135525684 af9dd-balenciagafw11complete c9df18bf85029b8d4e596415c2bfc485 casual-elegance-from-digel-for-spring-summer-2011-12 images-3 Unknown images Early_version_on_Connor_Kenways_outfit 12166777_1411715842.9601_emu3Ys_n Noel_DLC_Ezio New-Fashion-Mens-Korean-Slim-Fit-font-b-Blazers-b-font-Casaco-Masculino-font-b-Blazer images-4 new-men-shirt-fashion-2014-brand-casual-shirt images-1

these are references to all three-time period of howe the characters might be dressed. some of these I might take and change to fit my needs.



These are references for the  section that has the past on my connect art.

IMG_0589.jpg IMG_0588.jpg